National Card and Letter Writing Month on April, 2024: I want to write a Formal Letter to the German Consulate.Subject: purpose of stay in the country

April, 2024 is National Card and Letter Writing Month 2024. Letters & Journals: National Card and Letter Writing Month ( April is National Card and

I want to write a Formal Letter to the German Consulate...Subject: purpose of stay in the country..

You probably have misunderstood some visa requirement provisions. Applicants of certain countries for visiting visa may need either a Letter of Invitation or an Affidavit of Support. The letter of invitation must be written by your friend inviting you, then send to you so that you can provide it to the embassy. An Affidavit of Support must be obtained at the townhall of the city your friend is living, when required so. Unfortunately you did not tell your citizenship, I therefore can only get you general remarks.

Letter of Invitation

There is no certain form prescribed for a letter of invitation for a visa. The following information is only a guide.

The host must write the letter of invitation himself. By writing a letter of invitation, he is not legally responsible for the foreigner once the visitor got into the country, but he should provide the letter in good faith. He must give truthful information and intend to keep the promises he made in the letter. He must send the letter to the person he is inviting. The visa applicant must then submit this letter to the Embassy or Consulate of the country when he applies for the visa.

The letter must include the following information about the person being invited:

• complete name.

• date of birth.

• the person’s address and telephone number.

• the relationship to the person being invited.

• the purpose of the trip.

• how long the person invited intends to stay in the country.

• details on accommodation and living expenses.

• the date the person you are inviting intends to leave the country.

The letter must also include the following information about the host:

• complete name.

• date of birth.

• address and telephone number.

• occupation.

• whether he is a citizen or a permanent resident

• a photocopy of a document proving his status in his country (passport, Identification card, birth certificate)

• a proof of permanent resident status (if he is a Permanent Resident)

Affidavit of Support

A formal obligation may be required by the German Embassy for the issue of a tourist visa to visit friends. It is a written assurance of a private person to bear the costs of living of a foreigner. Legally it is a unilateral declaration of legal intent which is covered by public law. It requires to be declared in writing and implicates the housing, the health care, and the costs of travel. The formal obligation is valid during the complete stay of the visitors end expires on the exit of the foreigner.

Personal appearance is required for the informal oral application of the obligator. He is required to provide the following documentation together with his National Identification or passport:

- Proof of income (i.e. pay slips of the last 3 months, income-tax assessment, certificate of profit by a tax-advisor, pension award, whatever is applicable)

- Contract of tenancy or cadastral registration in case of real estate owning

- personal data of the guest

- residence address of the guest

- passport number of the guest (not mandatory)


25.00 Euro as per § 47 of the residence decree

1.00 Euro for the authentication of the signature


I still haven’t received my national insurance card? Does anyone know how long i’ll have to wait?

I still haven't received my national insurance card? Does anyone know how long i'll have to wait?

Don't worry - all is well! Your potential employer has missed the fact that HMRC no longer issues NI number cards, just letters with the NI number shown in the letter itself. See:


Send them a VERY polite e-mail with that link in it!

Edit following second answer. Taken from HMRC's website a minute ago:

In July 2011, HMRC stopped issuing cards to adults. If you're an adult and need a National Insurance number for the first time, you will receive your number on a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions (Jobcentre Plus).

This month, HMRC will stop sending National Insurance number cards altogether. All customers (adults and young people approaching age 16) will now receive their National Insurance number on a notification letter.

Millions of people will still have a National Insurance number card. Now the cards have been replaced, there will be growing numbers of people who will have a letter instead. If you are an employer you will need to bear this in mind when taking on a new employee.

ive now got my national insurance card.?

ive now got my national insurance card.?

You can get a part time or 'Saturday' job, but not a full time one because of the child labour laws.

For example you must not work

- during school hours

- for more than two hours on any school day

- for more than 12 hours in a school week

- for more than 2 hours on a Sunday

- for more than 8 hours (5 if you are under 15) on a Saturday

- before 7am or after 7pm

- more than 35 hours (25 if under 15) in any non school week

However, as the previous answer says a lot of firms won't take you on until you are of school leaving age (even for part time work).

I agree with previous advice especially as it's only a couple of months until your birthday. Start writing up those applications etc now and maybe even send a few in (clearly stating when you are 16 in the covering letter).

It's good to see someone who wants to get out there and work, whether your looking for part work time while you continue to study or full time work, I wish you every sucess.

I wonder if you'll still be this keen after 30 years (you'll have me beat if you are!)


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