World Braille Day 2025 is on Saturday, January 4, 2025: Is braille used world-wide, or just in the US?

Saturday, January 4, 2025 is World Braille Day 2025. World Braille Day World Braille Day

World Braille Day

World Braille Day commemorates the childbirth of Louis Braille, inventor of the reading and composing device used by millions of blind and partly sighted folks across the world.

Born in France in January 1809, Braille came to be blind adhering to a crash when he was just 3 years of ages. Eager to examine and access the magnum opus of literature, he eventually made a language based around designs of elevated dots theoretically that could possibly be felt and as a result read by those which were unable to see.

Though not a public vacation in any type of nation, World Braille Day provides a possibility for educators, charities and non-government organizations to elevate understanding regarding concerns dealing with the blind and the importance of continuing to produce works in Braille, providing the blind with accessibility to the very same reading and discovering possibilities as the spotted.

Is braille used world-wide, or just in the US?

Braille is used all over the world. Additional characters (letters) are being used in countries that have them in their language and a different kind of braille characters is being used for languages that doesn't use the kind of letters that we do.

How has Braille helped people?

How has Braille helped people?

Braille has opened the world up for those that do not have sight. Braille signs, job applications, business descriptions, restaurant menus, and other documents allow the visually impaired community to function in a sighted society without any assistance. Braille has allowed the literacy rate among those that cannot see grow and therefore they can do just about anything they want. Refreshable Braille displays allow them to surf the web, create word documents, and do anything they want online. Braille books allow them to access their favourite stories without having to get someone (either in person or prerecorded on tape) to read it to them. Blind students gain access to textbooks, tests, and homework through Braille. Basically, think of everything you digest in a day that you had to read, and that is exactly what blind people have due to Braille. I am sighted and personally love reading Braille books because I can read late at night without disturbing those in the room with me, I can also watch TV or whatever and get some reading done.

Are there Qurans available in Braille?

Are there Qurans available in Braille?

Do you need a physical copy?

This might help you


Because you can read Qur'an on the Internet in MANY translations as well as Tafseer! If you are willing to get a physical copy, feel free to hit me back. I will send you one insh'allah!


Allahu Akbar! May Allah help her ameen!.. But Islam always offer easy. If she is blind by the will of Allah so Allah isn't forcing her to recite the Qur'an by reading it. She should recite the portion she has memorized insh'allah and because of her intentions Allah will give her big thawab... mash'allahu wahda!

You know one set of Braille Qur'an costs $150 to be printed .. and it has around 6-8 volumes.. So it will be pretty harder for anyone to buy or afford. I will try my best but can't promise.. though you tell her to recite her memorized portion.. ISLAM IS EASY! Insh'allah!

BQ: I am half Indian and half Afghani.. still a human being like others.. :-D

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