National Liver Awareness Month on October, 2024: Womans rights going too far?

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Womans rights going too far?

I concur. No recognition? Sounds like some "feminists" are lost in a haze of anger and bitterness. Perhaps they forgot that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and are blind to the fact that numerous people from politicians to professional athletes, as well as businesses have been sporting pink ribbons and selling merchandise that promotes breast cancer awareness.

And what about the yogurt company that nationally advertises that for each pink lid they receive back from the consumer, they donate "X" amount of money for breast cancer research and awareness. Nope, no recognition at all.

Breast cancer awareness is promoted far more than any other cancer. There is not as much promotion for awareness of the "other" cancers that affect everyone's lives -- men, women, and children included.

I have lost family members to throat, colon, and breast cancer. I currently have family members receiving treatment for liver and lung cancer. I joined the cause to fight and promote awareness of cancer in general. I also sport a jelly bracelet that I purchased through the ACS. IMHO, there is no one type of cancer that is more important than another or deserves to receive more recognition. A woman diagnosed of breast cancer is not any better than a man or woman who has been diagnosed with colon cancer.

If you really think about it, all murders are "hate" crimes. No one should be prosecuted nor the severity of punishment be based on the ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation of the victim(s.) Sensationalism sells.

What are some good ways to raise money for a charity?

What are some good ways to raise money for a charity?

I'm so glad you asked this question. I help run a national charity called Team Challenge USA. Recently, I was invited by another non-profit organization to join It is a rapidly growing national and international internet mall comprised of over 1,000 online name brand stores. When an individual joins shopwurld, it creates a fundraising machine that keeps on donating month after month, year after year. After you join shopwurld, you'll invite your supporters to join (friends, family etc). You and your supporters will have an opportunity to shop from one of these 1,000 stores. And by doing so, not will that generate monies for your cause, but it also create an income opportunity for each supporter. This is a two way motivation never seen before in viral fundraising. Your supporters won't be asked to donate a penny. Instead they will do the same shopping they already do which will accomplish two things: raise money for your cause and earn money for themselves. There are over 150 world wide charitable organizations that have joined shopwurld such as the NY Special Olympics, the American Cancer Society, and the National Kidney Foundation.

Joining shopwurld is completely free but you need to be invited.

Here is my invite ID#. It is K2FXZN. Feel free to use it to get started with shopwurld. You'll need this number in order to join. It really is a powerful fundraising tool. Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions. Great luck to you and I hope this helps.

Infant Immunizations?

Infant Immunizations?

You knew she was going to run a fever, but..

This is so irresponsible and I really dislike answering these questions. Next time, make sure you obtain all the necessary information to make a report to VAERS in the case that something like this just might happen (almost always). A fever is an acute adverse reaction and should be reported. By reporting this to VAERS you are helping support vaccine awareness so others don't make the same foolish mistake as you.

or Call VAERS at 1-800-822-7967

To the woman above me, febrile seizures are not caused by the fever itself or even cause brain damage for that matter. However, they are caused by an ABRUPT rise in temperature. Both febrile seizures and fevers are not dangerous and brain damage can only occur when the body reaches a temperature of 106.7 for a long period of time. The majority of extremely high fevers are attributed to heat exhaustion or dehydration, not infection.

Also, you should never give an infant Tylenol because it depletes the body of glutathione which is predominantly found in the liver and kidneys. Ironically, two major organs used in the detoxification process. So, by destroying this bodily chemical with artificial pain relievers you are essentially inhibiting your baby's ability to remove the harmful ingredients in a vaccine. Since your daughter is only two months anything above 100-101 in small infants should warrant a hospital visit, but I'm sure they'll just administer Tylenol anyways. Honestly, you should have considered all this before you had her vaccinated.

"Glutathione detoxifies acetaminophen, but once glutathione is depleted there can be significant cell death in the liver [THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE; Flanagan,RJ; 91(Suppl C):131S-139S (1991)]. AIDS victims can suffer severe liver and kidney damage by using acetaminophen or alcohol, which severely deplete glutatione [PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES (USA); Herzenberg,LA; r94(5):1967-1972 (1997)]. "

To the other woman above; It's beyond me how a parent could let a child scream in pain and think the reaction is somehow "normal." I could bet my life that you still continued to vaccinate even after your child had a SEVERE reaction. High pitched screaming is also considered a red flag which actually DOES contribute to brain damage. It's called encephalopathy or brain swelling. It can cause the brain stem to rupture or even burst leading to permanent brain damage. But, let me guess, your good doctor said this type of reaction was "ok." Wake up and stop playing Russian Roulette with your children's lives!

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