National Care About Your Indoor Air Month on February, 2025: How to grown indoor herbs and what kind to use?

February, 2025 is National Care About Your Indoor Air Month 2025. Celebrates National Care About Your Indoor ... Indoor air quality has a huge

How to grown indoor herbs and what kind to use?

Master gardener Paul James feels that culinary herbs, like chives, parsley & oregano are easy to grow indoors & sums it up : "Aside from rosemary, most culinary herbs adapt well to the indoor environment during the winter months, provided they get bright light, regular watering and routine misting to maintain high humidity levels."

Some of the easiest ones to grow indoors are thyme (Thymus vulgaris), basil (Ocimum basilicum), parsley (Petroselinum crispum), oregano (Origanum vulgare), chives (Allium schoenoprasum), mint (Mentha sp.) and sage (Salvia officinalis). For people who love garlic, a great alternative is garlic chives (Allium tuberosum).

"Using individual pots for each herb usually works best because plants have different watering needs. However, experimenting with various combinations can bring beautiful and healthy results." You can put purple sage and thyme in the same pot and letting the thyme cascade down in front of the sage.

Most herbs need plenty of strong light each day to do well indoors. Place herbs in a bright sunny kitchen window, a south- or west-facing window, or beneath fluorescent lights. The National Gardening Association recommends using supplementary lighting. Also, provide air circulation through the area, humidity, & don't let the herbs get crowded. Make sure your herbs are growing in containers with excellent drainage.

"Most herbs prefer to stay evenly moist and are sensitive to overwatering or soggy soils. Check them daily by pressing on the surface of the soil. If you can still feel moisture, leave it alone. They are happier a little dry than too wet. Rosemary is the exception. It can be easily damaged if it is allowed to dry out. At the same time, it hates to stay wet. Ideally, rosemary should grow in soil with excellent drainage so that you can water daily without fear of the soil becoming soggy."

Don't forget to fertilize your herbs.

This site has a list of which herbs require more light & which herbs need less light:

Below are a list of herbs for beginners, the containers that are best to use and a very brief tip on how to care for them:

You may want to plant mint in a separate pot, because if you plant mint varieties in the same container as other herbs, the mint will eventually overgrow the entire pot. Give each herb enough space to grow when planting them together. Proven mixed herb containers:

Video on planting herbs indoors:

Video on growing Basil from seed:

Good luck!!! Hope this helps.

I am thiniking about staying in a tent for a year.?

I am thiniking about staying in a tent for a year.?

Do a little reading on backpacking, get a really good four season tent, keep your other stuff in your car if you have one. Break down your tent when you're not using and keep it in your car or other secure place, so it won't get ripped off. Sounds like a cool idea to me, but you will need to be able to spend some dough to do it right.

Don't skimp on the tent or sleeping bag and sleeping bag pad; you might want to get two sleeping bags, depending upon what kind of climate you'll be doing this in... one for cold weather and one for warmer weather, or just use the winter bag as a blanket in warmer weather.

If you do your research, whether that be reading, going on Internet, and/or talking to people who have experience in backpacking, especially four season backpacking, you'll be able to do it.

The key to the whole thing is getting the highest quality equipment you can afford, stuff that is preferably lightweight and also very strong and well made. I have done a lot of backpacking and even some in winter in the snow, etc. and if you have the right equipment and learn what to do and what not to do, you can be surprisingly comfortable in any environment.

You can also always find places with public showers, etc., to wash up and what have you. It's very do-able if you do it right. Personally, I spent two straight months, a number of years ago, backpacking throughout about a dozen or so National Parks, and I either slept in my tent or in the rental car i had every night except one, where circumstances forced me to stay in a hotel.

Granted it was only two months but i feel i could have kept going like that forever. I was never uncomfortable and always found places to shower, wash clothes, eat, etc. If you are going to be going to college, you'll be able to take care of all these things also; after all, it's not like you're going to be in the far reaches of the Yukon or something.

I never felt deprived or uncomfortable when i was doing this for the two months or so I did it. As a matter of fact, when i returned home at the end of my trip, i couldn't get used to sleeping indoors for quite awhile. I actually had to continue sleeping in a tent outside, it was just more comfortable, both physically and emotionally and seemed healthier, also.

Don't forget that in a lot of places, there is more "indoor pollution" than there is outside in the relatively cleaner and fresher air you find in more natural surroundings...unless you live in a place like New York or Los Angeles, anyway. I can't imagine I'd ever want to camp out in either of those two hell holes anyway. I lived over 30 years in Manhattan, which is why i preferred to spend every moment of my spare time in the woods upstate. Sleeping in a tent in Harriman State Park or the Catskills was so much more "civilized" than spending the night listening to the sirens of cop cars, screaming neighbors and fire engines.

When I traveled those two months through the National Parks, I slept outdoors to save money, also, (besides the fact that when I was in National Parks i wanted to really experience where I was and sleep in the "backcountry" as opposed to a hotel or even a Park lodge.) I'm sure i saved a small fortune by doing so.

I can tell you that when you do this type of thing, you will have a greater sense of confidence in your ability to rely on yourself than do the ubiquitous naysayers who are too afraid to even think of such a "crazy" idea and will try to convince you to think as they do.

Just the fact that you are even entertaining the idea of doing such a thing is half the battle. If you can imagine it, you can also do it. The people who can't imagine doing it would never be able to. It's that simple. Faith is more than half the battle. The rest is simply logistical and riding the learning curve.

Check out some of the books by the outdoor expert Tom Brown, Jr. He lived in the woods for a year with only a knife and the clothes on his back. Don't forget that there have been, and still are cultures out there in the world who live in what many would consider "primitive" shelters their whole lives, and have learned to live in harmony with Nature and what it provides.

These people don't have indoor plumbing, or malls, or any of the other things people in more "civilized" cultures think are necessary to survival, and they do just fine. Indeed, these people often have a considerably more spiritual view of existence than those whose senses have been deadened by central heating, air conditioning, the incessant hum of electricity, ringing telephones, noisy appliances and walls made of sheet rock.

I admire your willingness to undertake this endeavor, and as I said before if you do your research and make some wise choices in terms of equipment, I'm sure you can succeed at it. You'll also have a more interesting life to reflect upon some day than those who were afraid to step outside their "comfort" zones and do something so "unhealthy", "dangerous" or "crazy".

BTW, when people used to suggest i should be wary of the "dangers" of spending so much time camping in the woods when i lived in NYC, i used to tell them I felt a lot more safe and secure doing so than when i was walking down your average Manhattan street, even during the daytime. After all, the types of people who are looking to commit violence against other people are obviously going to be going to places where they know they have the best chance of finding those people. I would venture to say that given the rash of mentally unbalanced types going around shooting up college campuses these days, you'd probably be safer living in a tent than in a dorm, anyway.

Where is the craziest place you’ve had sex?

Where is the craziest place you've had sex?

ive gotta few places..

My excusee was,

Dont want the parents to catch us xD

Ive had sex in a national park in the snow, even on blizzardes days lol...

(The days when the parents didnt care cause we are old enough now)

mm... in a womans toilet japan in a park with police patroling around. Living in japan lol...

Kinky love hotel and, while i was babysitting xD

and in our parents bed.. lol dunnno how that happend..

in the public shower at a sports center...


youve heard it all...

i dont recomend the sex in the snow though LOl

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