National Prevent A Litter Month on February, 2025: Why do Han Chinese like to sing the Chinese national anthem a lot when they are in groups

February, 2025 is National Prevent A Litter Month 2025. Why we should help spay/neuter Old Fellas Litter Patrol Puppies

Why do Han Chinese like to sing the Chinese national anthem a lot when they are in groups

They're instructed upon by their leaders to show that they're loyal to the CCP, that song is decided upon by Mao, "Stand up, stand up.." Stand up for what, to grab power and then bribe?

All of CCP's denials to their faults brings down to one simple excuse, to give them some more time to work on, another century? The CCP has ruled over 60 years and not 30 as you guys always interpret. Singapore and Isreal are under 50 years of establishment, their GDP per capita and living standard are among the top. China's GDP per capita is still the lowest in the world, earning the title of world's 2nd economy only makes a handful few rich but the mass public are working as slaves earning a peanut income just to make ends meet. Many social systems, rules and orders are still lacking inside the Mainland, have the govt been sleeping in the last 30+years? An easy case in point, Mainlanders just treat the streets as toilets and garbage bins despite there're laws to penalize people who spit and litter but no law enforcement cares because all their efforts are diverted to censorship and critics of CCP. The commies are only good at controlling the minds and freedom of people. Outside world though have enough first hand information to make good judgement of what's right and what not. It's a waste of Abe Cool and DogLover's time if they simply follow their motherland's pitches on here.

China only rely on 3 surviving ways, 1. export, 2. domestic consumption, 3. capital investment. Her export is half dead since the major export markets are shrinking drastically, many small to medium factories in the east coast are closing down. Already some 300 closed down in Shanghai region alone this year, according to official figure which is normally fake as well. Domestic consumptions not at all developed inside the Mainland except for some very cheap stuffs. The last resort is capital investment done by pumping billions of Yuan in the building of excessive, immature high speed rails and rockets which mainly benefited the corrupted leaders involved. Many of the rails are losing money because most people could not afford the expensive train tickets. The low GDP per capita says it all, vast majority Mainlanders are still very poor. What adds to their problem is the sky rocketed inflation. It's not 6-7% as the official states, for any person that constantly visits the Mainland would recognize the price hike is 15-20%. I know many upper middle class Mainlanders do not turn on TV nor fan at home just to save electricity. During the hot summer months they'll all go out to the streets, these are suppose the richest cities in China!

People come on here with different purposes, Mr Abe, DogLover and possibly Sweet Lo are paid to defend the corrupted and incompetent regime whereas many are out of one's own righteousness. It's no secret that the very top tier leaders are the most corrupted of all, only kindgarten kids will believe that leaders succeeding them will all of a sudden stop taking the huge bribes unless they are brain damaged. If you're taking US$1,000,000 bribe a month while the salary of your position is only US$1,000/month, will your successor be so stupid not to accept the huge monthly offering simply for the sake of the "country"? Imagine thousands and thousands of Mainland officials are currently accepting bribes far bigger than the sum mentioned above. Why so many illegal coal mines never be wiped out with deadly accidents one after the other. The answer is so obvious. There'd been crys for Mainland officials to follow Hong Kong's and Singapore's government system of "high paying government salaries to prevent corruptions.'' Let's say HK's Donald Tsang and Sing's Lee Hsieng Lung's annual pay is about US$1 million. Heck, just one illegal coal mine alone, the bribe given to any given senior official is 100 times that amount.

Over 60 years of CCP rule, hundreds millions Mainlanders still deprive of basic needs of clean drinking water, electricity, proper roads and schools. I begin to wonder if commie rulers are human beings? As well, they must stop bragging on China's "success" which only makes them look laughable . China's economic growth mainly due to 2 reasons, 1). US permits the imports of Chinese products due to her cold war era with USSR, Nixon and Mao decided to team up to combat USSR. Without access to the lucrative US market no country could succeed economically, just look at Cuba, N. Korea, Iran and China before. 2). The 1.3 billion Chinese have been suffering and hungry for far too long that they're eager to grab any money-making opportunity, hence the hundreds millions poor peasants all willing to travel thousands of miles to Guangdong to work as slaves for a peanut salary which enable China to beat all other countries as the world's cheapest factory. Thats why Time Magazine picked Chinese migrant workers as Man of the Year and not their rulers.

Intact dog Roll Call!!!!?

Intact dog Roll Call!!!!?

I have several intact dogs.

I show in AKC conformation and performance events.

I spay the girls when they reach 8 years of age, but other than that, all are intact.

Marking? No. Oops litters? One, but it was still such a nice breeding that we finished the first champion from it just a few months ago, and re-bred the litter on purpose. I know of one "oops" litter that produced a national specialty winner. Show breeder "oops" litters are not like just anybody's oops litters.

No panties. Just crate when somebody's in heat.

If TNA is not a threat to WWE why are they trying to block and prevent them from taping shows in

If TNA is not a threat to WWE why are they trying to block and prevent them from taping shows in Arena's?

Trust me, the WWE see TNA as a MAJOR treat. They is a reason the WWE is always trying to step their game up by adding the Rock, Brock Lesner, and even inductin Bruno Sanmartito into the WWE Hall Of Fame. They don't fans drifting off to watch TNA.

TNA's backer, Panda Energy/Dixie Cater has way more money than Vince McMahon/Titan Sports.

TNA has a lot of resources. They even have Jeff Jarrett owning a little of TNA (he is still there in TNA).

In Atlanta Georgia, the WWE comes here ALL THE TIME!!! It seems once a month at either the Georgia Dome or the Philllips Arena. Both places was where WCW was headquarted. As you know the WCW almost beat the WWE in the Monday Night Wars in the mid/late 1990's.

TNA has to go outside of Atlanta, like Macon or Augusta. It's like the WWE had the city of Atlant sign an exclusive contract to ONLY show WWE events.

I recently asked Dixie Carter, when will TNA come to Atlanta at either the Georgia Dome or the Philllips Arena.

Atleast Vince can't buy out TNA and TNA has been around 10+ years (longer than WCW and ECW).

ROH has also been arond 10+ yaers and they REALLY NEED A NATIONAL T.V. TIME SLOT!!

I am happy to see TNA and ROH still around. Have you seen how TNA looks at an areana???

The product looks so much better. It reminds me of looking at the NWA-Mid Atlantic of the late 1980's and WCW, a litter after the Jim Heard era and before the Hulk Hogan/NWo era.

But back to your question, yes behind closed doors,the WWE see TNA and ROH as a treat.

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