Down Syndrome Awareness Month on October, 2024: down syndrome?

October, 2024 is Down Syndrome Awareness Month 2024. Caring for Caydence: Down Syndrome Awareness Month! October is Down syndrome

down syndrome?

One way of putting the awareness out there on Down Syndrome is through the media. I had a non-profit organization called

"A.D.A.Y." that I started up several years back. It was helping youths with alcohol, drugs and abuse problems. I called the local newspaper office and asked if they could help me put a story out on my new program. After I explained to them what it was about they did a story on it...with a follow up on it a few months later. I would give the local newspaper a try and see what they can do for you. The radio station is another place you might try. If you haven't done it already a web site on "Awareness on Down Syndrome." may be very beneficial. You may also think about doing up pamphlets and putting them in people's mailboxes, stores, etc. I hope that this bit of information helps you. I wish you the very best of luck!

Why do people wear ribbons during the ’down syndrome awareness month?

Why do people wear ribbons during the 'down syndrome awareness month?

It is all about raising awareness in order to educate more people about Down Syndrome rather than what a lot of people did back 40-50 years ago which was hide it away and ignore it.

We r proud families or friends of people with down syndrome who want to share the realities about it with everyone.

Wen is down syndrome awwerness?

Wen is down syndrome awwerness?


Down syndrome awareness month includes advocating for children with down syndrome to be included in school and community activities, highlighting their talents, giving them opportunities to show just how much they have to share.

Here's a website:

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