Naval Academy Day 2019 is on Thursday, October 10, 2019: How are my chances for the Naval Academy?

Thursday, October 10, 2019 is Naval Academy Day 2019. United States Naval Academy Induction Day - Wikipedia, the free ... United States Naval Academy

How are my chances for the Naval Academy?

The Naval Academy Preliminary Application does not ask for GPA:


I don't think it is a good idea to transfer schools solely to do Njrotc. It is going to take a while to acclimatize yourself to your new school and Junior year is the most important as far as academic performance for college admissions. It is going to make it difficult to judge your class rank with only one semester at the time of applying for the Summer Seminar for Usna and no class rank at the time applications begin to be accepted for for West Point SLS and Usafa Summer Seminar. The only benefit I can see is that it makes you eligible for one of three Njrotc nominations, but there are going to be other Cadets who have been in the program for several years who may also be competing for those nominations and the chances for a leadership position by the time of application to the Naval Academy or the Summer Seminar are going to be slim. It also will not be possible to apply for NHS, a leadership trait shared by approximately 2/3 of each service academies class till after at least one semester at your new school, whereas it can be applied for at the beginning of Fall at your present school, if you have the community service required to apply. You can join CAP right now and attain some rank during the summer months but even so earning Bill Mitchell(officer rank) starting this late is going to be quite difficult in a year and this is what is considered leadership by the Academies. Editor, Cameraman and Publisher of the school news broadcast every other day is not a small leadership role but a significant leadership role of the type the academies like to see. You will be giving up this leadership role up by transferring and it will probably be considered more significant than anything that can be accomplished in a year of Njrotc. The academies like to see depth of involvement in an activity over a sustained period of time. Do a couple of sports. If you are involved in soccer, you must be a good distance runner since soccer is essentially a running workout, so go out for x-country in the Fall. If your school has a sophomore or JV lacrosse team (or other sports team) that you can walk-on mid season, do so-another sport that is a cardiovascular workout, at least for middies.

Just knowing GPA , without knowing, grade trends, class rank, competitive level of the school or grades in certain classes is not enough to begin to make a prediction. On the surface a 3.4 does not seem competitive for an Loa unless it included a sudden change to a 4.0+ and very high SAT scores.

On the summer seminar application the Naval Academy asks for grades in Math, English, Chemistry and Physics classes. It might take a year of post grad prep in a prep school or college to become competitive enough for an appointment.

Good Luck!

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United States Naval Academy.?

United States Naval Academy.?

The US Naval Academy is a lofty goal. You have no more room for error. Take all the advanced classes you can. Do exceptionally well in those classes as well. Taking honors classes only hurt you if you get C's. Also, get involved with sports. You need to be active in them and you need to be a leader on the team. If this is truely what you want, I would definately check out the US Sea Cadet Corps.

It is a youth program for young adults 10-18. They can help you prepare for some of the things you will need to accomplish to get into the Academy. You are also guarenteed an interview for the Academy as a Sea Cadet. No other program can make that guarentee. Good Luck! The outcome lies entirely with you. It all depends how hard you are willing to work.

Naval Academy application - 30 days?

Naval Academy application - 30 days?

You are in competition with over 10,000 other candidates for the Academy. You snooze, you lose because the early acceptance period is in October so some will know before the year is out. Your final deadline for getting your complete app in is Jan 31st.

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