National Chili Month on October, 2024: Is there such a thing as meatless chili?

October, 2024 is National Chili Month 2024. Cambridge Supermarket - National Chili Month National Chili Month

Is there such a thing as meatless chili?

I've seen it in the stores, and the taste is unimpressive. Remember, October is National Chili Month!

Have you ever tried a chili cheese dog? what did you think?

Have you ever tried a chili cheese dog? what did you think?

I'll have them once a month or so, I use Hebrew National hot dogs, hormel brand hot chili with beans, and sharp cheddar cheese. Sometimes i'll throw in some pickled jalapeƱos if I have them. People who haven't tried a chili cheese dog are really missing out.

Song from "Employee of the Month" movie preview?

Song from "Employee of the Month" movie preview?

I haven't seen the previews but this info might be of help.

The EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH soundtrack's lead single, a cover of the Cheap Trick classic, "Surrender," went for radio airplay on all rock formats last week, and marks the debut of one of the most impressive gatherings of rock 'n' roll talent ever-assembled. Camp Freddy features three decades worth of rock stars: Scott Weiland, current member of Velvet Revolver and formerly of Stone Temple Pilots, on vocals; Dave Navarro, of CBS' Rock Star and formerly of Jane's Addiction, on guitar; and Matt Sorum, of Velvet Revolver and formerly of Guns N' Roses, on drums. Besides "Surrender," the band also recorded a rocking rendition of the T. Rex classic, "Twentieth Century Boy," for the soundtrack. Guns N' Roses producer Mike Clink and Red Hot Chili Peppers' engineer, Andrew Sheppe, worked with the group on both tracks. The band makes its national television debut the night before EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH's October 6th release, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. It doesn't seem like hyperbole to say that a group featuring such celebrated talent becomes legendary as soon as they enter their practice space.

EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH's other three focus tracks, "Cobrastyle" by Teddybears featuring Mad Cobra, "Face Down," by Red Jump Suit Apparatus, and "Do It Alone" by Sugarcult, more than hold their own alongside the legends. Last week, "Cobrastyle" had already cracked KROQ's top-five. The song comes early in the film but its high-energy, genre-transcending catchiness makes sure that it keeps playing in the viewers' mental jukebox long past the film's closing credits. New Virgin Records chart-climbers Red Jump Suit Apparatus' "Face Down" has been all over MTV 2 and its impassioned pop-punk fits naturally in the film and on the soundtrack. V2's new top priority, Sugarcult, offers a bittersweet anthem that perfectly matches Zach Bradley's defiant enthusiasm in the face of the potentially dispiriting obstacles that life throws his way. In the past two weeks, songs from both Sugarcult and the Teddybears have been prominently featured on iTunes.

The album tracks on EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH's soundtrack could easily stand-up as singles in their own right. "Trainwreck," a track from youthful up-and-comers The Sammies blends punky-catchiness and bar-room rock 'n' roll to forge a sound that recalls a less-grizzled Replacements or a gruffer Lemonheads. The song plays during one of the film's climactic scenes and helps to make it one of the films most memorable. This track appears only on the digital release of the soundtrack, and the band has a second track in the film called "Coming Out Wild," which appears on the physical release. The soundtrack also includes musical excerpts from the film's score by John Swihart, famed amongst young and rock music consumers for his score to the acclaimed film NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.

Following is a complete track listing:

1. Teddybears featuring Mad Cobra "Cobrastyle"

2. Sugarcult "Do it Alone"

3. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus "Face Down"

4. Camp Freddy "Surrender"

5. The Sammies "Coming Out Wild"

6. Hard-Fi "Hard to Beat"

7. REO Speedwagon "Can't Fight This Feeling"

8. Highwater Rising featuring Aidan Hawken "Wasted Days"

9. Santino "Kiss You All Over"

10. Camp Freddy "Twentieth Century Boy"

11. John Swihart "Disco Boy / Anal / Covered in Chocolate / Taking A Dump

/ The Sh***er is Clogged"

12. John Swihart "Pocket Rocket"

13. The Sammies "Trainwreck" (digital album release only)

You might want to go to to see if you can find the exact song based on the titles in the soundtrack.

Good luck!

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