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2010 Sturgis Rally Review

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is an American motorcycle rally held annually in Sturgis, South Dakota, usually during the first full week of August.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?

Sturgis is for the Harley lover in all of us. The problem is not all of us are Harley lovers and if we are we like them in moderation. In my opinion Strugis has three different kinds of Harley riders:

1) The 20+ set who used all their money to buy a bike and get to Sturgis. They are there for the women, beer and drugs. An occasional race is thrown in for some testosterone lifting.

2) The 35+ set who realize that the dreams that they had as 20 year olds have not surfaced. In desparation to be 20 again they buy a Harley (Usually a Hogg with full chrome) and try to fit in at Sturgis. You'll see them leaning against their bikes cause their backs hurt.

3) The 50+ set who have retired and have always wanted a Harley. Most of them have sidecars and air conditioning.

Throw all of these groups together with the outcast group that didn't come on Harleys and you have Sturgis. Now add the women who either came with them or want to go home with them. Stir in some dust, loud exhaust, loud music, tattoo shops, alcohol and you are there.

Check out some of the youtube videos on Sturgis to get a better idea.

Note - If I were in your shoes I would skip Sturgis and let him go alone. Some men need to go as a right of passage. Or try to go for just an hour or so in the morning before everyone is drunk and the games begin.

Good luck to you!

Australian travelling to Sturgis Motorcyle Rally?

Australian travelling to Sturgis Motorcyle Rally?

If you are planning on flying to the US and renting a bike to ride to Sturgis, I would think that Denver would be your best bet. It's about a 400 mile ride from Denver to Rapid City South Dakota and you can ride along side the Rocky Mountains for a bit of it. The reason I say Denver is they have an international airport and several Harley dealerships from which you should be able to rent a bike. You can most likely find some place closer but you are most likely going to go though Denver or Chicago and Denver is much closer to Sturgis than Chicago.

In Sturgis you would probably want to camp at Bufflao Chips camp ground. They have different packages available so you should check their web site. They even have a package where they supply you with a tent and sleeping bag if you don't want to haul those around with you.

The Black Hills region of South Dakota is a beautiful area. Major sights to see, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, Devil's Tower in Wyoming and The Badlands.

Australian travelling to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?

Australian travelling to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?

There is a place that rents Harleys in Sturgis on Junction Ave. where the old A&W used to be. (I don't remember name) There are also several bike rentals in Rapid City (Sturgis does not have commercial airport), and some may even have airport pickup. I would try the Harley shop or Rice Honda (this is not a joke actual name) or even the Chamber. The problem with this is that you will need to make reservations as most rentals are taken during Rally, same with Motels and some campgrounds.

Camping ranges from being on USFS land with no amenities to campgrounds with everything including beer sales and all nite bands. Buffalo Chip is the best to party but you cannot get much sleep.

Also while here try to see:

Jackpine Gypsies will be in Veteran's Club on Main St. (get rally patches here)

The Motorcycle Museum at Junction and Main in Sturgis (fee charged)

Fort Meade Museum (5 miles from Sturgis and $4)

The Wall of Death (American Motor Drome)

Mt. Rushmore (charge for parking)

Iron Mtn Road (near MT Rushmore)

Spearfish Canyon

Custer State Park (ent. fee)

Needles Hwy (in Custer State Park)

Devil's Tower (US park pass req.)

Badlands (US park pass req.)

Deadwood (gambling Casinos)

Hill City (gun fights and 1880s train rides)

Also check out things to do in Rapid City (too many to list)

Oh yeah don't forget rain gear and cold weather gear if riding in the Hills

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