National Cherry Month on February, 2025: Is there such thing as a National Chocolate Day?

February, 2025 is National Cherry Month 2025. National Cherry Month National Cherry Month

Is there such thing as a National Chocolate Day?


3rd – National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

8th – National English Toffee Day

26th – National Peanut Brittle Day


15th – National Gum Drop Day

19th – Chocolate Mint Day


3rd week – American Chocolate Week

19th – National Chocolate Caramel Day

24th – National Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day


12th – National Licorice Day

21st – National Chocolate-Covered Cashews Day

22nd – National Jelly Bean Day


12th – National Nutty Fudge Day

15th – National Chocolate Chip Day

23rd – National Taffy Day


National Candy Month

16th – Fudge Day


7th – Chocolate Day

15th – Gummi Worm Day

20th – National Lollipop Day

28th – National Milk Chocolate Day


4th – National Chocolate Chip Day

10th – S’mores Day

30th – National Toasted Marshmallow Day


13th – International Chocolate Day

22nd – National White Chocolate Day


National Caramel Month

28th – National Chocolate Day

30th – National Candy Corn Day

31st – National Caramel Apple Day


7th – National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day


7th – National Cotton Candy Day

16th – National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day

26th – National Candy Cane Day

28th – National Chocolate Day

29th – National Chocolate Day

Army National Guard In Iraq Still ?

Army National Guard In Iraq Still ?

Yes the ARNG is still in the middle east.

The deployments vary, however, it seems to be a 12 month cycle in country.

Not sure why you would ask how many are dying a week... but as a soldier who deployed over there several times this borders being offinsive to many people.

The Army will not force you to change your MOS just so you deploy, however they may ask you too or make you if you volunteer to deploy with a unit that doesn't need your MOS. (Example: A medic is deploying with a Trans. Co. then the medic would change to a truck driver)

I would suggest that you keep the questions about death and dying to a minimum, maybe even less, that would go a long way to many of us who have lost friends.

How long will the Cherry Blossoms be in bloom in Washington DC?

How long will the Cherry Blossoms be in bloom in Washington DC?

The cherry blossoms are starting to go into full bloom now. By April 10th they will be well past their peak. You may see some, particularly late blooming varieties of cherry trees, but most of the trees will be in green leaf phase by then.

For the official information from the National Park Service:

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