National Soccer Coaches of America Week on January, 2024: What should I do to become an excellent soccer player

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What should I do to become an excellent soccer player??

The best thing is live help from someone in person (coach)

The second is just as important: practice, practice, practice. That is what distinguishes European teams from teams like Guatemala, Central America. Guatemala has good players, but they practice less than 5 hours a week, and they are the national team of a 14 million person country.

PS: Nothing happens overnight or with magic.

The hollywood celebs should financially support a US soccer to arrange a strong the national team?

The hollywood celebs should financially support a US soccer to arrange a strong the national team?

USA already plays soccer better than England they have beaten England in World Cup competition and in the last World Cup they won their group which included England. The USA made the quarterfinals and England and Mexico did not. France and Italy did not make it out of the groups in 2010.

3 weeks ago Mexico beat Brazil 2-0 in Dallas Texas before a crowd of over 100,000 fans which kills your theory of lack of support for football in the USA as MLS Soccer teams attract larger crowds than the NBA does. Many European and South American players are coming to America to play in the MLS and American nationals are doing well in the English Premier League, Bundesliga, and Serie A.

The USA now has an International Coach Jurgen Klinsman at the helm and the USA will do better than England in the 2014 World Cup.

Men’s vs Women’s soccer?

Men's vs Women's soccer?

As far as underdeveloped countries go, all the money they have probably goes into the men's football teams. So they can't pay enough to get good players and coaches for female teams. They probably also have more conservative cultures that expect women to marry, have children, and keep house.

In response to the statement that USA comes in dead last at every world cup. The USA doesn't come last in every world cup. At least we qualify to play in them and that's more than you can say for a couple dozen other countries. And as for the Women's World Cup, the USA has won twice out of the four that have been played. The fifth Women's World Cup is underway.

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