International Strategic Thinking Month on September, 2024: International Superhero Team. Are any of these names offensive?

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International Superhero Team. Are any of these names offensive?

The names are very creative and overall I think they're pretty good. I personally don't think about of them are blatantly offensive, but you might want to reconsider "Nuke" (Japan) and "Terror" (Kenya); maybe more so the former than the latter.

We are all aware of the hundreds of thousands of civilians that lost their lives in the nuclear bombings in Japan, and the name "Nuke" might be a bit insensitive. Considering it was "only" 68 years ago, the bombings had a lot to do with shaping modern Japan and there are still many people alive that witnessed them and their devastating effects.

Similarly, Kenya has been subjected to numerous terrorist attacks, some as recent as a few months ago, which have claimed thousands of lives over the years.

Again, that's just my personal opinion. If you do decide to change the names, I'm sure you'll come up with some good ones.

Why is Russia raising it’s strategic partrol missions to 20 - 30 a month!?

Why is Russia raising it's strategic partrol missions to 20 - 30 a month!?

This is because the USA just placed nukes in Poland and in an attempt to break Russia's sphere of influence, by trying to get Ukraine and Geogia to join NATO . This is natural. Increase defence to defend self against American tyrants-the way Putin thinks.

President Putin - Does he think our USA President Obama is Dumb?

President Putin - Does he think our USA President Obama is Dumb?

Quite the contrary, as a matter of fact. Vladimir Putin, an aging short man with a rather giant ego, has respect and even admiration for our twice-elected President Obama, and worked out a behind-the-scenes deal after their one-on-one talks at the G20 Economic Summit held in Moscow this month that was set up with great precision by both men to achieve the desired end---getting Bashar al-Assad to relinquish all chemical weapons in Syria to the UN for eventual destruction so that his friend al-Assad could "save face" after ordering the use of chemical weapons against civilians in his besieged country.

For his part, our Chess-Master-In-Chief Barack Obama (like fellow Leo Bill Clinton) is not ego-driven and also treats everyone he meets with courtesy and respect, even the meanest among the anti-Obama rightwing Republicans. President Obama realized once the sarin gas was used in violation of international law that there had to be a strong, timely, and credible response from the international community if international law is to have ANY MEANING at all, and he also realized that the U.S. has to RECLAIM its World-Leader status after the lawlessness of the Bush/Cheney administration that also violated international laws with the ILLEGAL invasion of Iraq and the subsequent TORTURE of Muslim detainees in violation of the Geneva Convention for which NO ONE in the Bush/Cheney administration had ever been "held accountable" (key term). Calling for military strikes upon ammo sites and other government strongholds in Syria and then publicly working to acquire support from the 169 other UN-member nations who had agreed upon the April 28, 2004 UN General Assembly Resolution 1540 (a universal ban on use of chemical weapons) was STRATEGIC and necessary, even though the real intent behind this call is to remove the weapons from Syria--weapons that both al-Assad and Putin denied existed (Putin had supplied many of them). Powerful chess move on President Obama's part, especially considering how very WAR-WEARY the American people are (including the President). The question the administration had planted at John Kerry's news conference to get the results desired: "Is there anything that Bashar al-Assad can do to prevent military strikes?" John Kerry's scripted reply designed to give an opening for Putin to play hero: "Yes, he can give up all of his chemical weapons to the UN" [dramatic pause]..."but he would never do that" (a chance to show up the powerful United States if al-Assad now makes this offer), and then Putin works with his friend al-Assad to "prove America wrong"---and a deal is made.

But how to now slow down the momentum for the military strikes call? Turn the decision over to the GOP-blocked Congress! MASTERFUL. Vladimir Putin respects the precision (and humor) of President Obama's highly brilliant mind, as he should.

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