Pull Your Sofa Off The Wall Month on February, 2025: My cat keeps peeing on our sofas and now on my bed?!?

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My cat keeps peeing on our sofas and now on my bed?!?

Well, as far as the urine stains and smell, your best bet is Genesis 950 All Purpose Cleaner. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs, so I know your pain. The vomit, the urine, the annoying lick marks on furniture. I have had to deal with all of it. In fact just the other night, one animal, who failed to identify him/herself took a potty break on the couch. The 950 took the stains and smells out of the furniture, carpet and rugs affected by it. Whenever this happens, I use 950 Concentrate to clean it. It actually gets into the stain and breaks the bond of it, then it brushes right up with water. The reason you still have the smell is because parts of the stain are bonded into the material that the urination took place on. 950 will get rid of it - no matter how long it has been there.

I got it at an auto repair shop where they used the product to clean oil and grease stains off conctrete, as well as clean transmissions. It has tons of other uses too though. I used it to remove wall paint that spilled on the carpet and dried up. I had tried every other product you could think of, but it only smeared the paint into the carpet. By the time I got the 950 it was 6 months later, and it pulled the paint and all the smear marks out of the carpet. I used it once when I spilled an ENTIRE bottle of A1 steak sauce on my white carpet. Got every bit out. Actually, because it works so well I use it in a rug doctor twice a year - makes my carpet look and smell professionally cleaned. Plus it's non-toxic, so it won't get animals (or people) sick if they get into it.

I order it online now at www.amerikalstore.com.

Why can’t young children sleep next to babies under nine months of age?

Why can't young children sleep next to babies under nine months of age?

Mommies have special "mommy senses" where they sleep lightly and are subconsciously aware of their babies being next to them. This is one of the reasons that family beds are such a great idea with babies: mom can sense even in her sleep if something isn't right with baby. As long as Mom and Baby are safely co-sleeping, the risk of SIDS is dramatically reduced, and suffocation deaths are really minimal. The whole "co-sleeping" deaths happen when Mom or Dad is overly tired, medicated, drunk, high, sleeping on sofas, recliners, or water beds all night, or using too many blankets. Safe and planned co-sleeping is safe; unplanned and stupid co-sleeping is what's dangerous.

But, little kids sleep very soundly, plus they don't have the special Mommy Senses. They wouldn't be aware that Baby is next to them and could easily roll onto, over, kick, or pull blankets over Baby. An older baby who is really mobile would be able to roll, crawl, or climb out of the way or pull the blankets off, but a small baby couldn't. (That's also the reason why safe co-sleeping usually has Baby between Mom and the wall/edge of the bed than between Mom and Dad, since Dad sometimes would be about as aware of Baby as a small child would.

It is possible to have a family bed and do it safely with a baby and older child, though. This family side-carred their crib to make it an extension of the bed, and had Baby sleep there next to Mom. The older child slept between Mom and Dad, or next to Dad.

Do i not exercise my 10 month old dog enough?!?

Do i not exercise my 10 month old dog enough?!?

He is not doing things purposely to annoy you!!! Why did you pick this breed if you don't enjoy or want to meet his basic breed requirements on a daily basis? Seriously- he is 10 months and it's not too late to return him to the breeder where he's still young enough to be wanted quickly. A good breeder will have lined up back up homes.

Or you can at least speak to his breeder about this problem!

Btw not to be insulting but his meal times really aren't that challenging - a Kong or treat ball every time is no challenge now it's just a way to make his kibble last longer. He's figured out the challenge already so there is none. Having him work for his kibble in training or agility is a challenge.

ADD - Read some of your posting history. It seems like one problem after another with this dog (lord knows we have ALL been there and this isn't any way to define a good or bad owner) but through all these problems one thing stands out: you're annoyed, fed up, not enjoying it..at all...because even in the calmer times, as you said, you're just dreading the next problem. I really really encourage you to speak to the breeder, or do some soul searching if you even want this dog or any puppy at this time. After you did those 2 things and if you decide to keep him, this is a great opportunity to teach yourself a lot of PATIENCE!!! Dog breeds you know have different personality traits..some people might find my favorite breed, the JRT, very annoying but I laugh at their antics. Where you want to be is at a point where you love this breed so much that you are laughing at the antics too, while still being consistent, fair and firm in training and diligent in exercise. Because right now I doubt your puppy is feeling good either...because he knows how you feel he can smell the negative emotions and stress hormones.

Sometimes puppies don't know how to relax. I had this trouble with my younger dogs. I would come in from a lot of exercise and they'd be bouncing off the walls still and I can tell you before I knew how to handle it I could have screamed especially if they were dirty from coming in and I needed them to sit calm while I cleaned them off.

Well they just needed me to stay calm and to learn how to calm down after a lot of excitement...that's not easy for many young dogs (or humans!)

When you feel anger rising, remind yourself he doesn't know how to calm down yet, his brain and body are still developing. When you dread, try to force yourself to think about something else. I know that sounds "too easy"...but he's doing excellent in obedience so the way to fix it is just about how you react to his breed personality and being a puppy.

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