National Sewing Month on September, 2024: Since March is National Craft Month?

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Since March is National Craft Month?

What flavor(s) of crafting do you do?

Knit or crochet? Pastel rainbow scarf. 3-d flowers.

Sewing? A nice spring hat. Depending on the weather in your area, a sun dress in a spring-y fabric.

Can air national guard members on title 10 orders qualify for below the zone?

Can air national guard members on title 10 orders qualify for below the zone?


the answer to your questions is "technically" - but WHY ?

if you are on active duty orders, technically YES, you can go for BTZ and get promoted to Senior Airman. for those not familiar with BTZ, this is where A1C's can go before a board (BTZ) and if selected, can sew the SrA stipr on 6 months early. essentially is is an early boost in pay.

now i asked WHY for a reason. As i understand it, the national guard can promote everyone to E5 (Staff Sergeant) WITHOUT a manning documement - meaning everyone that has sufficient time in grade, time in service can be promoted to E5 - no exam, no WAPS test, and they don't have to have a 'staff stripe' available. so the guard can promote you to E4 without having to go through BTZ.

are you asking if you can get promoted 6 months earlier than the guard would promote you if you are on orders? yes, if you are on orders. are you downrange? it gets a little tricky for guard members down range.

the basic answer, yes, as long as you are in an active duty status, you are eligible to be considered for BTZ. will you get it though? it depends. there are a LOT of politics involved with boards like that and quite often those politics outweigh someone who may be better qualified. I sent one of my airman for the BTZ board, and this kid was SHARP. from top to bottom, he was an outstanding airman, college, volunteered, everything. his competition included a very laze female troop that happened to be a minority that was well-known for playing the race card to influence decision makers. wanna guess who got the promotion?

yep. games like that exist

Its National Poetry month, anyone have a poem 2 share?

Its National Poetry month, anyone have a poem 2 share?


Here I cry

So frozen inside

Behind this Mask

I truly hide

Emotions covered

With fake joy

Behind this Mask

Is not a toy

I seem so happy

And peaceful and kind

Behind this Mask

None of this you’ll find

I wear it to hide

You’ll never know

Behind this Mask

It’s sadness I sew

And late at night

It melts away

Behind this Mask

Emotions gone astray

Tomorrow I shall

Create a new one

Behind this Mask

A war never won

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