Neuter Awareness Month on February, 2025: kitten hit by car; wanting to raise awareness?

February, 2025 is Neuter Awareness Month 2025. Free Spay/Neuter Find The Nearest Location To Spay/Neuter Your Pet For Free.

kitten hit by car; wanting to raise awareness?

Back in the early 80's my sister and I were both given kittens. Mine was named Smokey and hers was named Pepper, both were indoor/outdoor cats which was common back in the day. I picked mine out on my 12th birthday from an animal shelter. Smokey was 6 months old and neutered and my sister's was a private adoption and was never spayed.

Pepper eventually became pregnant when she was about a year old. She had a large litter and all survived. When the kittens were about 3 weeks old, Pepper was tragically run over by a car. Fortunately, our dog had a false pregnancy and was able to nurse the kittens which were given away for free.

Smokey was much more streetwise, he lived 18 long very healthy years. He too was let out once at night which is when he was normally indoors as he has always had a curfew. Well, tragically he too became road-kill. He could've lived for many more years since he was still a very healthy cat. I didn't have any control over his senior lifestyle since I lived in a different province at the time.

Hopefully, with more awareness people will realize that indoor cats are truly the lucky ones. I am now the proud owner of 2 indoor cats, Tinkerbell and Baby Diablo. TinkerBell is neutered and Diablo will be next month. The only time they're allowed outside is when they're on a leash/harness supervised. They also enjoy their car rides when I need to run errands.

Providing knowledgeable information to cat owners is the best way to help educate them on why it's best to keep cats indoors. The Internet is an excellent tool to utilize. Also, places such as Craigslist pet section would be another place to inform people wishing to adopt a cat. Another place you could bring awareness is at Vet Clinics and through Cat-Rescue groups. When it comes to disabled cats, they are true living miracles that always manage to amaze the skeptics! : )

Here is just a sample of how amazing disabled cats can be...

Two MALE Neutered Bunnies: Advise Please!?

Two MALE Neutered Bunnies: Advise Please!?

1. You want to introduce them on neutral territory, somewhere they've never been before. For example, a bathroom is perfect. Its easier to focus on what you don't want them to do (aka fight) so learn the basic signs of rabbit aggression. Crouching down low with tail raised means your bunny is going to attack! You may notice them growling too, if any of these things happen either separate them IMMEDIATELY or spray the aggressive bunny with water (it sounds cruel but its not). Your bunnies will probably recognize each other again and begin grooming one another like usual :)

2. The likeness of them fighting once again is very high, but there is still a chance of them getting back together if they have a good bond. Bonding them again can take from 6 days to 6 months so be patient!

3. If the worst happens, then you're right don't let your bunnies live alone. If you are prepared to keep them both with a female then do it, but if not then give one away to another loving home

I have had EXACTLY the same problem with my two boys who are now happily back together! They do still fight occasionally but never seriously like they used to. The chances are even, they may or may not get back together but whatever happens you want them to be as happy as they can be.

Good luck! Mikey sounds like a perfect bunny for this sort of thing so the odds are in your favour! :)

I need a trainer for my 9 month German Shepherd. Any ideas?

I need a trainer for my 9 month German Shepherd. Any ideas?

You've got the wrong attitude.

It is the OWNER who needs training, so that he/she knows HOW to train and makes sure that commands once learned are maintained by frequent revision. The more intelligent the dog, the more important that the owner joins a weekly training club class that starts when Pup is 18-22 weeks old. At 9 months your pet is just days away from the traditional age (10 months) at which under-trained pooches do their first rebellion, testing the limits the way turbulent tempestuous teenaged humans do.

And GSDs need to be WITH their human - they need it MUCH more than they need to be deliberately exercised.

Add to your browser's Bookmarks or Favorites so that you can easily look up such as feeding, vaccinations, clubs, weights, teething, neutering, disorders, genetics.

In its Links you will find the contact for your country's

• Kennel Club, which licenses all-breeds training (obedience) clubs

• GSD Club or clubs, some of which are for obedience training, others are purely for show-competition.

From the head office you can get information as to the training branch or club nearest you. I note that you weren't bright enough to even tell us which country & county you are in - not a good omen re your awareness, your ability to out-think your pet!.

First choice: If you are a Canuck, find a branch of the GSSCC. If you are a Yank, find a branch of the USCA or the WDA.

Second choice: An all-breeds obedience club.

Both kinds of club organise for serious training and competition activities - whether it caters for Agility Trials or CGC or Companion-Working Trials or Fly-ball or Herding Trials or Obedience Tests or Rally-O or SchutzHund/IPO or Tracking Trials depends on the particular club.

Although a pet-store play-group is better than NOTHING, regard it as a last resort - the "instructors" there rarely have a clue about competition, let alone about retraining owners of problem-dogs.

Les P, owner of GSD_Friendly:

"In GSDs" as of 1967

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