Halloween Safety Month on October, 2024: halloween safety precautions?

October, 2024 is Halloween Safety Month 2024. halloween-safety.jpg Halloween Safety

halloween safety precautions?

Halloween is a time of mystery and fun. However, the nature of "Trick or Treating" requires parents and children to take extra precautions. Here are a few Halloween safety tips to help keep Halloween enjoyable and safe for everyone!


Limit your trick-or-treating to your own neighborhood. Know where the unseen dangers are and avoid them.

Travel in groups. You will have more fun and there is safety in numbers.

Carry a flashlight with you if you plan to stay out after dark. Before you leave make sure the flashlight is in good working order.

Limit your visits to homes with the outside light on.

Never enter cars or homes of strangers -- even if they invite you in to get a treat.

Take your treats home and have a parent or responsible adult inspect them. Don't eat anything that looks suspicious or tampered with.


Be highly visible to motorists. Wear light colored costumes that reflect light, or add reflective tape.

If you plan to wear a mask, cut the eye holes extra large to maximize vision, or better yet, wear stage make-up.

Be fire safe. Make certain your costume is flame resistant, and don't use lighted candles in your jack-o-lantern.

Trim your costume short enough to prevent tripping.

Don't carry sharp or pointed objects, even if they go well with your costume. You may injure yourself or another child.

Bags for collecting treats should be small enough to prevent tripping or obstructing vision.

Use comfortable shoes that fit properly. High heels or costume shoes that do not fit properly may injure you.


Have a pre-planned, well lit trick-or-treat route for your children to follow.

Escort your children or designate a responsible older child to accompany them while trick-or-treating.


Watch for children who may be distracted by Halloween festivities.

Turn on your headlights early and drive well below the posted speed limit.

Passing out treats

Give only commercially wrapped treats, coupons, gift certificates, or coins.

Leave your porch light on if you plan to participate in the festivities.

Prepare your children

Talk to your children about the safety rules they should always follow. Make sure you discuss what to do if they're approached by older children who want to harm them, about not talking to strangers, and where to use the restroom.

Remind children to:

* Never enter cars or homes of strangers -- even if they're invited in to receive a treat.

* Use the crosswalks when crossing the street.

* Wait for the proper signal.

* Look both ways before crossing.

* Watch out for cars turning at intersections or leaving and entering driveways.

* Never walk into the road between parked cars.

* Stay on the sidewalk.

Insist that treats be brought home for inspection. Separate suspicious items such as candies with loose or torn wrappings, unpackaged items, and items obviously tampered with. Any dangerous items discovered in the treats (razor blades, pins, etc.) Should be reported immediately to the police and kept for evidence.

After it's over

Calm you children down when the evening is over. Help them remove costumes and make-up. Sit down quietly and talk about the activities over a cup of cocoa or warm milk. If your child is frightened when going to bed, a lot of reassurance and a little night light goes a long way.


Look for advertised Halloween events and activities in the community as a possible alternative to going door to door.

Happy Halloween!

what are good halloween costumes?

what are good halloween costumes?

haha yeah im the exact same =] i have to have things worked out in my head at least from like 2 months early lol.

well, im 14 but my idea still works from like 10+.

im making my own costume this year, im gonna do a gory alice in wonderland type thing but in a white dress, not blue. a blood splattered shirt, im actually using a dress for the skirt (but its like an elasticated summer dress) and im using safety pins to make it a sort of ragged shape, ill probably put in a blue belt and have a blue ribbon tied in a double bow round the collar of the shirt with my hair messed up, my face painted white with dark eyes, blood red lips and fake blood round my mouth and on my hands. and black flats.

another couple of ideas are a mad scientist, different spins of fairy (gothic/glitter/nature/fire etc), fortune teller, red riding hood but with a twist so it isnt the standard red riding hood, you could dress up as if you were going to a victorian masquerade ball, pirate, sally from the nightmare before christmas, wednesday addams, the corpse bride, maid marion (from robin hood), you could also dress up in the style of glam rock. or you could dress up as your favourite celebrity.

list of links in sources below =]

hope this helps you =]

Halloween Questions.?

Halloween Questions.?

How can i SCARE teens and adult and children whilst trick or treating:

get some fake blood and get it all ova ur mask

Halloween tips: always try to look scary, always make sure they can't see a bit of your face, make sure u shout very loud when u are about to scare them.

Halloween Pranks:

egg em all ova

Websites for halloween:

Halloween Safety:

don't do anything 2 crazy or u could get arrested!

keep close to ur friends on da night we don't want any1 to go missing now would we

Halloween Decorations:

ballons , ghost, lights an stuff like dat here is a link on dat .

More Pranks:

Dress up as though you are Halloween Decor for your lawn. Example: scarecrow, Frankenstein, etc. When anyone walks by, jump out and scare the heck out of them. Another idea is to lay flat on the lawn, pretending to be in a grave marked with a tombstone. Imagine their surprise when you rise from the dead!

Ring doorbell and say "canned goods or meat."

Visit friends' houses and write on the mirror with your finger, delivering a scary message such as "I'm watching you!" Breathe on the mirror and you can see your words. Let it dry naturally. When your friend takes a shower, the words will appear again when the mirror fogs up.

Decorate your yard with all things superstitious. Ladder, black cat, broken mirror, crows. Put the number 13 on your door.

Dress up in a hospital gown and walk around at night saying "They think I'm crazy, but I'm not. They deserved to die. They can't take me back, etc, etc."

Traditional, ring doorbell and run.

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