National Women Inventors Month on February, 2025: African American Inventors?

February, 2025 is National Women Inventors Month 2025. Women's History Month Celebrate women by learning more about their historic achievements!

African American Inventors?

The Top Ten African-American Inventors

Why is there only a black history month, february?

Why is there only a black history month, february?

Ok..this was in my local paper yesterday, I agree with it and I think it explains a lot:

A frequent complaint about Black History Month is that there is no corresponding White History Month.

From many vantage points, the reason for this is obvious. The history of white folks in this country is, well, the history of the country as it’s often explained in textbooks, taught in classrooms and otherwise prepared for mass consumption.

The contributions of black men, women and children to the development, culture and character of the United States have been under-reported, under-emphasized and underestimated during the totality of our 232-year history.

A month to remember and celebrate those contributions helps bring to the local and national consciousness the benefits of the diversity of our great nation. Just think of the ways the United States would suffer if all of these contributions were erased from our history.

Black artists, thinkers, business people, professionals, inventors, performers, athletes, educators, leaders and a host of others — whether nationally or locally famous — have played irreplaceable roles in making America what it is today.

In addition to these shining stars from the black community, African-Americans have helped forge the underpinnings of this country through hard labor — some of it forced and unpaid during the most inglorious era of our nation.

Blacks have also contributed rich strands of tradition and ways of life to the social fabric of our society. From the food we eat, to the music we listen to, to the books we read and the TV programs that we watch, the influence of black culture is profound and truly inseparable from the mainstream.

When it comes down to it, black history is indeed part of everyone’s history. One month set aside to celebrate it isn’t nearly enough.

Black History Month prep: What is the typical achievement of a black male --- and don’t say making

Black History Month prep: What is the typical achievement of a black male --- and don't say making peanut ...?

Top ten African Americans inventors.

Elijah McCoy

Elijah McCoy (1843–1929) invented an oil-dripping cup for trains

Lewis Latimer

Lewis Latimer (1848–1928) invented an important part of the light bulb — the carbon filament.

Jan Ernst Matzeliger

Jan Ernst Matzeliger (1852–1889) invented a shoemaking machine that increased shoemaking speed by 900%!

Fast Fact: In 1992, the U.S. made a postage stamp in honor of Matzeliger.

Granville T. Woods

Granville T. Woods (1856–1910) invented a train-to-station communication system.

Fast Fact: Woods left school at age 10 to work and support his family.

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver (1860–1943) invented peanut butter and 400 plant products!

Fast Fact: Carver was born a slave. He didn't go to college until he was 30.

Madam C. J. Walker

Madam C. J. Walker (1867–1919) invented a hair-growing lotion.

Fast Fact: Walker grew up poor. But she became the first female African- American millionaire.

Garrett Morgan

Garrett Morgan (1877–1963) invented the gas mask.

Fast Fact: Morgan also invented the first traffic signal.

Otis Boykin

Otis Boykin (1920–1982) invented the electronic control devices for guided missiles, IBM computers, and the pacemaker.

Fast Fact: Boykin invented 28 different electronic devices.

Dr. Patricia E. Bath

Dr. Patricia. E. Bath (1949–) invented a method of eye surgery that has helped many blind people to see.

Fast Fact: Dr. Bath has been nominated to the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Lonnie G. Johnson

Lonnie G. Johnson (1949–) invented the world-famous watergun, the Supersoaker.

Fast Fact: Johnson's company just came out with a new Nerf ball toy gun.

There's no typical black, white, Hispanic etc person. Not all black people are on welfare or criminals. It seem to me you have a big problem with African Americans. There is good and bad in every race. ><

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