World Rainforest Week on October, 2024: Where's the best place to eat in Disney World?

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Where’s the best place to eat in Disney World?

Well, the "best" restaurant at Walt Disney World (classiest, most expensive, best-rated) is Victoria & Albert's at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. This is a very upscale restaurant. Children aren't exactly permitted. Women must wear dresses or dress suits while men must wear a collared, button-up shirt and a suit jacket with slacks. This restaurant apparently offers the best, most expensive food on property, and the menu changes often (at least once a month, I think.) Anyway, this restaurant is very expensive- $90.00 or more per person (and it'll only be $90.00 if you order the cheapest items on the menu. I haven't been to this restaurant yet, though, because I always go to Walt Disney World with my boyfriend, and only 19, so this fine restaurant isn't our style.

These are some other restaurants I really enjoy...

* I never eat at the cheap, quick service restaurants. *

The Rainforest Cafe at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park. This is a really great, fun restaurant. There's all kinds of giant Audi-Animatronic animals, like elephants, monkeys and parrots. I found the service here to be fantastic, and I really loved the pizzas. I had the "Passport to Paradise" four-cheese pizza. It was delicious, and very fresh with chopped basil on top.

Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano at Disney-MGM Studios. I really love the restaurant. It's so pretty! I loved all of the food here. The fried calamari, freshly baked flatbread, and the honey-hazelnut cheesecake.

The Coral Reef Restaurant at EPCOT. This restaurant is at the Living Seas Pavilion, so you can have a nice view of the aquarium while dining. The fried calamari was the best I've ever had, and the Chocolate Wave dessert is incredible!

Le Cellier Steakhouse at EPCOT. This restaurant is at the Canada Pavilion at World Showcase. It's a beautiful restaurant that looks like the inside of a wine cellar. It's really cool. This is one of my favorite restaurants. The food is amazing- the mussels served chowder style with applewood smoked bacon, the filet mignons, and the maple creme brulee. Yum!

Nine Dragons Restaurant at EPCOT. This restaurant is at the China Pavilion at the World Showcase. This place is always packed for dinner, but it's perfect for lunch. There's always a lot of empty tables in the afternoon, so it's quiet and relaxing. The wonton soup is good, and the honey-sesame chicken is perfect! It was the best I've ever had. You could tell it had just been made and wasn't sitting under some heat lamp.

Tony's Town Square at the Magic Kingdom. I really love this restaurant. It's themed to the "Lady and the Tramp." There's two different rooms. I love the bread they serve here. The spinach and artichoke dip was fantastic as well as the chicken tortellini soup. I love the chicken florentine, and the tiramisu is the best! I have it every time we eat there.

Bongos Cuban Cafe at Downtown Disney. This restaurant serves an awesome Cuban sandwich for lunch. I'll go there every time we vacation at Walt Disney World from now on.

Now, there's also a lot of great restaurants at the different Walt Disney World Resorts...

Boma- Flavors of Africa at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

(Great breakfast and dinner buffet.)

Cape May Cafe at Disney's Beach Club Resort

(A great dinner buffet, and the Oreo Bon-Bons for dessert are delicious!)

ESPN Club on Disney's Boardwalk at Disney's Boardwalk Inn

(I love the club wrap and the "Hokcey Puck" dessert here! The portions are huge, too, so if you want to save money, split meals.)

California Grill at Disney's Contemporary Resort

(Incredible food and it's one of the best locations on Walt Disney World property.)

Narcoossee's at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

(One of my favorite restaurants! Awesome food and a view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks at night, with the music piped into the restaurant live from the park.)

Kona Cafe at Disney's Polynesian Resort

(I always eat here at least twice during our stays. The wok-seared duck pot stickers are fabulous and the open dessert bar is nice. Also, a beautiful restaurant in a beautiful resort. We always stay at the Polynesian Resort.)

Artist Point at Disney's WIlderness Lodge

(Amazing food, like cedar plank salmon, buffalo, and smoky portobello mushroom soup. Famous for its Artist Point Berry Cobbler. I love this restaurant!)

Yachtsman Steakhouse at Disney's Yacht Club Resort

(One of the best places for steaks at Walt Disney World. Awesome filet mignon, and a great dessert table with the best creme brulee!)

Use this website to help you choose which restaurants to eat at. There's a list of all the different restaurants and information to help you decide. There's menus, that way you can see what is served at the restaurants you're considering. There's also pictures, that way you can get a feel for the restaurants' ambience. It's very helpful...

Have a great, safe vacation!

What is your favorite part about disney world???

What is your favorite part about disney world???

My most favorite thing about Walt Disney World is the fact that it never gets old or boring. I could stay there for weeks and still not want to leave. And the older I get the more I love and appreciate it.

Favorite things about Disney's Animal Kingdom Park:

* The Rainforest Cafe at the entrance of the park. I love the fresh pizzas and the atmosphere, and it's the nicest restaurant at the park.

* The Primeval Whirl spinning roller coaster at DinoLand U.S.A. It's so fun I can't stop smiling and laughing when I ride it. It jerks you all over the place.

* DINOSAUR at DinoLand U.S.A I love the Audio-Animatronic dinosaurs. The pterodactyl at the end still gets me everytime. Scary!

* Kali River Rapids is a lot of fun and great if it's really hot out because you always get soaked.

* Expedition Everest is incredible. The Imagineers of the Animal Kingdom Park did an amazing job creating the attraction. The roller coaster is fun, but the effects are awesome, and the Audio-Animatronic Yeti. I can't wait to ride it again!

* Kilimanjaro Safaris is obviously great. It's just so cool, all those animals at one spot at a theme park, and there's no boundaries separating them from each other (except a deep ditch around the lions, so they don't eat the animals.) I saw this show about the park and all the animals are trained to come to the feeding houses when a certain sound is made. For example, a bell would signal one species of animal while a horn would signal another, and they actually know to come and to not come if it's not their sound.

* "It's Tough to be a Bug" is awesome. My little sister told me she didn't like it because of the stink bug and she thought the Audio-Animatronic Hopper was scary. I saw it for my first time this summer, though, and I really liked it.

* The "Flights of Wonder" bird show is really cool. Some people don't know about it and many just bypass it, but not me. The birds are so beautiful and funny. They're trained to do things and the audience is involved in the show.

* Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade - I like the giant puppet things.

Favovrite things about Disney - MGM Studios:

* The Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith is one of my favorite rides at Walt Disney World. I love that it's indoors, in the dark, and there's loops.

* The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is so scary! Sometimes I'm too nervous to go on. But it's fun. I love driving by the park at night and seeing the Hollywood Hotel glowing purple.

* Fantasmic! is an awesome show. I love the giant snake from "Aladdin" and the dragon from "Sleeping Beauty." I like when the Steamboat Willie boat comes out at the end with the vintage Mickey and all the other characters. It's also really cool how they project the pictures onto the water fountains.

* The Sorcerer Mickey Hat!

* The Great Movie ride is a lot of fun. I like how the Cast Members are really involved in the ride, and there's different Cast Members so you won't always ge the same one, and then show is different, too.

* ABC Commissary - I love the Cuban Sandwich they serve there! Yum!

* The Writer's Stop has these great blue raspberry Slush Puppy-like drinks.

* The Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show is so exciting. I love it! The stunts are awesome and it's so cool how the cars were modified so they could perform as they do.

* Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano has great food. It's such a cute restaurants. I love all the little white Christmas lights and the brick walls. The flatbreads and cheesecake is excellent.

Favorite things about EPCOT:

* The "Leave a Legacy" stones at the entrance are really fun to look at.

* Spaceship Earth is one of my favorite rides at Walt Disney World. I like that it's slow, fun, but educational, too. And there's so many cool Audio-Animatronics. The Geosphere's one of the coolest icons at Walt Disney World, too.

* I really enjoy Ellen's Energy Adventure. I think she's funny and it makes the ride fun, even though it's really educational. I like the huge vehicles you sit in.

* Mission: SPACE - Sometimes I get dizzy after riding but I love it. It's one of the best rides at Walt Disney World.

* Test Track is definitely one of my favorite rides. I love how it jerks you all around, suddenly brakes, and the straightaway is so fun! I like seeing the cars in the showroom at the end, too.

* The Living Seas Pavilion is so cool. The aquarium's huge! I like seeing the dolphins, but especially the sharks and huge scary fish at the bottom of the tank.

* The Seas Aqua Tour at the Living Seas Pavilion is amazing! I got to go swimming in the tank with the sharks, sting rays, and sea turtles. It was the coolest thing I've ever experienced. The fish get really close - I actually touched a ray and the giant sea turtle. I can't wait to do the tour again!

* The Coral Reef Restaurants is a favorite. I love the fried calamari and the "Chocolate Wave" dessert. The view of the aquarium is nice and the restaurant is gorgeous.

* Soarin' is just awesome. I love all the blue neon lights leading to the ride and the TV screens that ask world geography trivia questions. On the ride I love flying over the orange groves and smelling the oranges and flying over the mountains and smelling the pine. I also really like the end when you fly over DisneyLand, the fireworks go off, and Tink flies across the screen.

* Living with the Land is pretty cool. There's a lot of cool plants and the vegetables they grow are used at the restaurants at the park.

* The World Showcase!

* El Rio del Tiempo is a nice, relaxing ride. It's cool how it's inside the temple and there's another temple and a volcano inside. And the river goes right through it all!

* La Cantina de San Angel. The food is okay, but I really like the view overlooking the World Showcase Lagoon.

* Maelstrom is a lot of fun. The polar bears and trolls are cool, and it's fun when you go down the hills, forwards and backwards.

* I love the Nine Dragons Restaurant in China. The honey-sesame chicken is delicious!

* Le Cellier Steakhouse is so great! They serve the best food. The breadsticks are so good, as well as the mussels served chowder-style, the filet mignons, and the maple creme brulee.

* IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth is incredible! I love it! The "Earth Globe" is so cool. It's a fantastic pyrotechnic/fireworks show.

Favorite things about the Magic Kingdom:

* Tony's Town Square Resaurant right at the entrance of the park has great food. I love the bread, the spinach and artichoke dip, the chicken florentine, and they serve the best tiramisu I've ever had. It's a cute restaurant, too. I like the Lady & the Tramp fountain.

* Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

* The Haunted Mansion is so cool! The ghosts and effects are awesome, and I like the narration and music.

* Sleepy Hollow - I always go there after riding the Haunted Mansion for a funnel cake.

* Mickey's Philhar Magic is probably my favorite 3D show at Walt Disney World. I love how Donald goes through all the different movie and there's bits of music from each movie.

* The Mad Tea Party is a lot of fun because you can control how much you spin.

* Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin is awesome! It's a lot of fun - all the bright lights and shooting targets for points. My boyfriend always beats me, though!

* Space Mountain is a fun roller coaster. There's no big hills or anything, but it's kind of scary because you can't see what's coming.

* The Carousel of Progress is one of my favorite attactions at Walt Disney World. I love the rotating theater, the catchy tune, and the Audio-Animatronic family. "There's a great, big, beautiful tomorrow..."

* The SpectroMagic Parade at night is really cool. I like the clown things that spin on the balls. And it's cool seeing a huge line of floats all lit up coming down the street.

* Wishes Nighttime Spectaular is so amazing. I love the song that goes along with it, I always have it stuck in my head. Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. We'll make a wish and do as dreamers do... and all our wishes will come true!" We always stay at Disney's Polynesian Resort and always have a great view of the show and the castle from our room.

* Cinderella Castle - It's just so beautiful (and it was especially beautiful decorated for the "Happiest Celebration on Earth.") I love it lit up at night. It's beautiful!

Along with all that I love all the different Resorts, especially Disney's Polynesian Resort. I love most of the table service restaurants on property. I love the Monorail. I really love the water parks, especially Typhoon Lagoon, and Downtown Disney is awesome. Cirque du Soleil: La Nouba is so amazing it's unexplainable. I love all the recreation - renting Sea Raycers and going on guided fishing excursions.

I guess, pretty much, I love everything about Walt Disney World!

What is the best resort to stay at during a Disney World vacation??

What is the best resort to stay at during a Disney World vacation??

Wait, you're going to Walt Disney World at the end of this month and you haven't made your reservations yet? A lot of people have been having an extremely hard time getting rooms at the Walt Disney World Resorts this late. I'm going to Walt Disney World in July and I had to book my vacation back in October! I checked the website a couple weeks ago and there aren't anymore rooms available at the Resort the entire month of July, except for a couple very expensive suites. You definitely need to make your reservations as soon as possible if you're planning on going at the end of the month. I just checked the official Walt Disney World website and it said only two of the 25 different Resort options have rooms and vacation packages available for the end of this month - Disney's Wilderness Lodge and Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort. And the prices are more expensive than usual since the demand is obviously higher for rooms at this time.

In my opinion, Disney's Polynesian Resort is the best. Disney's Polynesian Resort has the highest return rate of all the Resorts at Walt Disney World. It was also one of the first Resorts to open with the Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971. The other Resort to open that day was Disney's Contemporary Resort. The lobby is gorgeous, like a tropical rainforest with luscious green plants and small waterfalls. Inside the lobby are three shops - BouTiki, Trader Jacks, and Samoa Snacks. There are also three restaurants - Captain Cook's, 'Ohana, and the Kona Cafe. My personal favorite is the Kona Cafe. Try the famous Tonga Toast and a smoothie at breakfast, and try the wok-seared duck pot stickers and the Kilauea Torte at lunch or dinner. There's also the wonderful Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show over at Luau Cove. Then there's the Tambu Lounge for drinks and appetizers. It's a nice environment for the adults. There's a very nice art gallery in the lobby as well. There's a short jogging/walking trail to Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, and the spa is right along the trail between the two Resorts. There are two awesome pools - the Nanea Volcano Pool and the "quiet" pool. Near the volcano pool is a marina with boat rentals, bike rentals, and guided fishing excursion pick-ups. There's also a couple lovely white-sand beaches with fantastic views of the Electrical Water Pageant that takes place on the Seven Seas Lagoon and Wishes Nighttime Spectacular that takes places at the Magic Kingdom, and there are a few hammocks that are fun to lay in. One of the best parts about staying at Disney's Polynesian Resort is that it's easy to get almost anywhere else on Walt Disney World property. You can take a shuttle bus to any of the Theme Parks, Water Parks, or Downtown Disney. There's a Water Launch to the Magic Kingdom, but the Monorail will take you there, too. The Monorail will also bring you to Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Disney's Contemporary Resort, and the Transportation & Ticket Center. And there's a short walkway to the Transportation & Ticket Center where you can get on the Monorail to EPCOT or the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom. Then there's the walkway to Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. It's fairly simple to get anywhere on Walt Disney World property, and there's quite a few options, so if the buses are running slow you can just use the Water Launch or Monorail, or whatever. My favorite part of Disney's Polynesian Resort are the Guest Rooms. You know, you think since you're going to Walt Disney World you won't be in the room much because you'll be at the theme parks most of the time, but my favorite part of our days at WDW was relaxing out on our patio at the end of the night. The staff at this Resort is outstanding. They upgraded us to Concierge for free. We got to stay in the Concierge Longhouse and our room had the best view on property, literally. A view across the entire Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake - Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa to the left, the Magic Kingdom Park, Cinderella Castle, and Space Mountain straight across, and Disney's Contemporary Resort to the right. Every night when we returned from the parks, no matter how late it was, we'd spend at least 15 minutes relaxing out on our patio. It's so amazing. We go in the summer, so the temperature in the evening is perfect. No one's out and all you can hear are the horns of the boats on the Lagoon and the howl of the dog (statue) outside of the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom. We could even watch the fireworks and the Water Pageant right from our room and patio if we were there while they were taking place.

If you stay at Disney's Polynesian Resort try to request room 1516 in the Hawaii (Concierge) Longhouse. Room 1221 in the Aotearoa Longhouse was nice, too.

I found this really cool website dedicated to Disney's Polynesian Resort. There's a lot of information and excellent pictures of all the rooms and suites. Here's the link if you're interested at all...

Hope I could help! Have fun!

* There's a really big difference between scoring a couple flights to Hawaii two days before you're set to depart and trying to book a Walt Disney World vacation package at a Disney Resort by the end of the month. Compared - finding flights to Hawaii even on the day you plan to depart would be much easier than finding a decent deal on an entire Walt Disney World package for the end of the month.

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