National Stamp Collecting Month on October, 2024: How are National Insurance contributions calculated, when you have a change in circumstances?

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How are National Insurance contributions calculated, when you have a change in circumstances?

Your NI stamps are paid whilst on JSA.

You should see on your payslips that NI is being taken from your wages each time you get paid under the deductions section along with your PAYE Income Tax.

If you don't have NI listed there you need to query it with your employer. They don't average it out at the end of the year. Your employer legally has to do PAYE each week or month, however often you are paid. If they don't you need to bring it up with them as you're being ripped off and then contact HMRC to notify them you haven't been paying your NI, you'll then owe them a tonne of money by April!

i forgot to collect immigration form after i entered in canada.?

i forgot to collect immigration form after i entered in canada.?

First and formost as a National of India you are required to obtain a Visitors Visa to Transit or to Visit Canada. Unless there are Political affiliations or Consular exemptions relating to your particular circumstances. Check your passport to verify that you have such a Visa within it. This will provide the details concerning your duration of Stay in Canada and any waivers etc pertaining to that. It should also provide an Immigration Client ID number which is unique to you and the Visitor Visa you obtained to enter.

Your Failure to obtain suitable immigration Status within Canad may become a very serious situation in these security enlightened times we now live in.

I suggest that you proceed with all haste to a telephone and call the Canadian Immigration Centre to ask for official advice relating to your Status in Canada.

CIC can be contacted on 1 888 242-2100

They are only open 8am - 4pm monday to friday.

or visit for more details.

Best of luck with your stay and with Immigration.

Where can you buy organic food in lancaster pa with food stamp?

Where can you buy organic food in lancaster pa with food stamp?

The $225 is to supplement your food budget, as I'm sure you are aware.

If the children are school age they should be getting free school lunches, maybe breakfast too, that should help.

If they are preschool, there is WIC.

You get it the same place you used your money to get it.

The EBT card does not require anyone to change their eating habits, budget issues aside.

Most all farmer markets take EBT.

When other people are forced to buy your food, they should have a right to - not be pleased.

I hear all about many of the "situations", and I have to tell you, most people would not be sympathetic to "most" situations, only a few.

41% of all food stamps household have zero net income, get the maximum food stamps because they have more allowable deductions than income.


Month after month, year after year.

Adults with more children they can feed live off welfare free school lunches, WIC, free housing, all with little or no effort of their own.

~ ~ ~

Myth :

Most welfare recipients are on benefits a short time.

Let me make that clearer.

At any one time 80% of any given caseload is chronic, repeat for one or more lifetimes.

80% of the money being spent at any one moment in time, is for the chronic, constantly needy, needy by choice, more than circumstances.

The other 20% comes and goes on a regular basis, in one door, out the other, never to be seen again.

At any moment in time, only 20% of the total, but over a long stretch (say five years), most of the ones helped were short timers, came and went, just like the myth says, most of the recipients on a short time,. . . . . . . but they only use 20% of the total funds available.

80% of the financial help available, goes to those ‘few bad apples.’

That does not sound like a good taxpayer investment to me.

It seems to me the lion share of the money should be spent on the temporarily poor, the poor by circumstances, more than choice.


Today’s antipoverty safety net is dramatically different from the one in place two decades ago when welfare reform was enacted. Rather than a safety net primarily dependent on cash assistance programs, as is the common perception, the current system is highly reliant on social service programs funded by government and delivered through community-based nonprofits. Annual public and private expenditures for social service programs today exceed total federal outlays for cash assistance programs like welfare, food stamps, and the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

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