Walk Your Dog Month on January, 2025: 11 Month Old Dog Scared to WalkPees in My Room?

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11 Month Old Dog Scared to Walk/Pees in My Room?

Your dog might be a little stressed or overwhelmed by having a sudden change in the environment. There's also a chance your dog is forgetting to pee while being outside, considering the dog's age. Being young, your dog might be excited and forgets. However, because it seems he is afraid of the outdoors, I would say that he's not too excited. But he goes poop because he might feel a tummy ache when he needs to go. When you go outside with your dog for a walk, try and praise him as much as possible to teach him that the outdoors is a good place to be. As soon as you walk outside praise him. But do not praise when he is running in front of you. Have you trained him to sit/heal? If so, get him to sit and praise him. Then say walk. Then if he doesn't walk and he just runs, have him heal and repeat the process. Puppies are pretty quick at picking up things. I know you said he didn't seem interested in the treats. Try using human food. I typically use chicken. Chicken has had the best result in training. Have a bunch of shredded chicken with you, so when we does what you want him to do praise and give him chicken. I don't know if you have ever heard of clicker training, but it is a very effective way to train your dog. Click, and treat. That way he learns that the clicker noise means he'll get a treat. Before using the clicker, you have to train him to get use to the clicker if you are going to use it. Once he does something good like sit, heal, or whatever positive thing you wanted him to do click and treat. And repeat until you think he learns what that noise means. You could use it on the walks also. However, you can also eliminate the clicker if you do not want to use it. But I really suggest using chicken as positive reinforcement. With your story, your dog may be also afraid of dogs being outside. Just in case this might be it, you should train the dog to like dogs. Have one of your friends' or family members' dogs help you in this training. What you do is have your dog stand on one side of a field, park yard, room, etc. and have the other dog stand on the the opposite side of the area. Then move the dog closer and closer to the dog. If your dog starts to tug towards the dog, walk the other way. And repeat that process until your dog doesn't tug the leash anymore. And definitely praise the dog once he is able to be by the dog. That training is what I would want you to do first, just to be safe that your dog has no dog aggression. Then, have the 'helper' have their dog walk on one side of an area (like before, when you are on side and the other dog is on the opposite side) and as soon as your dog sees that dog say something like 'Look boy, there's a dog. Yay. Dogs are good.' And praise your dog when he sees another dog, unless he growls. Give him a piece of chicken (or whatever you prefer) every time the other dog passes into view, showing your dog that it is a good thing to have another dog. If you have any question, or if you are confused on anything, feel free to email me at jenniferfer93@yahoo.com.

walking your dog ?

walking your dog ?

I think 15 to 25 min. is good but i would try to slow your 10 month old yorkie down a bit.

You could also try walking them both 15 min. and then take your 6yrs old dog back to your house and walk your 10 month old yorkie for a little longer.

Please suggest some good exercises apart from walks for my german shepherd dog. hes 4.5 months old

Please suggest some good exercises apart from walks for my german shepherd dog. hes 4.5 months old .?

25 kgs at 4,5 months old sounds a bit heavy. You should be able to feel a faint outline of his ribs when you run your hands along his sides under the fur. If you can do that, then he's fine, probably just a bit big for his age.

Did you get a penn hip test of his hips? If it was done by regular x-ray, then the results of these are not reliable until the dog is 1-2 years old.

Even if his hips are fine at 4,5 months old, then hip dysplasia is one of these issues where both genetics and environment play a part, so no long on-leash walks at this age (a rule of thumb is 1 minute per week of age per walk, and up to 3 walks a day, so for your puppy it will be something around 18 minutes walk at a time), and also try to keep him for excessively jumping and walking on stairs. German Shepherd Dogs is one of the breeds prone to hip dysplasia so it is better to be safe than sorry and take a few extra precautions.

And yes, don't give him milk, as you've learned. In general if the vet gives questionable advise, get a second opinion.

Once he grows up it will likely be impossible for you to cover his exercise needs through physical exercise. I have a high-active breed myself (more active than a German Shepherd Dog), and I work with mental exercise. That is training, teach your dog general obedience, tricks etc. Clicker training especially is good for tiring out dogs, as this kind of training requires that they think for themselves. Also other brain work such as searching for treats, food dispensers where the dog has to work to get out the food etc. If you have a place where you can lay out scent trails then that is also brilliant exercise for a dog.

Swimming is good, but if you don't have anywhere to go swimming with the dog, then it is not a must. My dog doesn't like swimming, so we never go. :)

As for diet. I would say get an even better diet than royal canine. In general you want a food with a high meat content and a low grain content. These foods are expensive, but it is worth it. Usually they also need a little less of the high-quality food because it contains less fillers. German Shepherd Dogs are also prone to allergies, and if your dog is one of these, then a good quality kibble could save you the money for vet bills.

All the best with your dog.

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