Wishbones for Pets Month on October, 2023: I want to see your pets! Here are mine?

October, 2023 is Wishbones for Pets Month 2023. Wishbones-for-Pets-Logo1.jpg Wishbones for Pets is a

I want to see your pets! Here are mine..?

My goodness...i have 9 pets...they are almost all rescues with long sad stories. Email me if you really want to know haha.

I'll send pics of the ones that are on my computer.

Louie...1 1/2 yr old Bull Terrier rescued from a high kill shelter.

Wishbone...17 yr old chihuahua that was saved from being euthanized over 12 years ago.

these are just two of my pets...

Lexi...almost 5 yr old chi mix...she was literally a wild dog left to die. I saved her.

My 40 yr old desert tortoise I adopted from a rescue (Drover is his name)

My 9 yr old rescued chinese crested (hairless)

Her name is Cassie

Sorry I don't have any pics of my birds at the moment...I have two parakeets and two green cheek conures/

My male kitten pees on himself?

My male kitten pees on himself?

NO cat lifts its leg to pee - they SQUAT. DOGS lift their legs - not cats.

What sort of litter are you using? It could be you're not using something absorbent enough or not putting enough litter in the pan - so it's splashing back on him. Wood stove pellets are super absorbent. They're also VERY cheap - only about $5 for a forty pound bag! In cooler months you can find them in home stores and you can find them at farm/feed stores year round.

Excessive bathing is never good as it dries out the skin. It'll also stress out your kitten. Buy some pet wipes at the pet store and after he using the litter box gently wipe him off with one. Love his name, by the way :)

Should I supplement my 11 year old cat’s diet w/ glucosamine chondroitin?

Should I supplement my 11 year old cat's diet w/ glucosamine chondroitin?

Glucosamine is one of those things that falls into the "can't hurt - might help" category. There is one specially formulated for cats called cosequin - which you can get at the pet store (although it was cheaper for me to get it though my vet). The only other thing you can do is ensure that she stays at the proper weight, as being overweight will put even more stress on the joint.

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