National Pet Memorial Month on September, 2024: can i take my dog backpaking with me to Yosemite national park?

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can i take my dog backpaking with me to Yosemite national park?


If you choose to bring your pet to Yosemite, please abide by these regulations:

•Pets are only allowed

◦in developed areas

◦on fully paved trails and roads except trails signed as not allowing pets (pets are not allowed off the floor of Yosemite Valley, including the trail to Vernal Fall)

◦in campgrounds (except Tamarack Flat, Porcupine Flat, and walk-in campgrounds)

•Pets are not allowed

◦on unpaved or poorly paved trails, or trails signed as not allowing pets

◦on unplowed roads covered in snow

◦in Wilderness areas

◦on shuttle buses

◦in concessioner lodging areas

◦in Tamarack Flat, Porcupine Flat, and all walk-in campgrounds

◦in any group or horse camps

•Pets must be restrained on a leash not more than six feet long or otherwise physically restrained

•Leashed pets may not be left unattended

•For the courtesy of other visitors, human companions are responsible for cleaning up and depositing pet feces in trash receptacles

A few places where pets are allowed, contrary to the general prohibition regarding pets on unpaved roads: the Meadow Loop and Four Mile fire roads in Wawona, on the Carlon Road, and on the Old Big Oak Flat Road between Hodgdon Meadow and Hazel Green Creek.

These regulations protect both pets and wildlife from disease and each other. The National Park Service has prohibited pets on trails for many years. In particular, dogs chase wildlife, pollute water sources, and can become defensive and dangerous in unfamiliar surroundings. Pet owners have the burden to assure their pet does not damage the park values for others in those areas where pets are allowed.

DNC Parks & Resorts at Yosemite operates a dog kennel in Yosemite Valley from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Proof of current registration and written proof of immunizations (rabies, distemper, parvo, and Bordetella) must be provided. Dogs must be at least ten pounds and at least six months old. You can get more information about the kennel by calling 209/372-8348.

are hedgehogs good pets?please anwsere!!!!!!?

are hedgehogs good pets?please anwsere!!!!!!?

Telling you "every single detail" would fill several books. I am going to provide some references for you to consult and explain a few things. I am answering you presuming you live in North America, if not please let me know because i may have Additional information. Virtually all of the pet hedgehogs in North America are the descendants of some 80,000 Central African and Algerian hedgehogs that were rounded up in Nigeria, Niger, and Benin between 1991 and 1994. USDA placed a long quarantine on all African live animals coming into the USA in 1994, and that stopped the importing of hedgehogs. With the imports stopped as they were becoming "fad" pets, the price of a breeding pair went as high as $5,000. This brought in profiteers who started inbreeding like crazy to make money. Today, the descendants of those inbred hedgehogs are coming down with high rates of fatal hereditary diseases which often kills them quite young from cancer or paralysis similar to multiple sclerosis. In 1997 a registry (International Hedgehog Registry) was established to assist ethical breeders in only breeding from disease-free clear blood lines. So if you want a hedgehog that stands a very good chance to live a long hedgehog life (the life expectancy of a healthy hedgehog is 4 to 6 years)(although the official record is 10 years, 11 months and 11 days), I recommend getting one from a member of the Hedgehog Breeders Alliance (HBA), whose very long Code of Ethics, among other things, required them to only breed registered hedgehogs from clear blood lines. I would recommend against getting a hedgehog from any other source, including per shops, backyard breeders, wholesalers, or ANY breeder who does not register hedgehogs and can show a pedigree line.

So, the African hedgehogs in North America have been domesticated for several generations now and cannot survive in the wild, mainly due to temperature and predators. These hedgehogs come from the only two species that cannot hibernate and so must be kept at to degrees F or higher at all times,.

I have cared for over 300 hedgehogs long term for the past 15 years as a national rescue, and our resident population is usually 40 to 50 hedgehogs. They are delightful and zany little characters, and each one has a unique personality. Some are affectionate beanbags while others are "pricklebutts." Some are just plain goofy...Much if not most of the literature in print and on the Internet about these animals is outdated, erroneous, and/or harmful. An excellent new pet hedgehog care book was published in 2010 by Barron's called "Hedgehogs: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual" authored by veterinarian Sharon Vanderlip. It is available on all large Internet bookstores for about US$9.00. It will correctly answer virtually all of your questions. On our rescues web site we have a care instructions on the Little Flash page. Also, the International Hedgehog Association has a very informative bimonthly newsletter. Best wishes, Z. G. Standing Bear at The Flash and Thelma Memorial Hedgehog Rescue in Divide, Colorado USA

How to cope with losing a pet?

How to cope with losing a pet?

My heartfelt sympathy to you on the loss of the physical presence of your beloved furr-baby. But trust me her spirit is still with you and always will be. In the quietness, let yourself relax and you will feel her brush your leg, you may even see her out of the corner of your eye. Trust these events, that will be her letting you know she is okay.

Let yourself grieve and don't let anyone make you feel ashamed for your tears, telling stories about her, or any other method that you are using to cope with this major change in your life. People who are not animal people don't understand this loss, but it is very real. In fact, grief counselors believe that people grieve longer and harder over the loss of a pet than they do over a human family member.

Three weeks is just the beginning. This first year you will have all the 'first' events, her and your first birthday, first Christmas, first snowfall...all the times and events that were special to the two of you. These events will be hard, I know, so at these times, remember to talk to her spirit in your heart.

I have put some links below for pet loss. The first is a wonderful website with a lot of resources to help pet owners. They have a weekly Monday Candlelight Ceremony. You can write a memorial tribute to her. I have written tributes for each of mine at the bridge.

When you are ready, use your talents to do something special in her memory. Some ideas are to write poetry or stories, paint or have a portrait painted of her--especially if part of the fee for the painting will be donated to an animal charity, plant a tree, bush or flowers in a special place, make a picture collage or scrapbook (if you don't have already) of pics that you have from the time she was a pup until she transitioned.

Other ideas are to donate money or supplies to a local or national animal welfare group, volunteer your time if you can--they always need people to socialize kitties and walk dogs.

If you like to read, I can suggest several wonderful books on pet loss. I am reading one now that I can't put down. It's called 'Blessing the Bridge" by Rita Reynolds. Ms. Reynolds has a farm in central Virginia that has become a sanctuary to many ill and dying animals. Just reading her stories, you can feel the love and compassion she has for each animal and the reverence she has for life. Others are "I Will See You in Heaven" (I have the cat version); "Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates" and "Surviving the Heartbreak of Choosing Death for Your Pet".

Animals come to us to be our Teachers. I am sure you have learned so many lessons from your sweet furr-baby. I know after the loss of the second of my oldest kitties, and only 9 months after the oldest, I was desperate for relief for the pain in my heart. What those sweethearts hadn't taught me when they were still in body, they set me on the path to find after they went back to spirit. One of the books I have read and re-read is "Animals in Spirit" by renown Animal Communicator, Penelope Smith. I gave me a lot of peace.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Remember to be gentle with yourself during this time and to ignore callous remarks and actions from those that have not had the pleasure of the companionship of an animal and cannot understand that this is a true loss.

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