National Adoption Month on November, 2023: How Is this a good song for National Adoption Month?

November, 2023 is National Adoption Month 2023. National Adoption Month is Coming! « Center for Adoption Support ... National-Adoption-Month

How Is this a good song for National Adoption Month?

It's a beautiful and heart-wrenching song. I can definitely see where, especially those moms who lost during the BSE, identify with it.

As for this month and what it means - I would be all for it if it truly addressed and educated the public about all sides of adoption, not just the hearts and rainbows, be a savior and rescue a child.

Even if this month did just focus on foster care, which whether it was meant to or not, it doesn't, I still don't see it as offering anything more than the same myths and "one-sided" beliefs that need to be changed for everyone, especially the adoptees, who have traveled and will travel through the journey of adoption.

Where is the information about the loss even foster children feel? Where is the fight to open up records and stop the secrets? Where is the insight to the fact that one reason so many chlidren wait in foster care for a family is because so many want that newborn baby instead? Where is the help, the support, the education to prepare foster parents and adoptive parents to be the best they possibly can for their children and to help them not only work through their loss but also know it is okay and they are free to talk about it without fear of losing all over again?

Show me where this month advocates for that kind of "real" awareness and I will change my tone. Until them, I have every right to hate a month set aside to glorify something that is based and begun on loss for mother and child.

November is National Adoption Month and the Child Welfare Department’s Slogan is...?

November is National Adoption Month and the Child Welfare Department's Slogan is...?

It's a good thought, but I don't like the phrasing. I would prefer something like, "You don't have to be perfect to be a GOOD parent." Because no parent is perfect, and being perfect isn't the point. Kids should be in a home where their needs are met and they're loved. That's what waiting foster kids need from adoptive homes, love and commitment, not perfection.

That said, I actually do like the sentiment. Too often, adoptive parents are seen as "saintly" or doing some kind of good deed by adopting. The unspoken assumption is that they're somehow better than average, or doing something other people couldn't. While that may be true in some cases of the most severe special needs, across the board in general, parenting is very accessible, and most people can do it well with a little effort.

There are over 150,000 children in foster care who are legally free for adoption and waiting for permanent families. (They're the people the month was designated for, though it has been co-opted by other types of adoption.) These waiting children don't need perfect parents-- they need loving and committed parents. Big difference.

I think it's good to encourage people that they don't have to be saints or martyrs to be able to give a foster child a permanent home. I think it's good to push people to consider adopting a waiting foster kid. It's not for everyone, but many more people could do it than realize they could. I hope this campaign will at least inspire more people to give it some thought.

national adoption month facebook status? anyone have it?

national adoption month facebook status? anyone have it?

I am not sure if this is what you are looking for but it is a good resource for national adoption month.

One of the Facebook pages I "like" Kinship Center, posted an article, Ten MORE Things We Do for National Adoption Month! The status is their wall about 9 or 10 posts down from the top.

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