Bat Appreciation Month on October, 2023: My 210 month old shih-tzu puppies have always been crated at night and slept fine- about 8 hours

October, 2023 is Bat Appreciation Month 2023. Bat Appreciation Month is Bat Appreciation Month.

My 2/10 month old shih-tzu puppies have always been crated at night and slept fine- about 8 hours

That's weird that they were fine in the beginning but now are crying out. My Shih Tzu did that from the start when we got her and started crate training her right off the bat, but we just HAD to ignore her or she'd know she would get attention when she cried. I don't know what you've tried but, here are some suggestions:

-take away their water 2-4 hours before bedtime, have them go potty right before bedtime. That way their bladder will be empty and not wake up having the urge to pee. Make sure they get as much water as they want during the day time.

-I know it's hard, but you need to ignore them when they start crying if you want to continue to crate them at bed time. Maybe there's an area in your apartment that will muffle their cried from your neighbors better; if it's not too hot, maybe pad their crates with blankets/comforters to muffle their cries even more. Remember, it only takes ONE time of weakness and they will know that their cries will have your attention.

-Be a good neighbor: send note cards explaining your situation and thanking them for their patience, give little gift baskets of cookies or plants to show your appreciation for their patience while you are training your babies. Introduce your babies to your neighbors so they get to know your pups...your neighbors will feel involved in the training and maybe even help out. Who can resist puppies, especially Shih Tzu puppies (I LOVE TZUS).

-Practice crate training in the day time so they feel comfortable being in them at night.

You need to be firm in the beginning while they're still young so they'll learn good habits. You sound like you are doing the right thing by them. Wow, 2 Shih Tzus...they are lucky to have each other for company and are lucky to have caring owner. Have fun with them ^_^

FYI: my Chloe doesn't cry anymore in her crate, but it took about 6 months of ignoring her at night. Remember, though, that every dog is different. Chloe's half sister took to her training like it was nothing! Try leaving a safe toy in their crate, too.

how bout a hypothetical renting and owning and landlord question?

how bout a hypothetical renting and owning and landlord question?

Hypothetically and not seeing the hard numbers. The answer is "No."

Lenders and the IRS assume a 75% vacancy rate on rental properties. You can still make money at 75% but it is eceedingly difficult. You are batting 500. So, I think it is safe to say you won't profit from rentals.

Your next opportunity is to profit from the appreciation in value from when you bought to when you sell. It did, appreciate, right?

Just remember, if you aren't doing something everyday to remedy your hypothetical dilema, you aren't trying hard enough. Stick with it, get it rented, make a profit.

Best of luck.

A question for women???

A question for women???

If you don't want to meet women at bars then do something else. Find something that interests you and then find other people that it also interests. For example, if you enjoy reading you might join a book club. They meet generally once a month to discuss whatever book everyone was supposed to read. Or if you like movies we have, locally, a movie club that gets together to screen movies and then has dinner and discusses the movie.

You might consider taking classes for music or art appreciation and if you like that you might get involved in your area council of the arts. You might want to support whatever political philosophy you believe strongly in. That's usually a very good connection for people to have right off the bat. It gives you something to discuss that's safe and people tend to view others who share their political views in a positive light.

If you keep going to bars you'll meet women who go to bars. If you go take dance classes you'll meet women who dance. If you go to church you'll meet women who go to church.

Think outside the box : )

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