Self Improvement Month on September, 2024: Self improvement?help?

September, 2024 is Self Improvement Month 2024. Self-Improvement-Wordle_2.png This month is Self Improvement

Self improvement?help?

I think it's awesome that you're seeking self-improvement, and you certainly are on the right track. An important first step in accomplishing your goals is to 1. generate a list of them, and that's what you've done! To help you further along your goals, below are some things to consider that may or may not be helpful to you:

2. Realize that not all goals are created equal. Ask yourself, do my goals involve changing things that are in my control? Are they realistic? If so, you can move to the next step: prioritize.

3. Which of these goals could you tackle to obtain an immediate improvement? Which goal might be the easist to accomplish? Which goal might help you to avoid a major problem or crisis? These kinds of questions help you determine the urgency of some goals over others.

4. When you got that straightened out, you can try to identify and address any obstacles that might get in the way because you want to set yourself up for success! You'd want to remove those barriers before you seriously tackle your main goals.

5. Once you've tackled/removed any obstacles, then you can get down to breaking your goals into smaller steps, if that helps, and usually it does ;). Sometimes our goals can be very general, ideal, and abstract, and that's when they tend to overwhelm us. For example, getting straight A's in one quarter. That's a great goal, but very broad! What would you need to do for that to happen? Go to tutorials after school 2x/week? Review your notes for 30 mins every day? Create a timeline for assignments?

6. Next, you'll want to keep track of any positive changes so that you'll know whether your approach is working for you. What would be different in your life if you're making progress? Can you think of 1-2 things that you'd be doing/feeling differently? It really helps to visualize the success you want to be, and especially to give yourself credit for the little and big changes.

I think you have the answers for what you need to do to accomplish your goals. Keep asking yourself the right questions! Good luck!

Self improvement?

Self improvement?

It seems to be quite common as it is a temporary and chosen lifestyle.

Focus on your main goal and let the rest come alone. Start building your own social network, you need it now but more importantly you'll surly need such building skills later on!

.. and yet I bothered answering you :)

Here is a self-improvement oriented blog:

Paxil & Self-Improvement?

Paxil & Self-Improvement?

Paxil will alleviate a chemical imbalance in your brain which many experts believe is responsible for causing anxiety. It should have no effect on using self help programs. If anything, it will make the self help programs more effective because you will be able to concentrate more on what the program is meant to be doing.

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