National Personal Trainer Awareness Month on January, 2025: How should I do this?

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How should I do this?

I can't answer your question without knowing much more about you, your goals, your resources, your age, etc. However, if you're serious about your fitness program you will need a trainer and that trainer will need to be YOU. In the beginning you may want to use a personal trainer to help you get started. However, over the long term you'll want to lean about anatomy, kinesiology, fitness training, diet & nutrition, etc. because you are and always will be the most important steward of your health.

There is a lot of information on the internet to help you learn what you'll need to know. But much of it is bad information propagated by commercial greed, mythologizing faddists, pop memes, etc. So, use only reliable resources for information. The National Institute of Health has a good website which you should make your first stop for all things "health". You can find it at here: where you can use the search feature to jump off to other websites which have been reviewed by the NIH so you know they have information you can trust. Here's an example:

It crucial that you get off to a good start so do your best to get the very best advice. If you do, you'll see results soon and that will help you keep you motivated while you're learning how to build a better body on your own. Be sure to keep detailed records of your routine, measurements, weight, etc. so you'll have your own personal history to help you fine tune your program as you go.

Gyms are not supposed to be happy places. They're supposed to be places where you go to do difficult things. So, if you find you are enjoying yourself a lot and not experiencing pain and fatigue, you are doing something wrong. If however, you do burn and sweat during a workout, you are probably off to a good start. Just take it easy and give yourself time to develop and don't over train.

Remember fitness is about more than just gyms. It's about education, body awareness, coordination, flexibility, endurance, strength, proper diet, ample rest/sleep, and good mental health. Be smart. Educate yourself. Fitness begins with your brain. Make it for life.

Now, here's a word about a word....TONE. The term “muscle tone” seems to be a derivative of the word “tonus” which refers to the tension in a muscle at rest. In this sense, muscle tone is normal in youth and slowly deteriorates in old age when even well developed muscles become slack. A normal process of aging, there is little which can be done to improve tonus in a normal muscle without the use of drugs. Check out this photo.

As the word is commonly used, it seems to be a vague sort of reference to something including hypertrophy (increased muscle size) for a more robust appearance combined with the reduction of subcutaneous fat for improved muscle definition (cut or ripped). Hence, the term is vague at best in common usage and what it seems to express is something which can only come from a muscle building and dietary regimen.

It is possible that the word originated in the early days of bodybuilding (circa 1950s) when women feared that exercise with weights might build undesirable bulk into their physiognomy giving them a masculine appearance. In those days women may have used the word “tone” to simply mean they desired a firm, robust, and lean look but did not want the masculine characteristics exemplified by male body builders. Later, however, as bodybuilding became more prevalent, the myth of the male looking female was put to rest and we all now know that is only possible with women who take male hormone supplements.

Therefore, in the interest of clarity, it is wise to use words which accurately describe the state of the musculature intended as opposed to using the ambiguous word “tone”.

There's a lot of junk info on the internet especially in regard to diet and fitness. So, here are some excellent links to help you on the road to becoming your own personal trainer, fitness guru, diet planner, nutritionist, and all around good steward of your health for life.

Here are some links you may find helpful along the way.

NIH - this is the Mother of all Health websites and comes to you from the US National Health Institute...the watchdogs of American's health. It has a ton of high quality information for you. Use the search feature and then dig into the search results. If you don't find what you want, try different key words. Some of the info is too technical for general consumption so keep looking and you'll likely find what you want in a more easy-to-understand format. -->

Good luck!!

Why do people look down on me, and view me differently because of a disability? I’m confused, (UK)?

Why do people look down on me, and view me differently because of a disability? I'm confused, (UK)?

wishing u much support and help.....

these people are bullying u and are the ignorant and clueless there any way u can avoid them ...

any detrimental comment is an attack on ur self esteem ...

fight fire with fire

do not let anyone get away with insulting u

learn martial arts

keep the volunteer work going ...

learn positive affirmation

and assertiveness

try Spiritual healing ,Seichim and Reiki healing

This is the application of spiritual energies to the effect of helping people on all levels of their being .

That includes

Your mental well being

Your emotional well being

Your physical well being

Your spiritual well being .

There are millions of these therapists around the world and people travel from far and wide to them .Billions of people have been helped from these therapies .

And like all therapists there are good and not so good and some specialise in certain conditions like the physical and some do the mental etc .It is important to find the therapist which suits your complaint .

But you must bear this in mind all healing comes under what is known as spiritual law =you will be healed to the extent that you have earnt .ie your karma –the reaping and sowing of all deeds done 0ften from past lives .And what you are doing for the service of others in this life .

Thus you may easily two people with the same complaint go for healing and only one of them gets healed .which is why voluntary work is vital for your healing.

You must Find good therapists in your area /and a good spiritualist church who often give their services for free as an offering to the divine .

All you do is usually sit down in a comfortable chair and relax and think good loving thoughts –the healer may or may not place their hands upon you .That depends on how they are working .

You can even put your names healing books where believe it or not healing is sent to you by thought and that can be very powerful as well.

Spiritual healing -- study the healing of harry edwards google search

Harry Edwards recalled the case of a young man who, accompanied by a lady, was brought to me for healing. He was in great pain and eaten-up with arthritis. As the healing proceeded, so his pains left him, and his joints began to loosen and become free. When I had finished treating him, it was a real delight to see how wonderfully glad he was to be able to use his legs, feet, arms and hands again... and then he told me: "When I came here, I was convinced no one could help me, and I came only to please my Aunt, who brought me."

You worked a miracle with his father when he was very ill 1983-84 when I wrote to you, but you will be pleased to know he is now working for the Council and lives a fairly normal life.

I's report is complete - he is 100% fit and will have no trouble in resuming his sporting activities -considering the first reports, this is a miracle. I do not know how I would have managed without your wonderful help.

You and the late Harry Edwards helped me so often and indeed I am still pressing on 18 years after I was expected to die from my last bout of cancer.

I wrote to ask for healing for my sister who was to undergo an operation for aneurysm in the aorta. Her operation was very successful. After 1 day in intensive care and 2 days in progressive care she was back in her own room and has done extremely well. She was allowed home after 7 days when she had been told to expect to be in hospital for 10 to 15 days. Everyone was amazed at her recovery and the surgeon told her she had been a perfect patient. I feel sure the absent healing and our prayers were to a great extent responsible for this wonderful recovery and I thank you most sincerely for your help.

I thought perhaps you would like to have a record of the people you have helped during the time I have been sending reports. M.L. -angina, complete recovery. D. L. -duodenal ulcer, complete healing. B.L. - Angina, complete recovery. P.D. - Leukaemia - apparent full recovery.

On behalf of my mother, daughter and myself may I thank you for the lovely day at your Sanctuary last Tuesday. My mother is so much better it is truly amazing. She can stretch out her arms and even raise them to her head and her walking is much stronger. My daughter was very impressed, too. 1141/6

Should I be thought of as those nasty names and be looked down upon, for a disability? (UK)?

Should I be thought of as those nasty names and be looked down upon, for a disability? (UK)?

I really don't know how you can be considered to have a learning disability with such an impressive CV but even if it were true then it is incredibly cruel and crasse for your own family to call you names. The compositition of your email is so complex and well written that i find it hard to believe you when you say you have a disability.

But even if you do have learning difficulties, surely your family should support you and not take away your self-esteem ? Have you thought about going to a Social worker and asking her to intervene on your behalf and telling your family how much this is upsetting you .

Good luck

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