National Family Month on May, 2025: How do i extend my wife's EEA FP Family member visa?

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How do i extend my wife’s EEA FP Family member visa?

An EEA Family Permit is initially granted for six months on entry clearance to allow you and your family to enter the UK and settle in. During that initial six-month period, you will be required to apply for an extension of five years.

The ‘expiry’ date on an EEA family permit does not formally represent an expiry of EEA family member ‘status’ in the UK. If the EEA national has not travelled to the UK within 6 months of the date of application, the EEA family permit would not be considered as valid.

As long as the non-EEA family member of an EEA national continues to meet the EEA Regulations they would not be considered as having ‘overstayed’ simply because the expiry date of their EEA family permit had passed.

You can apply for a residence card using application form EEA2, however please note that Residence cards are not immediately available to all family members. Family members who are not themselves nationals of an EEA country or Switzerland, and who are in the UK with a national of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia or Slovenia, cannot apply for a residence card until the national of that country has been employed continuously in the UK for 12 months.

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report on a national food security bill?

report on a national food security bill?

National Food Security Bill, 2010 gives legal right to every Below Poverty Line family in India to get 25 kgs of wheat or rice per month at the rate of Rs 3 per kg.

The central government shall allocate required quantity of wheat and/or rice from the central pool to state governments under Targeted PDS for distribution to identified BPL families through the Fair Price Shops.

The Bill has been passed by the Parliament in June 2011.

National Advisory Council, under the Chairmanship of Smt. Sonia Gandhi was instrumental in drafting and getting this Bill passed .

This bill is a Landmark in the history of the Independent India, which guarantees legal right of food to every family below Poverty Line.

Opinions on joining Air National Guard?

Opinions on joining Air National Guard?


have you ever considered ACTIVE DUTY? that way you have a FULL TIME job, free healthcare, housing allowance, etc?

The ANG is not going to offer additional financial support for your family while you are away at BMT and tech school. first question: do you have college experience at all?

here is why i ask. if you have a couple semesters of college under your belt, you would start off as an E-3, which means a higher monthly base salary, and usually a higher Basic Allowance for Housing (which is based on rank, and where you live).

as for the guard & reserves: while you are on active duty orders for basic training and tech school, you will get:

- your base pay for your rank (if you have no college experience, you will be an E1, and the pay is not that good)

- BAH (allowance for housing - which is tax free) with dependent rate. the amount is based on your rank, and your location. someone in washington DC, Hawaii, or some other high cost of living area is going to get a larger BAH than someone who lives in Idaho for example. without knowing more, i can't narrow it down for you

- separation allowance. after 30 days, you are given a $250 per month separation allowance since you are away from your family.

that's it. your food is provided for you, so you won't be getting BAS (basic allowance for substance). BAS is a benefit for the member only, not the family.

your family would also be eligible for Tricare Prime, or Tricare Prime remote (most of the time, in other cases Tricare standard) health coverage while you are on orderss, and have access to base facilities, BX, and MWR facilities.

outside of that, your guard unit will not provide any additional financial support for you.

"Also, there is a base in my hometown that I would like to work at full time when I get back from training". is there a UNIT at that base? have you talked to a recruiter from that unit yet? that is the first place to start. see what they have open. a lot of guard units are FULL. also keep in mind - the guard / reserves is a PART TIME GIG. when you are done with basic training and tech school, you are discharged from active duty service (not from the guard, just active duty, and you will get a DD214 for your time in basic & tech school). you have virtually NO CHANCE of getting a full-time military job at a guard & reserve base. those are called 'AGR' (active guard - reserve) slots, and they are very competitive to get, and i have never known anyone off the street with no prior experience to get those slots. generally, AGR slots go to people that have already paid their dues in that unit, and the rarely go outside the unit to fill them.

the career you learn in tech school would be the career you do at your unit. but remember - it is one weekend a month and 2 weeks a year, plus any deployments your unit is tasked with. it is NOT a position that will provide for your family.

if you are looking for FULL TIME work, consider active duty. so many more benefits. don't worry about the hubby and kids. you will miss them wither way while you are gone, but that is what the internet is for (past basic - you won't be seeing internet or using cell phones in basic)

i encourage you to go and talk to both a guard recruiter and active duty recruiter. you are only out your time.

my concern is your eligibility for active duty (the guard may not do this). since you have 3 dependents, you are going to need a waiver, because the maximum is TWO. to get the waiver, you will need to pass an 'economic means test' - that means you need to be able to demonstrate you can pay all of your bills on just your income alone (because you may be stationed somewhere your husband cannot get a job). you can't go active if it will create a hardship for you. now they factor out health care premiums, housing costs, and utilities since those would be provided for you. they will then look at your income to debt ratio. if it is good, you should get the waiver. then they check credit (bad - not good, but managed? ok), criminal history, etc.

if you have questions, drop me an email, i will answer anything i can.

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