Chicken Month on September, 2024: Chicken Pox - 3 month old baby?

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Chicken Month

Chicken is a staple meals of several western countries, and frequently considered provided. Chicken Month intends to bring the modest chicken off the back-burner and into the spotlight, highlighting the adaptability, worth and significance of the initial breast meat.

Chicken Pox - 3 month old baby?

One of my children had the chicken pox at 6 months old. My advice is.... keep in contact with the babies doctor it is very traumatic for a baby so young to get the chicken pox. It could cause all kinds of problems (blindness being one of them)

And whoever says that a child cannot get the chicken pox more than one time really does not know much about them. In MOST cases a child only gets them once but however if a child is very young like yours is the child could get them again. My daughter got them when she was 6 months old and then she got them again when she was 6 years old. usually if they get them twice the second time is severe. When my daughter got them at 6 years old she had them from head to toe they were so bad that they were in her nose and on the edges of her eyelids and even in her ears. Thank god my daughter got over them both times without any permenant complications. Good luck.

My chickens haven’t laid for months - is this normal?

My chickens haven't laid for months - is this normal?

chickens are very prone to stress. They proabably arent laying because they have been moved into a new enviroment. Give them time and they will start laying again. When i moved my coop from the west side of my property to the East side my chickens didnt lay for four months, just because they had to get used to the new enviroment. They will lay again, just give it time.

Also, different flocks, no matter how big usually dont get along, but you can try it.

Try putting the new chickens and the old ones in the same pen, and see what happens. If they start fighting just pick them up and put them back into seperate cages.

I have four different flocks. three of them get along, but the fourth one beats the crap out of the others, so i let the nice chickens mingle, and keep the fourth flock seperate. Hope that helps!!!

Also, try feeding your chickens Oyster shells, it helps boost laying. Can be found in most farmiing stores. :)

We bought chickens a month ago or two.?

We bought chickens a month ago or two.?

My chickens mainly started laying

around the age of 6 months. We're not

sure if they were laying sooner thjnough,

because before having a proper coop

they were allowed to roam the neighborhood.

Once having a good home they began to lay regularly

and happilly. We found many eggs in various spots

however and are not

sure how old they were. My father (A chicken raiser)

Estimates that they may have began laying around

21 weeks of age. So around 18 to

23 weeks if they are not laying, and are free roam

I would say to look around for some "Secret Laying Spots"

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