National Home Furnishings Month on September, 2024: Where do rich people shop ieFor food, clothes, home furnishingetc?

September, 2024 is National Home Furnishings Month 2024. National Home Furnishings Month National Home Furnishings

Where do rich people shop?? ie..For food, clothes, home furnishing..etc???

Food: Whole Foods and/or any food store that carries really fancy brands, including for example Lindt chocolates, and items like Smoked Salmon and Caviar, and definitely no Chef Boyardee. For Clothes, either upscale department stores like Neiman Marcus, or Barney's or Bergdorf Goodman (both in NYC), or Saks Fifth Avenue. Those stores don't have reasonably priced items, like other department stores, which also carry exclusive and expensive brands (Nordstrom's, Bloomingdale's). There are also small hip boutiques, in every city, with pants or skirts going for $1200 and blouses for $2000, and the sky is the limit. Just browse through an issue of Vogue. They do their hair at Salons where you wait 6 months to get an appointment and a haircut is no less than $400. Home Furnishings: No chains. Individually owned antique boutiques and decorator only home furniture centers as well as custom made furniture. You might also consider the Italian home furnishing and furniture house B&B, or if you want to be "reasonable," the French Roche Bobois.

Some of your answerers above don't know what rich is. Ethan Allen?! Food, where anywhere else shops? And stand in line with fat badly dressed people who carry coupons? I have not set foot in a national food store chain like Safeway in maybe ten years. I am not even a multi-millionnaire. Did you want rich? Or richer than the house next door?

what to see in richmond va?

what to see in richmond va?

Bell Tower

On the grounds of the State Capitol you’ll also find a bell tower which was constructed in 1825 to replace a wooden one that previously occupied the site. It was used by the Virginia Public Guard to ring in legislative sessions and also warn of fires, raids and other dangers. The Public Guard was a military predecessor to the Virginia Capitol Police of today. The bell still tolls each day, calling the General Assembly to session. A public visitor centre is located on the tower's ground floor.

Belle Isle

Belle Isle, on the James River, housed a prison during the Civil War and today can be reached by a unique pedestrian suspension bridge, which begins under the Lee Bridge on Tredegar Street. There is a one-mile trail that follows the perimeter of the 54-acre island and also includes a walk along the falls of the James and the Civil War earthworks. Phone: +1 804 780 5311

Bolling Haxall House

The Bolling Haxall House is a prime example of the Richmond architectural style of the late 1850s, built just prior to the Civil War. Originally constructed for the heir to a flour-milling fortune, this grand home is located on East Franklin Street and is open for tours by appointment. Phone: +1 804 643 2847

Capitol Square and the Virginia State Capitol

Capitol Square is the site of several monuments, including the life-sized statue of George Washington. Busts of other Virginia-born presidents are featured here as well. At the corner of 9th and Grace Streets, the Virginia Capitol stands as the first public building in the US designed in the neo-classical style by Thomas Jefferson. Virginia's General Assembly still meets here today.

Civil War Battlefields

Self-guided tours are an interesting and flexible way of visiting the Civil War battlefields at the Richmond National Battlefield Park. Maps are provided for visitors, highlighting the three campaigns that were fought in the Richmond area: the Seven Days Battle in 1862, the 1864 Battle of Cold Harbor and the Battle of Fort Harrison in the same year. Other Civil War sites of note in Virginia include Appomattox, Fredericksburg and Manassas.

Egyptian Building

The Egyptian Building, located on East Marshall Street and designed by Philadelphia architect Thomas S Steward, was the first permanent home of the Hampden-Sidney College’s medical department, which later became the well-known Medical College of Virginia. It was completed in 1845 and has been in continuous use since. It originally housed medical lecture rooms, a room for dissection and an infirmary for medical and surgical cases. In 1969 the Egyptian Building was added to the National Register of Historic Places and it is considered the finest example of Egyptian Revival architecture in the US.

Executive Mansion

Richmond’s governor’s mansion is America's oldest, continuously occupied executive residence. This National Historic Landmark features displays of carpets, china, silver, furnishings and art donated by citizens of Virginia. Phone: +1 804 371 2642

Library of Virginia

Originally housed in a building that faced Capitol Square, the Library of Virginia moved to its new structure on East Broad street in 1997. Since its opening in 1823, the library has preserved the records of Virginia's culture and history. Its collection includes more than 80 million manuscripts and one million books, newspapers, periodicals, photographs, prints and maps all relating to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Phone: +1 804 629 3592

Old City Hall

The construction of the old city hall, located on East Broad Street was completed in 1894. This Victorian Gothic building has an interior as dramatic as its exterior. Now functioning as a private office building, it boasts an interior courtyard which is a three-story painted cast-iron masterpiece. A 400 per cent cost overrun was incurred during its construction more than 100 years ago and fortunately the building has been saved from demolition by the Richmond Foundation. Visitors are welcome on the first floor only, as the remainder of the building houses business offices.


op Things to Do Go back in time and visit the Confederacy

The museum here contains the largest collection of Confederate memorabilia assembled, including the sword General Robert E Lee wore when he surrendered at Appomattox at the end of the Civil War. The White House, located adjacent to the museum, was built in 1818. Its interior was re-created to represent the way it appeared during the time Jefferson Davis lived here.

Stroll around the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Take a stroll around the garden and delight in its many acres of lovely landscaping. The botanical garden was founded in 1984 as a non-profit educational organisation, focussing on horticultural displays and botanical research. Phone: +1 804 262 9887


ake a Boat Tour

On a boat tour, you can enjoy Richmond’s scenic canals. There are various operators providing interesting narrated cruises on boats reminiscent

what is the different between a Kenneth Cole shoe from Burlington coat factory and same shoe from

what is the different between a Kenneth Cole shoe from Burlington coat factory and same shoe from say Macy's?

Burlington Coat Factory tends to buy in large quantity of fewer items. You will see 25 of the same coat in different sizes not just 2 or 3 of each size. This bulk buying strategy along with minimal advertising, minimalist store decor, and a store credit only return policy keeps their costs to a minimum and they can offer much lower prices as a result. (Recently they claim to have gone to a 30-day refund policy if you have your receipt and the tags are still attached. I have no personal knowledge if this is true or not, but for 30 years it was "store credit only for returns".)

Personally I find their styles lag a few months behind regular department stores like Macy's. They claim their styles are "current",

So yes - in many ways the difference is the name at the top of the receipt, but it is also a matter of timing and selection. If they HAVE the Kenneth Cole shoes you want you will get them at a bargain. If they don't have them, they probably never will and cannot order them for you.

Here is what they have to say on their website:

"The roots of Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation (the "Company") go back to 1924 with wholesale sales of ladies coats and junior suits. In 1972, the Company opened its first outlet store in Burlington, New Jersey. Coats were the primary offering at the original Burlington Coat Factory, but over time the concept evolved into a one-stop shopping experience. Extensive selections of men's and women's suits, sportswear, shoes, and accessories developed. Highly successful baby and youth departments were created. A linens department was added in 1987.

Burlington Coat Factory has remained successful by making value a priority. The Company, through strategic purchasing, has always been able to offer the latest in designer clothing, shoes, accessories, baby products, and home furnishings at great savings. Burlington Coat Factory maintains a minimalist approach to merchandising, keeping stores modern and attractive, without passing on the high cost of fixtures and decor to its customers.

Today, the Company is a national department store retail chain which offers current, high quality, designer merchandise at prices up to 60% below those at other department stores. Burlington Coat Factory stores feature coats, apparel, shoes, accessories for the entire family, baby clothes, furniture, toys, home decor items, and gifts. Over 394 stores can be found in 44 states nationwide."


"Dollar" stores tend to buy overstocked merchandise or merchandise that has come off of damaged trucks (the merchandise is not damaged). Some even buy "seconds" or merchandise that the manufacturer considers flawed. Dollar stores may carry Jockey underware today, but when it is gone it is gone and they may never have it in stock again. A regular department store will carry a variety of brands and carry them for extended periods of time - years or decades even.


Ok - you asked "I mean in terms of quality? which one is better and why ?"

I thought this was pretty much answered above. Burlington sells the same merchandise NO DIFFERENCE IN QUALITY but a huge difference in variety and customer service.

Dollar type stores may sell seconds (which means flawed and not sold in main line department stores - or lesser quality) or firsts that have come off over stocked items or from damaged in transit trucks.

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