National Window Safety Week on April, 2025: Where can I find a list of appreciation and awareness months?

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Where can I find a list of appreciation and awareness months?

Full List of Awareness Dates


1-31 National Blood Donor Month

1-31 Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

1-31 Poison Prevention Awareness Month

1-31 Financial Wellness Month

4-11 Women's Self-Empowerment Week

7-11 National Thank Your Customers Week

17 Customer Service Day

21-27 Hunt For Happiness Week

25-31 NYC Restaurant Week

29 Chinese New Year


1-30 Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month

1-30 National Parent Leadership Month

1-30 Plant The Seeds Of Greatness Month

1-30 Library Lovers Month

1-30 Youth Leadership Month

1-30 National Weddings Month

1-30 Time Management Month

1-30 American Hear Month

1-30 Black History Month

1-7 Women's Heart Health Week

6 Ash Wednesday

6-13 National Patient Recognition Week

11-18 Heart Failure Awareness Week

12 Abraham Lincoln Birthday

12 NAACP Founded

14 Valentines Day

15 Susan B. Anthony Day

17 George Washingtons Birthday

18 Presidents' Day


1-30 American Red Cross Month

1-30 National Parent Leadership Month

1-30 Honor Society Awareness Month

1-30 Irish-American Heritage Month

1-30 National Athletic Training Month

1-30 National Caffeine Awareness Month

1-30 National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Month

1-30 National Clean Up Your IRS Act Month

1-30 National Collision Awareness Month

1-30 National Ethics Awareness Month

1-30 National Eye Donor Month

1-30 National Kidney Month

1-30 National Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month

1-30 National Nutrition Month

1-30 National Social Work Month

1-30 National Womens History Month

1-30 National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week

1-30 Poison Prevention Awareness Month

1-30 Steroid Abuse Prevention Month


1-30 Alcohol Awareness Month

1-30 Cesarean Awareness Month

1-30 Cancer Control Month

1-30 Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month

1-30 Jazz Appreciation Month

1-30 National Autism Awareness Month

1-30 National Child Abuse Prevention Month

1-30 National Infant Immunization Month

1-30 National Occupational Therapy Month

1-30 National Oral Health Month

1-30 Women's Eye Health and Safety Month

3 Sexual Assault Awareness Month Day of Action

3 National Public Health Week (Climate Change)

4-10 Brain Tumor Action Week

5 Kick Butts Day (Tobacco-Free Kids)

6 National Alcohol Screening Day

7 World Health Day

11 National D.A.R.E. Day

11 World Parkinson's Day

14 Children With Alopecia Day (Alopecia Awareness)

16-20 Consumer Awareness Week

16 World Hemophilia Day

17 National Stress Awareness Day

20 Passover

19-26 National Infant Immunization Week

20-26 National Window Safety Week

21-28 Administrative Professionals Week

22 Earth Day

23 Administrative Professionals Day

25-30 National Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Week

26 March for Babies (Walk America)


1-31 Haitian Heritage Month

1-31 American Stroke Month

1-31 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

1-31 Awareness of Medical Orphans Month

1-31 Family Wellness Month

1-31 Better Hearing and Speech Month

1-31 Better Sleep Month (Stress/Insomnia)

1-31 Clean Air Month

1-31 Correct Posture Month

1-31 Fibromyalgia Education and Awareness Month

1-31 Healthy Vision Month

1-31 International Victorious Woman Month

1-31 Lyme Disease Awareness Month

1-31 Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month

1-31 Motorcycle Safety Month

1-31 National Arthritis Month

1-31 National Athsma and Allergy Awareness Month

1-31 National Cancer Research Month month

1-31 National Celiac Disease Awareness month

1-31 National Hepatitis Awareness Month

1-31 National High Blood Pressure Education Month

1-31 National Mental Health Month

1-31 National Neurofibromatosis Month

1-31 National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month

1-31 National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

1-31 National Preservation Month

1-31 National Shoes for Orphans Month

1-31 National Stroke Awareness Month

1-31 Older Americans Month (Senior Citizens Month)

1-31 Skin Cancer Awareness Month

1-31 Tuberous Sclerosis Awareness Month

1-31 Women's Health Care Month

1-31 Ultraviolet Awareness Month

1 May Day

1 Ascension Day

1 Law Day

1 Loyalty Day

1 World Athsma Day

1 National Anxiety Disorders Screening Day

3 National Day of Prayer

3 United Nations World Press Freedom Day

3 Kentucky Derby

4-10 Brain Tumor Action Week

4-10 Be Kind to Animals Week

5 Cinco de Mayo

8 World Red Cross Day

8 VE-Day Anniversary

10 World Lupus Day

11 Pentecost

11 Mother's Day

12-16 National Neuropathy Week

12 World Fair Trade Day

12 International CFS Awareness Day

12 National Women's Check-up Day

14-25 Cannes Film Festival

15 Peace Officer Memorial Day

18 HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

19-25 Recreation Water Illness Prevention Week

24 National Schizophrenia Awareness Day

26 Memori

Quick release for window burglar bars?

Quick release for window burglar bars?

You should rethink your plan. But the bars on the windows that have to have them, that are out of site of the road. But not the windows that are facing the road. Trim back plants to remove a hiding place around your home on the outside for anyone.

The bars that you put outside should be drilled thru the walls and on the inside put a release pin. no bolts need, and a spacer and springs to keep it tight up to the house.

Drill the 3/4 inch bolts with a 1/8 inch pin. Get the type with the clip or button release, add a washer and paint it the color of the walls and if you feel it is needed hang a curtain over the area.

as for smoke detectors and fire prevention:

We have a top of the line system, it's called Master Guard. battery protection and then a CO2 and heat and also in the attic and garage and hot tub rooms. The system cost us about $3000.00 dollars, but the safety of our home and those in it are very important to us. Remember to change the batteries too. We do our four times a year.

, or ever three months on the last day of the month. A dead battery is no good to you at all.

Also I would say to invite your local fire marshall out to go over fire safety with you and your neighbors in a local meeting you can set up at a school and get all of this help for free.

One more thing to add to your home is a sticker, it reads;

This home is protected by Smith and Wesson three days a week. goody luck. a few National Rifle Assoc. stickers will never hurt.

what are the safety measure for typhoons?

what are the safety measure for typhoons?

Have plenty of drinking water on hand for every person in your house in case the water is not able to be used, some water also for bathing.

Have canned foods on hand because the electricity may go out for weeks at a time.

Extra supplies of batteries for things like radios and such, a weather type radio if available where you are.

Wood and such to board up the windows in your house to protect it from the strong winds.

A bag packed with clothes, most important papers such as like a deed to the house, money to help in case you have to go away from your house when they call for evacuation. Make sure to go somewhere that allows for pets if you have them so that the pets are safe. Make sure you have all their food and medicines (and your medicines too if you are on any). Stash other important papers in to ziplock type bags and put them in places like the washing machine and dryer (frig also) because these units are hardy and will protect the papers and other valuables from being destroyed by a flood if that should happen during the typhoon.

Make sure your car has gas in the tank so you can leave when told to do so if called for.

If you must leave make sure to turn off the electricity at the circuit board or something similar. This is done to make sure that if there is a flood that there won't be any sparks flying to cause a fire because water and electricity don't mix.

You can also find additional tips from your country's national weather service or the city you live in.

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