Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week on August, 2024: Pet baby bunnies homeless.?

Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week 2024. Pets of the Homeless Donate pet food at our

Pet baby bunnies homeless.?

At three weeks they'll probably be significantly more self sufficient than newborns but you'll still need to monitor and feed them.

what is the BEST puppy food to feed to a litter of puppies?

what is the BEST puppy food to feed to a litter of puppies?

Feeding your pups is up to you. I have a Heeler mix who will be 2 this August but when I got him at a pup at 5 weeks old (I know, young) I fed him royal canin for a few weeks then switched him to Purina Puppy Chow until he was 13 months old and now he's on dog chow. He's perfectly healthy. I do feed him table scraps a lot but only fruits, vegies, and meat. Any time I take him to a vet they say he's one of the healthiest dogs they've seen. They might just be brown nosing, I don't know but either way he's never been sick. He has had tummy aches from meat bones but I stopped feeding him those.

My dog did fine on Purina but I didn't give it to him until he was around 12 weeks old. We had a big bag of royal canin though so he had to finish it first.

They're your puppies not the puppies of yahooflamers.

Homeless people feed their dogs as much dog food as they can. Those dogs get scraps all day so homeless peoples pets try their hardest to get dog food and it's usually purina because it's very affordable. Those dogs might be a little skinny but other than that they're healthy.

Also, I've never had a litter of puppies but why feed the mommy dog puppy/baby food? They make food for lactating mothers you know.

What do I feed these 3 week old kittens?

What do I feed these 3 week old kittens?

Thanks for being so kind to take care of this cat family. Fortunately the mother at least did take care of her babies at first so they got their mother's colostrum and were able to nurse for the crucial first weeks and probably got lots of stimulation of their nerves and muscles from her licking them . That puts them way ahead of the curve in front of abandoned newborns .

Here is a site with a lot of information about raising kittens incl a recipe you can make yourself.

The kittens may still need to be stimulated to urinate and defecate so do that after each feeding unless/ until you see they are going on their own. And even then they'll still need to be cleaned.

You can soon start trying to get them interested in some canned food (it should either say specifically it is for kittens, or for all life stages; (the latter applies to some of the higher quality foods that have high enough nutrients for kittens; kittens just eat relatively more of it) Many don't start eating until around 5-6 wks though so it is normal if they dont want it if you try earlier. Maybe put some on your finger and hold it under their nose so they can smell it, they might not get the idea but if you gently put a small amount on them in reach of their tongue

They're not getting immunity from their mother any more if she has stopped nursing. Keep them where they wont catch germs from stray cats, and you can get their first shots at 6 weeks, then every 3 or 4 weeks, for 2 more sets, so if it is every 3 wks they would be done at 12 wks, which is a good age for them to go to new homes. (if their mom were taking care of them, then i is best not to separate them before 12 weeks. but eveKittens who don't have their mother taking care of them but do have their littermates also would benefit from staying together until at least close to 3 months. dfs can go as early as 8 weeks, but it is still ith their littermates. for example they learn how to control their bite during play.

They can also be spayed or neutered before that, as long as they are healthy and the boys weigh 2 lbs and the girls weigh 2.5 lbs. That way you can be sure that in several months they won't be wanting to run off looking for mates, getting into fights, and exponentially increasing the cat population.

Here are some sites where you can look for a low cost place for the shots and speutering. Some local humane societies etc. have funds set up to help low income families get their pets fixed so they dont contribute to all the homeless pets, and in some cases it is VERY low cost or even free!

Good luck!

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