Pleasure Your Mate Month on September, 2024: how much do ship mates make per month?

September, 2024 is Pleasure Your Mate Month 2024. Pleasure Your Mate Month Pleasure Your Mate Month

how much do ship mates make per month?

My ship mate doesn't make anything. (I wish someone would pay her.)

She just gets the pleasure of my company, along with free room, board, and travel. She only works at keeping her tan and keeping her finger and toe nails in french manicures. LOL

However, if you are talking of "Ship's Mate" as in USCG licensed... they will average about $75,000 a year. It is a long road ahead to get there however...

The link below will tell you how...

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Do You Believe, ’September is Pleasure Your Mate Month’ ? If ’Yes’, How would You Act on It? ?

Do You Believe, 'September is Pleasure Your Mate Month' ? If 'Yes', How would You Act on It? ?

Well heck fire DT i guess so cause i celebrated my 37th wedding anniversary yesterday.OH well as old as i am now foot it was just another day of the week and i was here alone for that occasion.Good luck DT with your sexy person.. HUN enjoy while you can.

Why does my nutered cat find pleasure in the arm of the couch?

Why does my nutered cat find pleasure in the arm of the couch?

Neutering at seven months isn't exactly the ideal age for a male cat to be neutered. Most of this time, they can be fixed at a very early age - say around 12 weeks. By neutering later, they can still pick up their sexually mature habits like marking territory and humping. Even if your cat was not showing signs of sexual maturity before the surgery, it is normal that he is exhibiting these behaviors. Most cats begin to sexually mature around 5-6 months of age.

Also, many cats will use the bathroom outside the litterbox when they are stressed out or upset. The trauma of the surgery may have upset him enough to cause him to not use his litterbox. Try to give him some space and leave the bathroom dark and quiet. He will need some time to adjust to the fact that his testicles are gone. When cats are neutered after they have become sexually mature, they are still aware of their urges. But, if the procedure is done early, they will never know the difference. The humping will most likely continue, but he is only doing it out of possesiveness. He is only showing that the couch belongs to him and no one else. As long as he is not spraying, this is not a problem.

If your cat continues to urinate outside the litterbox for the next couple of weeks, I would call the vet and ask them if there might be a problem. Also, watch his eating and drinking habits. Make sure they are normal. Also make sure his bowel movements and urination are normal in texture and color.

Any time you are concerned with your cats' behavior, you should call your vet. Phone consultations are always free - and then that way, you know for sure.

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