Right Brainers Rule Month on October, 2024: is there any books that have all holidays?

October, 2024 is Right Brainers Rule Month 2024. tumblr_lkotefBFTs1qzudxa.jpg Left brain thinkers are rooted

is there any books that have all holidays?

I read your question several days ago and had remembered reading about it on the web. But I only now found it:

Since 1957, Chase's Calendar of Events has been the ultimate reference calendar: the standard day-by-day directory to special days, weeks and months as well as holidays, historical anniversaries and fairs and festivals. Each edition of Chase's Calendar of Events has more than 12,000 listings. It's a "must have" for broadcasters, journalists, advertising and PR agencies, event planners, activity directors, speakers, librarians or anyone looking for something to celebrate each and every day! The book is revised annually and the new edition always publishes in the fall for the following year.

For an example of "special" months listed in 2006:

Some of the funnier ones for OCTOBER are:

Celebrate Sun Dried Tomatoes Month

Cookie Month, Natl

Go Hog Wild--Eat Country Ham Month

Go on a Field Trip Month, Natl

Pajama Month, Natl

Popcorn Poppin' Month, Natl

Right-Brainers Rule Month

Sarcastics Awareness Month, Natl

Talk about Prescriptions Month

Toilet Tank Repair Month, Natl

i had a seven month pure breet border collie the last month hes been growling at all four of us and

i had a seven month pure breet border collie the last month hes been growling at all four of us and yesterday?

At 7 months, he's a teenage dog and many dogs have problem behaviour during that age. You didn't write about the severity of the bite, so it's difficult to comment on. Was it an actual bite? A marking? Or a herding nip?

Barking and biting wheels on a tractor lawn mower or bicycle is typical behaviour for an under-stimulated herding dog. When owning a high active herding breed, you need to start early to teach them to control the herding instinct, and if you don't use them for herding, you need to redirect that drive and instinct onto something else. Under-stimulated herding breeds that are not socialised properly and not trained properly often develop problem behaviour.

The whole dominance theory is flawed, and especially when you are working with herding breeds such as Border Collies, Collies, Tervueren, Groenendael etc. These dogs seldom react well to dominance based training. They need to intensively socialised, and respond well to positive training, such as clicker training. You need to be 100% consequent with them because they are smart enough to otherwise bend the rules, but it is rarely necessary to be hard.

It's difficult to say what exactly went wrong, but to me it sounds like you were simply in over your head with him. The reason why the other owners of puppies from that litter is not having problems could be that they have either handled and trained their puppies differently - or you simply got a puppy with a higher drive than the rest.

And no, I'm not trying to point fingers or blame you. I think you did the responsible thing in returning him at this point, usually when these dogs are returned young and re-homed to more experienced herding breed owners, they can still turn into good dogs.

But, bear in mind I haven't seen your dog or how you interact with him, so I'm only guessing. Of course there could be something wrong with him, beyond just being a herding breed.

Need to know some laws/rules for a leave of absence from work.?

Need to know some laws/rules for a leave of absence from work.?

I simply added your story up & the answer is a no brainer:

1- Your husband makes LOTS more than you do. Consequently, for you not to be working for $ will comparatively impact you financially very little.

2- Your daughter . . . . yes, YOUR daughter has medical problems & does not have a "voice". She needs a responsible parent to make good choices. That "responsible parent" is YOU!

3- Being a worthwhile Mom has a WAAAAYYYY higher calling than ANY day care. It is called "Mom care" and YOU are her primary role model! She is going t watch you, listen to you & learn from you, EVERY step of the way, weather she can talk yet or not.

4- Leave of absence policy deals strictly with the particular business. So, you have to go & talk w/ the owner / boss. No matter what the outcome, your daughter comes first.

Be well & enjoy the moments w/ your daughter!

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