Awareness of Medical Orphans Month on May, 2024: Where can I find a list of appreciation and awareness months?

May, 2024 is Awareness of Medical Orphans Month 2024. Help Orphans in America.‎ Advocate for Lifesong For Orphans! Educate for the Good of all Orphans

Where can I find a list of appreciation and awareness months?

Full List of Awareness Dates


1-31 National Blood Donor Month

1-31 Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

1-31 Poison Prevention Awareness Month

1-31 Financial Wellness Month

4-11 Women's Self-Empowerment Week

7-11 National Thank Your Customers Week

17 Customer Service Day

21-27 Hunt For Happiness Week

25-31 NYC Restaurant Week

29 Chinese New Year


1-30 Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month

1-30 National Parent Leadership Month

1-30 Plant The Seeds Of Greatness Month

1-30 Library Lovers Month

1-30 Youth Leadership Month

1-30 National Weddings Month

1-30 Time Management Month

1-30 American Hear Month

1-30 Black History Month

1-7 Women's Heart Health Week

6 Ash Wednesday

6-13 National Patient Recognition Week

11-18 Heart Failure Awareness Week

12 Abraham Lincoln Birthday

12 NAACP Founded

14 Valentines Day

15 Susan B. Anthony Day

17 George Washingtons Birthday

18 Presidents' Day


1-30 American Red Cross Month

1-30 National Parent Leadership Month

1-30 Honor Society Awareness Month

1-30 Irish-American Heritage Month

1-30 National Athletic Training Month

1-30 National Caffeine Awareness Month

1-30 National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Month

1-30 National Clean Up Your IRS Act Month

1-30 National Collision Awareness Month

1-30 National Ethics Awareness Month

1-30 National Eye Donor Month

1-30 National Kidney Month

1-30 National Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month

1-30 National Nutrition Month

1-30 National Social Work Month

1-30 National Womens History Month

1-30 National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week

1-30 Poison Prevention Awareness Month

1-30 Steroid Abuse Prevention Month


1-30 Alcohol Awareness Month

1-30 Cesarean Awareness Month

1-30 Cancer Control Month

1-30 Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month

1-30 Jazz Appreciation Month

1-30 National Autism Awareness Month

1-30 National Child Abuse Prevention Month

1-30 National Infant Immunization Month

1-30 National Occupational Therapy Month

1-30 National Oral Health Month

1-30 Women's Eye Health and Safety Month

3 Sexual Assault Awareness Month Day of Action

3 National Public Health Week (Climate Change)

4-10 Brain Tumor Action Week

5 Kick Butts Day (Tobacco-Free Kids)

6 National Alcohol Screening Day

7 World Health Day

11 National D.A.R.E. Day

11 World Parkinson's Day

14 Children With Alopecia Day (Alopecia Awareness)

16-20 Consumer Awareness Week

16 World Hemophilia Day

17 National Stress Awareness Day

20 Passover

19-26 National Infant Immunization Week

20-26 National Window Safety Week

21-28 Administrative Professionals Week

22 Earth Day

23 Administrative Professionals Day

25-30 National Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Week

26 March for Babies (Walk America)


1-31 Haitian Heritage Month

1-31 American Stroke Month

1-31 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

1-31 Awareness of Medical Orphans Month

1-31 Family Wellness Month

1-31 Better Hearing and Speech Month

1-31 Better Sleep Month (Stress/Insomnia)

1-31 Clean Air Month

1-31 Correct Posture Month

1-31 Fibromyalgia Education and Awareness Month

1-31 Healthy Vision Month

1-31 International Victorious Woman Month

1-31 Lyme Disease Awareness Month

1-31 Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month

1-31 Motorcycle Safety Month

1-31 National Arthritis Month

1-31 National Athsma and Allergy Awareness Month

1-31 National Cancer Research Month month

1-31 National Celiac Disease Awareness month

1-31 National Hepatitis Awareness Month

1-31 National High Blood Pressure Education Month

1-31 National Mental Health Month

1-31 National Neurofibromatosis Month

1-31 National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month

1-31 National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

1-31 National Preservation Month

1-31 National Shoes for Orphans Month

1-31 National Stroke Awareness Month

1-31 Older Americans Month (Senior Citizens Month)

1-31 Skin Cancer Awareness Month

1-31 Tuberous Sclerosis Awareness Month

1-31 Women's Health Care Month

1-31 Ultraviolet Awareness Month

1 May Day

1 Ascension Day

1 Law Day

1 Loyalty Day

1 World Athsma Day

1 National Anxiety Disorders Screening Day

3 National Day of Prayer

3 United Nations World Press Freedom Day

3 Kentucky Derby

4-10 Brain Tumor Action Week

4-10 Be Kind to Animals Week

5 Cinco de Mayo

8 World Red Cross Day

8 VE-Day Anniversary

10 World Lupus Day

11 Pentecost

11 Mother's Day

12-16 National Neuropathy Week

12 World Fair Trade Day

12 International CFS Awareness Day

12 National Women's Check-up Day

14-25 Cannes Film Festival

15 Peace Officer Memorial Day

18 HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

19-25 Recreation Water Illness Prevention Week

24 National Schizophrenia Awareness Day

26 Memori

I want to help the homeless and needy but don’t know how.?

I want to help the homeless and needy but don't know how.?

why dont you speak to your teachers at the school? if they focus on helping the needy they probably know of charity organizations that you could go to. Maybe they could organize a school trip once a month where you go and help in a soup kitchen, or go play with orphans, help out at old age homes by reading and speaking with the old people. I think the T-Shirts idea is a good one but you'll need to find a sponsor for that, maybe by selling the T-Shirts to people that can be a way to raise money and then use that money to help the homeless and needy. I suggest getting an adult/adults/school to help you with this cause, its a great cause and I can say that I'm very proud of people who think of others needs and want to help. Always remember though that to help others you need to help yourself too, so you need to concentrate on your school work and your chores, always make time for yourself and your needs and look after yourself for your future too!

Your school could consider hosting a 'winter warmer' dance for example at the school where people buy tickets for the dance (which then goes to a charity of your choise) or people may come to the dance but they need to bring jerseys, blankets, socks, hats etc and then the school organises to have a day where you go and give the needy people whatever you have recieved. We did that when I was in school and got to dress up in civies (plain clothes) if our class brought the most items which is a fun, competative and also help our the needy. You could also do this with non perishable food items, get people in the community to come and help, ie. if you hold this giveaway in a park (advertise) then people can bring more stuff if they like, the homeless and needy can come and pick up a blanket or a jersey or shoes (first or second hand) and if people like hairdressers, doctors or nurses are willing they can set up a stand for the day and give the needy medical checks, maybe perscriptions if needed, give them haircuts or just washing their hair, have basins around for them to wash up in as well. They will feel so special and whoever joins in and helps with get major credit in the community as well. You could also set up games, like chess or have books for them to read (or donate the books to them), if there are kids have some toys if they can be donated for the kids to play with and take home. Also try and get local food vendors to participate and give out hotdogs or any type of food. Just be sure not to give them money, whatever money is raised needs to be turned into something like food, blankets, toys, clothes etc.

Good luck and all the best! I hope everything works out!

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