National Business Etiquette Week on June, 2024: Americans! Would you or would you not work for a Muslim employer under these terms?

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Americans! Would you or would you not work for a Muslim employer under these terms?

You are very, very, generous. I have never heard of getting two weeks vacation (is this paid vacation or unpaid?) after only six months. Usually you get one week after a year, two weeks after two years, etc. with a cap of four weeks.

How are you going to pay for all this? Don't be too generous or you will not have enough capital to continue the business.

How does this business make money? Do people actually need these services? Is this a government supported business?

Why are senior citizens excluded from the employee of the year award? Never mind . I just now figured out that you mean supervisors, or managers.

I think that earning one day off per month is enough. In a year you could accumulate 12 Days. If these days aren't used and the person quits or is terminated are you going to issue a check for these unused days?

Six hours of work a day? Only four days a week? Does this make all of your employees part time and therefore ineligible for health insurance? I used to work four ten hour days.

Why are employees salaried instead of being paid by the hour?

I assume that you have never run a business before, so God be with you-you are going to need His wisdom and help.

Pros and Cons of the University of Kansas?

Pros and Cons of the University of Kansas?

Well, I've been at KU for the past 4 years.


1) Has a great student life. Lots of organizations and lots of activities including basketball. (Final Four!!) Also, our debate team has won the national championship a few years ago.

2) It has a gorgeous campus.

3) Profs are really knowledgeable. All are required to do research as part of their job, so they are very knowledgeable about new innovations in their field.

4) It's consistently ranked among the best public research universities, so you're getting a really good education for a good price.

5) It's also only an hour away from Kansas City, which has a ton of things to do. (There's a K10 connector bus that gets you to KC for $3 one way.)

6) Kansas gets the reputation for being really conservative, but Lawrence is very liberal.

7) We have a strong alumni association and other resources like tutoring and various workshops that help you with anything from school work to job interviews to business attire and etiquette.


1) The weather. In Kansas it is quite typical to have a week where one day it's 40 degrees and the next it's 80. Last year, we had a Sunday of 90 degree weather and the next Sunday it snowed. Also, it is pretty windy in Lawrence.

2) There are a lot of students, so sometimes it can be difficult to get into classes you want. But that also means there's a lot of classes to choose from.

3) It can be difficult to get to know your professors b/c there's a lot of students. You have to get involved to be noticed.

4) It can be a little difficult to get around if you don't have a car or know friends with a car. But fortunately, there is also a SafeBus system that can get you to Mass. Street (the downtown area) for free on the weekends. You also have free access to the city's public transportation system. It's not the best, but it'll get you where you need to be.

5) Campus is on a hill. This can either be a pro or a con. Pro in that it keeps you in shape. Con in that it sucks to walk to campus in the cold, uphill.

Anyway, if you need to know anything else, message me.

Americans! Would you or would you not work for a Muslim employer under these terms?

Americans! Would you or would you not work for a Muslim employer under these terms?

I had jobs that required me to work weekends before. That was just the nature of the business. Your faith would not matter to me. I am obligated to give you my best effort.

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