Million Minute Family Challenge on September, 2024: What Are Some Sims 3 Challenges andor Family Ideas?

September, 2024 is Million Minute Family Challenge 2024. Spotlight On: Million Minute Family Challenge the Million Minute Family

What Are Some Sims 3 Challenges and/or Family Ideas?

Legittly making a million dollars without cheating is a long project

taking care of a family of 8 is one of the longest and hardest things I've ever done :) You spend 10 minutes just assigining the next thing they need to do for the next hour to make them happy -_- it's insane

They put it because they want fast answers I answered this girls question that put that and after I gave her a legit answer she deleted the question and I didn't get shit. Yea. It's... Great the greatest part is she turned out to be a justin bieber fangirl got cheated by a justin bieber fangirl is my favorite!

For 50 million dollars would you do this?

For 50 million dollars would you do this?

There's a 12% chance of picking the wrong door 20 times in a row and a 1% chance of picking the wrong door 65 times in a row. Sound easy? If you're running 100m every 19 seconds, you're running a mile every 5 minutes 5 seconds. You need to be in shape to run a five minute mile once, let alone 2 or 3 times back to back. Every 16 wrong doors is another mile of running. The probability of failure is far too high to take a chance like this, so I wouldn't.

How do you feel about the $170 million spent on Obama’s inaguration?

How do you feel about the $170 million spent on Obama's inaguration?

Obama had a chance to show his sincerity and he blew it. He proved to be a social climber and a status seeker and he also refused to apologize for it. Had I been elected President and I was facing these challenges, I would have asked my finance people to get me the prices for all these hooplas and then I would have addressed the people on the capitol steps explaining what it would cost for all the "fun" and "games" at the people's expense. Then I would have immediately placed that money in a fund for the people -- to be used for health care, food, mortgage help, etc. I would have taken my oath of office on the Capital steps in a 15 minute ceremony and I would have worn my old coat and my best suit from my closet and kept the costs at a minimum. I also would have explained that at a time when all citizens are making supreme sacrifices and are being taxed and priced out of their homes and are being outsourced out of their jobs that it would be important for a President and his family to be on good terms with average americans instead of pay to play politicians.

When Obama said his election trumped another person, he proved his arrogance and his anti-Americanism. Furthermore, he has refused to upohold the Constitution of the USA both as Senator and now as President when he fails to require that the immigration laws be enforced and that voter registration roles be checked for fraud. When he demands that our private medical records be placed on line, he is violating our fourth amendment right to be secure in our persons place and possessions and he has actually promoted the seizure of our most important asset -- our good name and our records and our privacy! Obama is, in my opinion, a traitor and his spending will continue to prove him one. He refuses to take care of U.S. Citizens and insists on taking care of foreign-owned banks and cow-towing to economic terrorists who want our identities and control of our individual finances! I don't trust him.

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