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Help with Japanese holidays/numbers/weeks/days/months/year/hours/minutes/katakana?


New Year's Day


January 1 This national holiday was established in 1948, as a day to celebrate the new year. New Year's Day marks the beginning of Japan's most important holiday season, the New Year season, which generally refers to the first one, three or seven days of the year. Although not prescribed by law, many workplaces are closed from December 29 to January 3. Prior to 1948, January 1 was a national holiday on which the imperial worship ceremony known as Shihō-hai took place.

Coming-of-Age Day


Second Monday of January This national holiday was established in 1948 as a day to congratulate and encourage people who have reached the age of majority [20] during the year. Cities and towns throughout the nation hold ceremonies for these people. Originally held on January 15, in 2000 it was changed to the second Monday of January in accordance with the Happy Monday System.

National Foundation Day


February 11 This national holiday was established in 1966 [and first held in 1967] as a day to reflect on the establishment of the nation and to nourish a love for the country. From 1872 to 1948, February 11 was known as Kigen-setsu, a holiday commemorating the day on which—according to the Nihon-shoki—Emperor Jimmu is said to have acceded the throne in 660 BCE.

Vernal equinox


Around March 21[1] This national holiday was established in 1948 as a day for the admiration of nature and the love of living things. Prior to 1948, the vernal equinox was an imperial ancestor worship festival called Shunki kōrei-sai.

Shōwa Day


April 29 This national holiday was established in 2007 as a day to reflect on the events of the Shōwa period. As the birthday of the Shōwa Emperor, April 29 was originally celebrated as a holiday during his lifetime. After the death of the emperor in 1989, the date continued to be a holiday under the new name "Greenery Day". In 2007, Greenery Day was moved to May 4, and April 29 took the name "Shōwa Day" in honor of the late Emperor. Shōwa Day marks the start of the Golden Week holiday period.

Constitution Memorial Day


May 3 This national holiday was established in 1948, to commemorate the day on which Japan's postwar constitution took effect. Constitution Memorial Day falls during Golden Week.

Greenery Day


May 4 This national holiday is celebrated as a day to commune with nature and be grateful for its blessings. Originally established in 1989 and held annually on April 29, in 2007, Greenery Day was moved to May 4, and April 29 was renamed "Shōwa Day". Greenery Day falls during Golden Week. [NB: From 1986 to 2006, May 4 was a holiday known as Kokumin no kyūjitsu in accord with Japanese law, which stipulates that any weekday that falls between two holidays shall also be a holiday.]

Children's Day


May 5 This national holiday was established in 1948, as a day on which to esteem the personalities of children and plan for their happiness. It is on this day that the Japanese equivalent of the Dragon Boat Festival is held. On this day, families who have a boy in their home may fly koi streamers and decorate their homes with armor or samurai dolls. Children's Day marks the end of Golden Week.

Marine Day


Third Monday of July This national holiday was established in 1995 [and first held in 1996] as a day of gratitude for the blessings of the oceans and for hoping for the prosperity of the maritime nation that is Japan. Originally held on July 20, in 2003 it was changed to the third Monday of July in accordance with the Happy Monday System.

Respect-for-the-Aged Day


Third Monday of September This national holiday was established in 1966 as a day to respect the elderly and celebrate long life. Originally held on September 15, it originated as a renaming of Old Folks' Day. In 2003, it was changed to the third Monday of September in accordance with the Happy Monday System.

Autumnal equinox


Around September 23[2] This national holiday was established in 1948 as a day on which to honor one's ancestors and remember the dead. Prior to 1948, the autumnal equinox was an imperial ancestor worship festival called Shūki kōrei-sai.

Health and Sports Day


Second Monday of October This national holiday was established in 1966 as a day on which to enjoy sports and cultivate a healthy mind and body. Originally held on October 10th to commemorate the anniversary of the opening ceremony of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, in 2000 it was changed to the second Monday of October in accordance with the Happy Monday System.

Culture Day


November 3 This national holiday was established in 1948. It commemorates the November 3, 1946 announcement of the Constitution. It is recognized as a day to celebrate peace and freedom and promote culture. [NB: Although prior to the establishment of this holiday in 1948, November 3 was also a national holiday called Meiji-setsu commemorating the birthday of Emperor Akihito was born on this day in 1933. [NB: Prior to the death of Emperor Hirohito in 1989, this holiday was celebrated on April 29. See "Shōwa Day" above.]

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This week: こんしゅう

Next week: らいしゅう

Last week: せんしゅう


January: いちがつ・一月

February: にがつ・二月

March: さんがつ・三月 

April: よんがつ・四月

May: ごがつ・五月

June: ろくがつ・六月

July: なながつ・七月

August: はちがつ・八月

September: くがつ・九月

October: じゅうがつ・十月

November: じゅういちがつ・十一月

December:  じゅうにがつ・十二月


Monday: げつようび・月曜日

Tuesday: かようび・火曜日

Wednesday: すいようび・水曜日

Thursday: もくようび・木曜日

Friday: きんょうび・金曜日

Saturday: とようび・土曜日

Sunday: にちようび・日曜日


This year: ことし

Next year: らいねん

Last year: ふるとし・きゅうねん・きょねん・さくねん

1st: ひとつ

2nd: ふたつ

3rd: みつ

4th: よつ

Used when counting people:

One/Alone: ひとり

Two/couple/pair: ふたり

AM and PM:

AM: ごぜん

PM: ごご

I think what you mean by irregular numbers is that they're prounounced differently when different numbers are added.

I'll try to explain the ones I can remember:

Mostly after "4" [if you count it as "shi" instead of "yon"], the other numbers that have a number "4" in them are prounounced "yon". So forty would most likely be prounounced as "yonjyuu" instead of "shijyuu".

Like 4, I believe most people use "nana" for 7, instead of "shichi" So for seventy, it would most likely be prounounced as "nanajyuu" instead of "shichijyuu".

Then, you have to remember that 3, 6, and 8 are prounounced differently when 100 is added.

100 is "hyaku"

200 is "nihyaku"

but 300 is "sanbyaku"

600 is "rokupyaku"

800 is "happyaku"

Then for 1000, 3 is prounounced differently

1000 is "sen"

2000 is "nisen"

but 3000 is "sanzen"


As for you "hi" and "ku", I can't really see anything wrong with them, they look pretty normal to me. However, you may have gotten a pickier teacher, so I'd just do as she says. However, they both look about the same, and in reality, no one will really notice unless you are really off. As for the "ha", the 2 curves cannot be too curved, it must be a bit stiffer, that is a big different because the katakana for "ha" can be confused with "eight" in kanji.

Ha: ハ

8: 八

It's not really noticeable through typing, but you can kind of see how the 8 is more curved while "ha" should be stiffer.

As for memorizing, I cannot really help you with these basic terms. These are the foundation for your later studies, and I believe the only way you could actually remember them is to cram them into your head.

The numbers just must be repeated endlessly until you can repeat it fluently, I cannot really explain or help you with memorizing this.

For the days, I shall do my best.

Usually, memorizing for me is based more on a type of feeling. For example, I'd just believe that Tuesday is "fiery" because the kanji and "ka" means "fire". Wednesday is the middle of the week, so I'd believe that it's a bit "calmer" and more like "water" which is the kanji and meaning of "sui". For Monday, just remember that "getsu" and the kanji means "moon" and Monday, the beginning of "Mon" is kind of spelled like "moon". Thursday is something I've crammed into my head. Friday is a happy, "golden" day, so the kanji and the meaning of "kin" is "gold". Saturday you could remember because you lie on the beach or something, and the kanji and meaning of "to" is "dirt". Sunday's kanji and meaning is "sun", so naturally, the day would be referred to as "Sun"day.

I'm not too sure about online games or programs, but www[.]freedict[.]com is a good English -> Japanese [Romanji]

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What movies to watch this week?

What movies to watch this week?

Action Movies:

1. Spider Man and sequel 2. Unstoppable 3. The Taking of Pelham 123 4. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World 5. Turbulence (kind of funny too) 6. 127 Hours 7. Rush Hour 8. The Tourist 9. Inception 10. Salt 11. The Italian Job

Crime/Mafia Movies:

1. Reservoir Dogs 2. The Lovely Bones (it got bad reviews but I thought it was pretty good) 3. Casino 4. Goodfellas 5. Ocean’s 11

Different/Independent/Quirky Movies:

1. Rushmore 2. The Darjeeling Limited 3. Delirious 4. Trees Lounge 5. Igby Goes Down 6. Ghost World

7. Little Miss Sunshine 8. According to Greta 9. Napoleon Dynamite 10. Paris, Je T'aime 11. Camille

12. Saint John of Las Vegas 13. Bottle Rocket 14. The Joneses 15. The Great Buck Howard 16. Heathers

17. The Marc Pease Experience 18. Youth in Revolt 19. Home Fries

Comedy/Goofy/Fun Movies:

1. The Brady Bunch Movie

2. A Very Brady Sequel

3. The Wedding Singer

4. Airheads

5. Big Daddy

6. Happy Gilmore

7. My Cousin Vinny

8. Heavy Weights

9. Good Burger

10. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

11. Spice World (for Spice Girl fans from 1990s/2000s)

12. Mr. Deeds

13. Pineapple Express

14. Vegas Vacation

15. The Waterboy

16. Meet The Parents

17. Knocked Up

18. Role Models

19. National Lampoons Vacation

20. National Lampoons European Vacation

21. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

22. Vegas Vacation

23. Home Alone

24. Home Alone 2

25. Jingle All The Way

26. Animal House

27. All About Steve (It got terrible reviews but I enjoyed it)

28. Dumb and Dumber

29. Malibu’s Most Wanted

30. Lottery Ticket (just ok, not great)

Family Movie/Classics:

1. Pollyanna

2. Richie Rich

3. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

4. The Trouble With Angels

5. Back To The Future

6. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

7. A Little Princess

8. My Dog Skip

9. How To Train Your Dragon

10. Fantastic Mr. Fox

11. Toy Story series

12. Coraline

13. Hey Arnold! The Movie

14. Jimmy Neutron


1. Slumdog Millionaire

2. The Young Victoria

3. Girl, Interrupted

4. 21

5. Stand By Me

6. Law Abiding Citizen

7. Catch me if you can

8. Apollo 13

Romantic Comedies:

1. She's All That

2. Picture Perfect

3. Kate & Leopold

4. When Harry Met Sally

5. Leap Year

6. Serious Moonlight

7. You've Got Mail

8. French Kiss

9. Easy A

10. Nick and Norah's Infinite Play list

11. You Again

12. Mean Girls

13. Valentine's Day

14. Definitely, Maybe

15. The Proposal

16. Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead

17. Adventures in Babysitting

18. The Hot Chick

19. John Tucker Must Die

20. New York Minute

21. Chasing Liberty

22. Notting Hill

23. What a Girl Wants

24. Confessions of a Shopaholic

25. First Daughter

26. Life as We Know It

27. Bridget Jone's Diary

28. Morning Glory

29. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton

30. When in Rome

31. Heartbreakers

32. Beauty and the Briefcase

33. Revenge of the Bridemaids

34. The Prince and Me

35. Did you Hear About the Morgans

36. Miss Congeniality

37. Sixteen Candles

38. Summer Catch

39. Whatever it Takes

40. Drive me Crazy

41. Bring it on

42. Can't Buy me love

43. She's Out of My League

44. Sex and the City

45. The Bounty Hunter

46. New in Town-kind of a cute movie

47. With Six you get eggroll

48. The Perfect Man

49. The Lizzie Mcgurie movie-if you were a fan of the show you will like it

50. Duplex

51. Over Her Dead Body

52. My Fake Fiancé

53. Maid in Manhattan

54. 50 First Dates

55. The House Bunny

56. On The Line

57. I Could Never Be Your Woman-it isn't that great but you will like it if you are a Paul Rudd fan

58. Uptown Girls

59. Little Black Book

60. Just My Luck

61. Love Wrecked

62. The Wedding Planner

63. 13 Going on 30

64. Secret Admirer

65. Along Came Polly

66. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

67. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

68. Bride Wars-some might like it


72. Clueless

73. Legally Blonde

74. How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days

75. The Women

76. Killers

77. Knight and Day

Romantic Dramas:

1. A Walk To Remember

2. About Last Night

3. Letters to Juliet

4. For Keeps

5. Charlie St. Cloud

6. Save the Last Dance

7. Riding in Cars with Boys

8. Lucas

9. The Last Song

10. Pretty in Pink

11. Sleepless in Seattle

12. Here on Earth

13. Dear John (I didn’t really like this movie but some might)

14. Remember Me (I didn’t really like this movie but some might)

15. Love Happens-if you are a Jennifer Aniston fan you will probably like it

16.The Notebook

Movies with Romance but not really a traditional romantic comedy/drama:

1. Groundhog Day

2. Mamma Mia

3. Sugar and Spice-cheer leading movie

4. Jawbreaker-Rated R high school black comedy

5. Election-Rated R high school black comedy

6. Mermaids

7. About A Boy

8. Adventureland

9. Flipped

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