Bath Safety Month on January, 2025: Bath Time Safety?

January, 2025 is Bath Safety Month 2025. Bathroom Safety‎ Be Prepared With Walgreens 24 Hour Ready Response, Senior Alert System

Bath Time Safety?

If she enjoys the bath, tell her "don't touch! If you touch, mommy will take you out of the bath!" If she begins to mess with the faucet, promptly remove her from the bath and put her in time out. Tell her "mommy said don't touch, if you touch the faucet, you'll go to time out"...continue to do this EVERY TIME that she touches the faucet. It will be very tough at the beginning, especially having to lift her in and out of the tub, but if you are consistent with this, she WILL STOP touching the faucet. In the long run, it will be much less work for you, even if it increases your workload at the beginning. The key is to be consistent with removing her from the bath and putting her in time out every time she touches the faucet. This will only work if she enjoys the bathtub. good luck!

January is national what month in the US?

January is national what month in the US?

National Bath Safety Month / National Blood Donor Month / National Braille

Literacy Month / National Hobby Month / Hot Tea Month / National Oatmeal Month / National Soup Month


January is “Poverty in America Awareness Month”



National Book Month / National Diet Month / Prune Breakfast Month / Fat Free Living

Month International Coffee Gourmet Month /Dried Plum Breakfast Month / Bread Machine Baking Month / National Egg month / National Fiber Focus Month / National Mail Order / Gardening / Month / National Retail Bakers Month / Wheat Bread Month / National Eye Health Care / National Hot Tea Month National Volunteer Blood Donor Month / Oatmeal Month


January is . . . . National Careers in Cosmetology Month / National Fiber Focus Month

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Can I use a bath seat for my 4 month old?

Can I use a bath seat for my 4 month old?

I would think its fine. Every child is different, 6 months + is a guide, and as you say the baby wont be left alone. So go for it. If it makes your life easier. I have one very similar and I find that if a pop a small hand towel between the baby and the seat at the back it takes up a bit of the room so they don't move around so much.

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