National Mend A Broken Heart Month on February, 2025: rod stewerts single?

February, 2025 is National Mend A Broken Heart Month 2025. My Stuff Bags Foundation Each year more than 300,000

rod stewerts single?

Fool for you?

Fool For You Lyrics

Artist(Band):Rod Stewart

By the time you read this letter

I'll be outta your life

Gone forever more

But guess I'll survive

I'm gonna leave my records

And a forwarding address

Ain't you glad honey

That I'm offa your chest

You said you wanted Paris

Rome 'n' St. Tropez

Perfume by Chanel

And a ring by Cartier

But I gave you headaches

With my old fashioned ways

But that's all irrelevant

To what I'm tryin' to say

I'm a fool for you baby

Pride won't let me stay

I'm a fool for you honey

and I'll come back any day

Guess I'll always love you all my life

You can keep your Streisands

Bardots and Lorens

You're my everything

But now you're my end

It may be over

But just before I go

I can make a new start

But I can't mend a broken heart

So when I read about you

In all the national press

On the arm of so and so

I may get depressed

Cause I tried to love you

But didn't fit in

I came on the dust

I'll leave on the wind

I'm a fool for you baby

My pride won't let me stay

I'm a fool for you honey

I'll come back any day

I'm a fool for you baby

I don't care what your friends say

I'm a fool for you honey

And that's the way I'll stay

I guess I'll always love you all my life

how does one handle the death of a loved parent?

how does one handle the death of a loved parent?

It has been many years since my Mother passed, I still think of her and how I miss her! I was totally devastated, confused, and felt I had lost the only person I believed loved me. I was 17 and did not know what I was feeling waqs called grief. People sometimes find it too difficult to deal with emotions while the loved one is in the process of passing. Sometimes we are scared and angry, which can bring out words that are not being understanding. Most, feel the presence of guilt, this adds to the grieveing process more pain, more tears, and regrets.There is a book written byPATSY CLAIRMONT "MENDING YOUR HEART IN A BROKEN WORLD"

( Finding Comfort In The Scriptures). I was given this book, after my son died, very good reading! I am having a difficult time this month he will be gone two years Aug 30,06. I say this, if you do not grieve, you will not find healing it is through allowing your grief that each emotion is dealt with, ignore it and you will find it (EMOTIONS). to continue to be triggered by situations in your life! It is is ok to feel your life is missing the joy, after all you have losta very special loved one. There are anger, depression, not remembering tasks needed to be done, confusion, feeling as though you will lose your mind, going places that play music that person liked, going to the store, crying anytime and anywhere. Please do not think your life is over, it will be hard and painful, but feel, feel, feel! Go to a group that will have people there who have gone through this, COMPASSIONATE FRIENDS IS a National organization who meet once a month, you can locate it on the computer, hospitals have hospice grief groups, check this type of thing out! Psalm 56:8 Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 Joshua1: 5 Matthew11:28- 30, look in the back of your Bible for verses that comfort you! Do talk to someone who will listen and comfort you in this time of grief. Your parent still loved you even if you were not always supported, i do know this because no matter what my son did in his life, I loved and love him still! I have found that a parent does not stop loving you maybe they do not approve of some things but they love you just the same. ASK JESUS TO COME INTO YOUR HEART, YOU ACCEPT HIM AS LORD OF YOUR LIFE! People can give you support but trust in God even if you are feeling angry at God. I send you my condolences and wish you peace and love, for we do not have to know someone in order to feel their pain. I have been their, it will change and you will realize grieving is in your own time and way, not anyone else's time!

Help!! Heartbroken and feeling suicidal!!?

Help!! Heartbroken and feeling suicidal!!?

There are so many things in life you’re going to miss out on if you do. I totally understand, but don't. Calm down and think it through. Think about all the people you'll be hurting. Killing yourself won't do anything to help it you will miss out on life. You matter to everybody and you were put on the earth for a reason. Death is not meant for you to pick when. You have a reason to be here just like everyone else and you are very important. Talk to someone you trust.

If you feel suicidal, please call the suicide hotline immediately.




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