National Crime Prevention Month on October, 2024: Why Have crime ratesreported crimes started to decline in 2010?

October, 2024 is National Crime Prevention Month 2024. Crime Prevention Tech.‎ An Effective resource for Law Enforcement & Security Officers.

Why Have crime rates/reported crimes started to decline in 2010?

Plenty of reasons contribute to this.

A main one is technology especially in the security field.

Unlike in the 80's a security camera can be found almost any store these days.

Secondly, police departments are using many more techniques and spending much more on crime prevention rather than responding to a crime. In other words police are going on the attack now in many more ways than in previous history.

For example, in some cities police will set up a "bait" car wanting someone to steal it so they can catch the would be crook. Also rewards for reporting info of a crime is a very successful method that is basically used nation wide, e.g. Crime Stoppers hot-line.

Probability of getting away with a major crime these days is very low, criminals know this.

Also have you looked at prison populations? Its at record highs these days, that can correlate with with the crime rate decreasing, because more criminals are locked up, so they can't do crimes, right?

But something not mentioned in this study is minor crimes, like property crimes such as vandalism they have went up in the past years, so crime isn't down all around there are still some areas to improve on.

is there calendar displaying national recognition weeks?

is there calendar displaying national recognition weeks?

Try this one:

Here is an example for Jan 2006

Monthly Events:

National Eye Health Care Month

National Hobby Month

National Soup Month

National Staying Healthy Month

National Thank You Month

National Book Month

Oatmeal Month

Hot Tea Month

Human Resource Month

March of Dimes Birth Defects Prevention Month

Prune Breakfast Month

Volunteer Blood Donor Month

Bald Eagle Watch Month

Bread Machine Baking Month

Celebration of Life Month

Fat Free Living Month

Get Over It Month

It's OK to be Different Month

Love Yourself Month

Clean Up Your Computer Month

Mail Order Gardening Month

Personal Self-Defense Month

Poverty in America Month

Reaching Your Potential Month

Yours, Mine & Ours Month

National Stamp Collectors Month

International Printing Month

Autism Awareness Month

National High-Tech

International Creativity Month

Celebrate the Past Month

Clinical Trial Awareness Month

Coffee Gourmet International Month

Bath Safety Month

Crime Stoppers Month

Hobby Month

National Letter Writing Month

Blended Family Month

National Candy Month

National Hot Tea Month

National Polka Month

Weekly Events:

Celebration of Life Week- Week One

Law Enforcement Training Week (Always the first full week of the year)- Week One

Lose Weight, Feel Great Week - Week One

Universal Letter Writing Week- Week Two

National Thank-Your-Customers Week- Week Two

School Crossing Guard Week- Week Two

Someday We'll Laugh About This Week- Week Two

Special Education Week- Week Three

Cuckoo Dancing Week- Week Three

National Fresh Squeeze Juice Week- Week Three

Healthy Weight Week- Week Three

National Glaucoma Week- Week Four

National Meat Week- Week Four

Kiss A Shark Week -Week Four (Please don't really kiss a shark.)

Hot Air Balloon Week - Week Four

Catholic Schools Week - 29 thru Feb.4

It is not in a calendar form, and it has more than medical stuff....but it is a start....

Ah, here is a better one!

Will Hate Bills pass this month?

Will Hate Bills pass this month?


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