National Metric Week on October, 2024: Does anyone know what day national metric day is?

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Does anyone know what day national metric day is?

october 10th

metric week is october 8-14

how many weeks do air force pararescueman go through hand to hand combat training?

how many weeks do air force pararescueman go through hand to hand combat training?

The training description only mentions combat training during the 20-week Pararescue Recovery Specialist Course:

"Indoctrination Course, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas

This 10-week Indoctrination Course recruits, selects and trains future PJs through extensive physical conditioning. Training accomplished at this course includes physiological training, obstacle course, rucksack marches, dive physics, dive tables, metric manipulations, medical terminology, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, weapons qualifications, PJ history and leadership reaction course.

U.S. Army Airborne School, Fort Benning, Ga.

Trainees learn the basic parachuting skills required to infiltrate an objective area by static line airdrop in a three-week course.

U.S. Army Combat Divers School, Key West, Fla.

Trainees become combat divers, learning to use scuba to covertly infiltrate denied areas. The four-week course provides training to depths of 130 feet, stressing development of maximum underwater mobility under various operating conditions.

U.S. Navy Underwater Egress Training, Pensacola Naval Air Station, Fla.

This course teaches how to safely escape from an aircraft that has ditched in the water. The one-day instruction includes principles, procedures and techniques necessary to get out of a sinking aircraft.

U.S. Air Force Basic Survival School, Fairchild AFB, Wash.

This two and a half-week course teaches basic survival techniques for remote areas. Instruction includes principles, procedures, equipment and techniques, which enable individuals to survive, regardless of climatic conditions or unfriendly environments and return home.

U.S. Army Military Free Fall Parachutist School, Fort Bragg, N.C., and Yuma Proving Grounds, Ariz.

This course instructs trainees in free fall parachuting procedures. The five-week course provides wind tunnel training, in-air instruction focusing on student stability, aerial maneuvers, air sense and parachute opening procedures.

Paramedic Course, Kirtland AFB, N.M.

This 24-week course teaches how to manage trauma patients prior to evacuation and provide emergency medical treatment. Upon graduation, an EMT-Paramedic certification is awarded through the National Registry.

Pararescue Recovery Specialist Course, Kirtland AFB, N.M.

Qualifies airmen as pararescue recovery specialists for assignment to any pararescue unit worldwide. The 20-week training includes field tactics, mountaineering, combat tactics, advanced parachuting and helicopter insertion/extraction."

Is Airman Leadership School worth the 5 weeks?

Is Airman Leadership School worth the 5 weeks?

If you're in the Air National Guard, you should have the option of taking this course through correspondence courses. A few nights of cramming for a computer-based test was a much better fit for me than surrendering 5 weeks of my higher civilian pay.

As far as ALS is concerned, there's always SOMETHING you can take away from the class. It's not just a general leadership course, it also gives a lot of Air Force specific advice for future NCOs. Is it worth taking 5 weeks away from your civilian job and your family? Quite frankly, I don't think so -- particularly if you've already done an NCO PME in the Army as well as management college courses.

As an ANG prior-service E-5, ff you've gone to a technical school, or will have to go to a technical school, for your AFSC, you should have the option of taking it by correspondence. If you don't attend a technical school for your AFSC, you're required to take it in residence.

A good deal of the time, the leadership at a unit may pressure supervisors to get their troops to attend the schools. The amount of people that attend PMEs in person rather than correspondence is often a part of the many metrics used, justifiably or not, that makes a unit look "good". If you don't want to go, talk to your training manager about your situation and diplomatically tell him or her that leaving for 5 weeks is a professional inconvenience as well as a burden to your family's situation and that you'd rather do it by correspondence.

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