Vegetarian Month on October, 2024: Vegetarian?!?

October, 2024 is Vegetarian Month 2024. Become A Vegetarian Vegetarian Recipes, Restaurants Starter Kit & More. Go Veg!


A vegetarian diet has a lot more than tofu and salad (I didn't eat tofu or salad until about 10 months after becoming vegetarian). I suggest you try some "mock meats". They taste really similar to meat, but don't involve the cruetly. You can try make vegetarian versions of your old meat dishes, such as vegetarian lasagne, vegetable pie, veggie hot dogs etc. (Tons of websites have millions of vegetarian recipes, if you type in something like "vegetarian lasagne" into google you'll find a lot of good recipes).

Vegetarian pasta and wraps taste great as well. I don't know, but you probably can still eat Ramen noodles.

Good luck

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i want to try going vegetarian this month?

i want to try going vegetarian this month?

Here's what you need to eat. Please make a note of the pulses and vegetables which I've mentioned. Apart from those mentioned, it would be beneficial to purchase fruits and vegetables which are native to your region so that you can formulate your own recipes in the future.

You need to make sure you eat pulses at least three times a week and fruits and vegetables everyday.

Have a fruit for breakfast(apart from something else of course) and vegetables/pulses for lunch and dinner.

Make sure you include ALL varities of fruits, vegetables, pulses, grains, nuts, seeds and dry fruits in your grocery list.

Don't eat mock meat and soybean as mock meat contains sodium and soybean is bad for health.

Mock meat is also soy based so too much soy can be bad for health.

Actually even a little soy is bad for health.

What's wrong with soy?

Soy beans are naturally toxic to humans, but they're harmless when they go through a fermentation process, which is how we get tofu.

But soy is being used in more and more things these days.

Just look through your cabinet. You'll be surprised.

Anyway, most companies aren't putting their soy beans through this process because it takes too much time, and time = money.

Instead, they put it through a chemical process, but this rarely gets rid of the soy's toxicity completely.

Symptoms of a high soy diet are thyroid problems, breast cancer, and other complications.

People get these symptoms because the soy they eat isn't fermented.


Mock meat can never be part of a staple diet(food what you eat everyday) as it is highly processed.

You CAN have it ONCE IN A WAY.

Its a luxury and not a need.

Now looking at a staple diet, You'll need to consume naturally occurring FRUITS,VEGETABLES(cauliflower,carrot, potato, beetroot, broccoli, okra, eggplant, radish, turnip, cabbage, bitter gourd, spinach,capsicum(aka bell peppers)),PULSES(chickpeas,kidney beans,black eyed peas,green gram,black gram,lentils,lablab bean,moth bean,horse gram,cow pea,double beans),NUTS(cashew nuts,peanuts,walnuts,pistachios,raisins) and GRAINS.

Also, do have figs once in a while as it is good for blood purification.

Make something like rice and bread your staple diet.

You can have rice with vegetables or lentils/legumes for lunch and bread(I have Indian bread usually) with pulses for dinner.

You will get all vitamins and minerals from fruits,vegetables,pulses, legumes and nuts provided you consume them in variety so don't fall for the myth that says vegans/vegetarians need to take multivitamin supplements.

Vegans/vegetarians don't need to take supplements as they get all their nutrients from the above mentioned sources.

Supplements are supposed to be taken by people with deficiencies so do not take them UNLESS they have been prescribed to you by a doctor.

Here are some recipes:

How to STAY vegetarian?

How to STAY vegetarian?


you seem to want to turn vegetarian, but i guess you're having problems committing to it. first of all, it may be a good idea to identify the kind of situations that encourage you to eat meat. do you suddenly start missing meat dishes, or do you feel tempted when watching non-vegetarian family and/or friends? watch out for those moments and tell yourself that you're not going to give in, that your conscious strength of will can win over your subconscious meat cravings. i think meat eating is a habit (i used to be non-vegetarian), one that takes will power to break out of. once you've broken the habit, it's really not so hard. it seems to me that you haven't been able to break the habit as yet, since you're wrestling between doing what you know you should do and doing what your mind wants you to do.

to help break the habit, i suggest you find out more about the way animals are bred, tortured and slaughtered to be eaten. think about why that cruelty is unacceptable to you, as an animal lover, as someone who doesn't want animals to be hurt. make sure you recognise the link between the final product (meat which is eaten) and the source (the living, breathing, gentle animal) and then think about all the things that have to go on in between to convert the living animal to dead flesh. what i'm saying is, be sure in your mind about the specific reasons that you don't want to eat meat again. whenever you start thinking about eating meat, remind yourself about those reasons...and ask yourself whether that short-lived taste in your mouth is really worth all the suffering that the animals go through from the day they are born. every time you buy meat, you're in effect saying that the cruelty is acceptable- but of course that's not how you really feel, is it? so keep yourself motivated to stay off meat.

another thing that might be useful is to find a favourite vegetarian food to replace your old favourite non-veg food, so whenever you feel like eating the meat-based food, you can have the vegetarian food until the craving passes. also, i suggest you go through these meal plans and recipes so you're aware of the plethora of choices a vegetarian diet really has to offer.

(see the meal ideas on left hand side)

(searchable database)

for more tips on becoming vegetarian, you can refer to vegetarian starter kits.

similar kits are available from Animal Aid (UK), Humane Society of the United States and PETA, a simple search on google should guide you to their websites.

you can certainly stay vegetarian if you put your mind to it and are dedicated to it. any time you feel tempted to eat meat remind yourself about why you're doing it (i.e being vegetarian); once the habit breaks, the craving (if any) for meat will go away too.

my favourite veg snack would be peanut butter with whole grain bread (even better with cucumber and tomato slices).

good luck on making the change- you can do it if you believe you can!

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