Women's Health Care Month on May, 2025: Women's Health?

May, 2025 is Women's Health Care Month 2025. FIP Celebrates Women's Healthcare Month Women's Healthcare Month

Women’s Health?

planned parenthood will give you a pap smear. it is very important to have that done. you should be able to find a faciltiy by going on the net and checking for planned parenthood.com. As far as the mucus, it is normal to have some mucus when you ovulate. it is only worrisome if it is greenish or brownish and has a smell. other than that, it is simply the way a woman's body works. get that pap though. very important.

Women’s health?

Women's health?

This really depends on how old you are, how regular your periods are, how heavy and how much it's worrying you. If you've had what you consider to be your "normal" period then a couple of weeks later had a "light" period or spotting then I wouldn't worry too much. If you are continually bleeding or spotting or have a much heavier period than usual you should contact a health professional immediately.

Take care. x

women’s health?

women's health?

If you have had unprotected sex then it is possible you could be pregnant. Home tests are very sensitive these days although it is not uncommon to have a false negative. You can get false positives although these are much rarer.

That said, after 35 yrs of age, fertility starts dropping and by 50 it is quite low. The likeliest cause of your symptoms is menopause but you need to see your Dr. He will be able to confirm / rule out pregnancy then, if necessary, run some blood tests to check your hormone levels.

Don't feel dumb asking this question...it is a perfectly reasonable one to ask. Take care and good luck.

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