International 3-D Week on January, 2024: D Week - TNA Beats ECW In Ratings This Week.?

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TNA Beats ECW In Ratings This Week.?

Yes! This is great. I knew TNA could do it. I guess people are realising Vince's trying to make you suck his penis isn't the way. Aside from that, iMPACT on 6/19 was a great show. I loved that segment between Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt. I wish I could've seen more. The Guns vs. Team International caught my eye. Kaz vs. Alex Kozlov was good. If Alex Kozlov avoids WWE, I see a very bright future for him. Finally, the main event. AJ Styles and Christian Cage vs. Team 3-D. Fantastic! I've never, in my life watching wrestling, have ever seen a tag team match look so good. Hell, I've never seen a tag match in the main event look good. Great match! I'd give this iMPACT! a 7/10. It was great! If TNA can beat ECW CONSISTANTLY, I see iMPACT! going for SD!.

The largest goods imports of the United States (in dollar volume) are:?

The largest goods imports of the United States (in dollar volume) are:?


2.dont know


4.a because of jimmy carter


EWF presents rebellion week 2?

EWF presents rebellion week 2?

Rate: 9/10, with contstant action, no pointless segments and a strong main event.

Stars: not sure what u mean about this?

Fav Match: Probably the main event, with alot of star power and a nice finish

Superstar of the Night: Probably RVD, it's a strong win over the IC Champion

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