Nursing Assistants Week on June, 2024: how do I become a certified nursing assistant in 8 weeks?

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how do I become a certified nursing assistant in 8 weeks?

Depends on where you Montana, most nursing homes offer 2 weeks of training...some pay you to get the training and some don't, then you have to take 2 written, and one a skills test. try calling nursing homes or some hospitals and ask where you can get the training...!!!!!! Good luck it is a very rewarding job with lots of opportunities!! I've been a CNA for 8 years now....Hard job, but way worth it!!

where the job of certify nurse assistant is better pay?

where the job of certify nurse assistant is better pay?

Certified Nursing Assistants, or CNAs, are important contributors in the health care industry. CNAs help doctors and nurses by looking after the basic needs of patients (feeding, dressing, taking vital signs).


You must complete high school or earn a GED before you can train to become a CNA.


CNAs must complete a six- to 12-week certificate program. These programs involves both academic and hands-on experience. Many community colleges and vocational schools offer CNA training.

Additional Requirements

Being a CNA involves exposure to unhealthy people, so regular physical examinations may be required. CNAs must also undergo a criminal background check.

Testing Requirements

CNAs must successfully pass a competency evaluation. This varies by state.

Work Sites

CNAs work in hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and clinics. The fastest-growing area of employment is in private home care, since many elderly people prefer to stay in their homes rather than going to a nursing home.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the hourly wages of a CNA can range between $8.34 and $15.97.

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Nursing school.................?

Nursing school.................?

Become certified as a nursing assistant and work in a nursing home as a CNA. The Nurse Aide course is only about 2 weeks and by law, if you pay for it, the nursing home you go to for work afterwards must pay you back the schooling cost after you've worked there 6 months. It's also a great way to learn a lot of stuffEdit: I'm also in PA and I assure you there is a law that the nursing home must reinverse for CNA school. It doesn't apply for licensed staff. If that uneducated person doesn't believe me, she or you should check with the Department of Health and/or The American Red Cross.

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