Kiss Your Fiancée Day 2019 is on Wednesday, March 20, 2019: Valentines day?

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 is Kiss Your Fiancée Day 2019. Celeste Brott - Cincinnati Sex and Relationships Examiner - Sex ... March 20th is Proposal Day

Valentines day?

Yeah, my fiancee. He gave me a singing teddy bear, a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a box of Hersey's Caramel Kisses. I bought him a box of Russel Stover chocolates, and I'm taking him out for supper tonight .. no kids. *does a happy dance on her tippy-toes*

I'm also going to deliver the chocolates and cards, that I bought for everyone I love. :)


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New conversations with my fiancee..?

New conversations with my fiancee..?

That sometimes happens to me with my fiance (p.s. he is your fiance, not your fiancee. Fiancee is the girl version, fiance is the guy version). What I do to avoid it is always have a list of good conversation starters stored away in my brain, and not use them all at once when I do decide to break one out.

Try these. They are all pretty good conversation starters. Maybe you already know the answers to some of them, but pick some out of here that maybe you haven't talked about, or maybe some of these questions will inspire you to think of another question that isn't listed. Good luck!

1. Who is your favorite relative? Why?

2. Have you ever gotten beaten up? How? Who did it?

3. What is your greatest fear?

4. What is the best thing I could do to turn you on?

5. What was your favorite vacation as a kid?

6. Are you comfortable with every aspect of your body? If not, what parts are you not comfortable with? Why?

7. What is your favorite time of day (or place) for lovemaking?

8. What is one of your favorite ways to be soothed?

9. What was your most embarrassing moment?

10. What is your deepest, darkest secret?

11. What was your first impression of me?

12. Do you have a secret sexual fantasy? What is it?

13. How many times a day do you usually get visibly turned on?

14. What stresses/worries are bothering you the most lately?

15. Who is your role model? Who do you look up to the most?

16. How much have you thought about marriage?

17. What were your favorite things about your past girlfriends' kissing/sex methods? What were the worst things you hated?

18. What do you do/where do you go when you're mad?

19. What do you do/where do you go when you're sad?

20. Who are your enemies? Why are they your enemies?

21. What is your favorite sport to watch? To play?

22. What were you like as a kid?

23. Are you a picky eater? What foods will you absolutely not eat?

24. Do you sing in the shower? If so, what songs do you sing?

25. Have you ever peed in the shower?

26. What is the dumbest thing you've ever done?

27. What is your favorite way to kiss?

28. Would you rather walk in on your parents having sex, or have them walk in on you? Why?

29. When did you first know you loved me?

30. What are the 3 traits you most love about me?

31. What do guys talk about/what do they do when they spend the night at each other's houses?

32. How many other girls have you made out with/kissed?

33. What would you have done if, the first time I ever saw you, I just walked up to you, kissed you on the mouth, and walked away?

34. If you could change anything about my kissing/sex technique, what would it be?

35. Do you like kids? Do you want them eventually?

36. Can you cook? What do you like to cook?

37. Do you look at/watch porn?

38. Do you/would you ever do drugs/smoke/drink?

39. Would you cuddle with me and watch a chick flick if I really wanted you to?

40. What do you think is the hottest/most attractive body part on a girl?

gift for my fiancee b’day.?

gift for my fiancee b'day.?

Hi dear...u can gv him a beautiful blezar suit(white 1wid black shirt as i luv dis most)as winter is jst started or gv him a gold Bracelet...dnt forget to gv him a beautiful red rosses bouquet(try to deliever ths @ sharp 12 am on his b'day) wid a sweet kiss....

Now d celebration....arrange a surperise party for him,invite some of his old frands whome he really missing a lot dis days...decorate the room wid only red rosses and candles...Now put off all lights..lit d candles & place d cake in middle of d room when he enter d room.

dis was my kind of b'day celebration for my fiencee..i did dis for him...u can also go for it n beleive me he luvs works..

Dnt forget to wish him from my side also..God bless u both..

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