Chicken Boy's Day 2024 is on Sunday, September 1, 2024: Ive eaten cooked chicken that has been left out about 8 hours?

Sunday, September 1, 2024 is Chicken Boy's Day 2024. Celebrate Every Day: Happy Chicken Boy Day! Don't Know What That ... Chicken Boy's Day - Today we

Ive eaten cooked chicken that has been left out about 8 hours?

James, there's no point in worrying now; the deed is done.

If the chicken has developed harmful microorganism, then you'll spend a day or two feeling quite ill. If the chicken hasn't gone over, then all your worrying will have been for naught.

I'll let you in on a little secret... I say secret, because I am normally the queen of, "Hurry up and refrigerate that!"

Last Saturday, I took the kids to Bahama Breeze to celebrate the middle boy's birthday. We live 100 mile or more from the restaurant, the a/c was out in the car, and the temps were in the high 90's...

Anyway, at Bahama Breeze I ordered the wonderful seafood paella, but was unable to finish it. The leftovers were taken home, and left in the car while we did a little shopping... The car temps had to have hit 120*, and the food was left unrefrigerated for about 7 hours...

Come Sunday, I really wanted to finish that paella, but was afraid of becoming ill. After a bit, however, I threw caution to the wind and ate the paella. Cold, mind you. There was a nice assortment of seafood in this paella, and at $17 a serving (plus distance) I wasn't about to throw it away. Besides, the paella was so good that a little food poisoning may have actually been worth it.

I savored every bite of that paella... And I didn't fall ill. By all food safety guidelines, I should have been on my deathbed, but here I am, none the worse for wear.

I have every confidence that you will be fine. Just don't make leaving the chicken out so long a habit. Refrigerate it more quickly in the future.

Is this a strange day at yahoo, or what?

Is this a strange day at yahoo, or what?

Yeah, you are all puppets in Chicken Boy's evil game.

Worried about my 26 month old boy’s verbal development?

Worried about my 26 month old boy's verbal development?

Don't panic ! I know it's frustrating and worrying when you compare with other kids especially ;)

My 2 kids speech development is a bit slowed too because they're bilingual so I know the feeling... You're a bit worried but at the same time not too worried because you know how much he knows (if that makes any sense).

Look, once he understands so many things, and knows so many words, I'm not a pediatrician, but I'd say, you're fine.

He will just click one day, and start putting 2 word sentences together, then there will be no stopping him. (Although that's not really correct, since I've seen my daughter reaching so many stages and then "stagnating" for what seemed like an eternity, or apparently "forgetting" something she had just learned :))

You're obviously communicating with him a lot, so he's just taking it all in, and that's enough for him right now. He's probably cosy enough knowing that you're very attentive and will understand his every need without the hassle of trying to make a sentence, so why bother ?

I would say, keep on encouraging him and communicating with him, but without putting big pressure either. Every thing with kids seems to be about balance, it's so hard to achieve, believe me, I struggle every day too with being too firm or not firm enough, too pushy or not stimulating enough, etc... etc...

I agree with your husband, but I think it's great you are worried (sooorrry), because it means that if, in a year's or 6 months time, you see no improvement whatsoever, or you have a more definite feeling that something's wrong, then you will be a concerned parent, and getting him help if needed.

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