National Recovery Month on September, 2022: The National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933?

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September, 2022 is National Recovery Month 2022. Recovery SAMHSA National Recovery Month

The National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933?

The National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933 (NIRA) was one of the most important and daring measures of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal. It was enacted during the famous First Hundred Days of his first term in office and was the centerpiece of his initial efforts to reverse the economic collapse of the Great Depression. NIRA was signed into law on June 16, 1933, and was to remain in effect for two years. It attempted to make structural changes in the industrial sector of the economy and to alleviate unemployment with a public works program. It succeeded only partially in accomplishing its goals, and on May 27, 1935, less than three weeks before the act would have expired, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional.

Economists, scholars, politicians, and the public at large were deeply divided as to the underlying causes of the Great Depression and the best means to bring it to an end. In the months following Roosevelt's inauguration, his advisers, along with members of Congress and representatives from business and labor, drafted the legislation that was introduced in Congress on May 15, 1933, as the National Industrial Recovery Act. The division of opinions about the Depression was reflected in those who drafted NIRA, and the act drew both praise and criticism from across the political spectrum. Nevertheless, the urgency of the economic situation (with unemployment exceeding 30 percent in many parts of the country) pressured Congress to act.

The House of Representatives passed NIRA by a vote of 325 to 76. When it reached the Senate, however, several powerful senators opposed the bill. Some favored alternative legislation authored by Alabama Senator Hugo L. Black (who Roosevelt would appoint to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1937), which promoted a thirty-hour work week. Some Senate progressives preferred other alternatives to NIRA. Many conservatives opposed any increase in federal powers that would result from NIRA or from other relief measures. Finally, some senators were troubled by the fact that the act suspended the enforcement of antitrust laws at the same time that it called on businesses to play a major role in drafting "codes of fair competition." Given the benefits that business was expected to derive from NIRA, New York Senator Robert F. Wagner, who had helped draft the bill, insisted that it provide a gua

What are some of the accomplishments National Recovery Administration or NIRA make?

What are some of the accomplishments National Recovery Administration or NIRA make?

The NRA negotiated specific sets of codes with leaders of the nation's major industries; the most important provisions were anti-deflationary floors below which no company would lower prices or wages, and agreements on maintaining employment and production. In a remarkably short time, the NRA won agreements from almost every major industry in the nation. Six months after the NRA went into effect, industrial production dropped twenty-five percent. According to some economists, the NRA increased the cost of doing business by forty percent.

Where do "national (fill in the blank) months" come from?

Where do "national (fill in the blank) months" come from?

Oh who knows?! These "awareness months" are associated with very worthy causes...worthy enough I suppose for someone in the White House to declare that an entire month of the year be devoted to educating people on the subject. (i.e. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month....February is Black History month, etc. etc.) There are a lot of little things which have been declared to have their own month but few people know about it....i.e., I don't know exactly which month it is, but there is a National Potato month and a National Adopt a Pet month, etc. etc.

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