National Egg Month on May, 2025: January is national what month in the US?

May, 2025 is National Egg Month 2025. MAY IS NATIONAL EGG MONTH Community Forums - p1 - Food. MAY IS NATIONAL EGG MONTH

January is national what month in the US?

National Bath Safety Month / National Blood Donor Month / National Braille

Literacy Month / National Hobby Month / Hot Tea Month / National Oatmeal Month / National Soup Month


January is “Poverty in America Awareness Month”



National Book Month / National Diet Month / Prune Breakfast Month / Fat Free Living

Month International Coffee Gourmet Month /Dried Plum Breakfast Month / Bread Machine Baking Month / National Egg month / National Fiber Focus Month / National Mail Order / Gardening / Month / National Retail Bakers Month / Wheat Bread Month / National Eye Health Care / National Hot Tea Month National Volunteer Blood Donor Month / Oatmeal Month


January is . . . . National Careers in Cosmetology Month / National Fiber Focus Month

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Versatility of Eggs? WHAT?

Versatility of Eggs? WHAT?

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Eggs are an integral part of diets around the world, and in springtime, they also adopt religious significance during Easter and Passover. Coloring and hunting for Easter eggs is an age-old tradition that signifies the advent of spring for many.

Eggs can also be used as an alternative thickening or binding agent in a number of recipes.

Use them separately and whip the whites (albumen) to add air to dishes as it foams and increases in volume six to eight times when beaten vigorously—making essential for making soufflés, meringues, puffy omelets, and angel food and sponge cakes.

Alternatively, you may use just the yolks to add a creamy richness or mix them together to hold or bind ingredients together, as in a meatloaf

The simplest ways to cook eggs can be divided into four categories: frying, scrambling, boiling, and baking. (Poaching,


Eggs work wonders as everything from garnishes to side dishes, from appetizers to entrées. Eggs can be used in many dishes like:


French Toast


Breakfast Wraps

Lunch/Supper Ideas

Egg Salad Sandwich


Egg Drop Soup

Egg Noodles


Spanish tortilla


Devilled Eggs



Angel Food Cake

Chiffon Cake





Protein shakes

does elephant lay eggs i saw in my mail from national geographic ?

does elephant lay eggs i saw in my mail from national geographic ?

Elephant donot lay eggs they give birth after gestation period of 22 - 24 months to a baby weighing 120 kgs

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