Sweet Potato Month on February, 2023: Sweet Potato?

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February, 2023 is Sweet Potato Month 2023. It's National Sweet Potato Month! sweet potatoes can reduce

Sweet Potato?

Sweet potatoes will grow from "slips", not sprouts like regular potatoes.

Even when a slip (a small plant) takes, it takes months and months to produce edible size tubers. They are my toughest to grow in my garden. I am in zone 6 and already gave up on them.

The person who mentioned the chemicals is partly right. Those tubers are ofter irradiated for sale at supermarkets, to prevent and delay sprouting.

when to dig sweet potatoes?

when to dig sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes usually take seven months to ripen and mature. Dig them up at the end of seven months.

can you freeze sweet potatoes?

can you freeze sweet potatoes?

Yes, you can freeze raw or cooked sweet potatoes for several months. Raw sweet potatoes will freeze well if sliced. Cooked sweet potatoes will be mushy when thawed.

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